Although labeled as “The Great Debate,” a Reuter’s story about the necessity of drastic change to avert “the climate apocalypse that has already begun” was anything but a debate. Slate Magazine’s Bitwise tech columnist David Auerbach wrote that June 18 Reuters column with the dramatic headline:“ A child born today may live to see humanity’s end, unless… ” He promoted Australian microbiologist Frank Fenner’s claim that humans could be extinct in 100 years because of “overcrowding, denuded resources and climate change.” Auerbach also claimed that eliminating carbon emissions in 85 years might be “far too late.” He denied that predictions... continue reading
"The most important job that I have isn’t U.S. senator. It’s father," wrote Marco Rubio in an open letter to his daughters Amanda and Daniella. His words are part of TIME magazine's annual and touching compilation of "Letters from Dad," which features open letters of love and encouragement from famous men to their children. The project is published online in collaboration with Lean In , an organization “committed to offering women the ongoing inspiration and support” they need “to help them achieve their goals.” “Letters from Dad” is a beautiful exploration of the uniquely special role of fathers, as well... continue reading
The broadcast news shows have hyped climate change in Pope Francis’s new encyclical – but did they hint at his arguments on abortion and gender identity? Short answer: No. The Vatican released the pope’s media-hyped encyclical, Laudato Si ’ , on June 18. Out of the three broadcast networks, only NBC and ABC commented on the “climate change” publication from the “popular pope.” They also emphasized the church’s “moral call to action” on climate, skipping other moral calls to action networks ordinarily disdain – from prolife to traditional views on gender. Neither story mentioned the encyclical’s repeated recognition of the... continue reading
This Father’s Day, Dove's marketing has come under the influence of the PC Police. It’s unfortunate, as their Men+Care ad is sweet and heartwarming – and gay. On the plus side, it delivers wonderfully positive messages about men that are rarely told on TV. Dads have an important role, showing emotion is good, and fatherhood begins from conception. In the words of the ad itself, “Real strength means showing you care even from the very first moment.” The ad features candid footage of 13 men finding out for the first time that they are dads. The moment each comprehends the... continue reading
According to Mindy Kaling, actors have “the world’s best job perk.” What is it? Being paid to have fake sex on screen, of course! The star of the risqué and anti-Catholic show, The Mindy Project, revealed her views in a chapter entitled “I Love Sex Scenes” in her upcoming book. Kaling wrote that other celebrities, including Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, have expressed disgust or annoyance at the prospect of simulating sex for the camera. But according to The Washington Post , Kaling provided some “refreshing real talk” by announcing that she is “here to tell you they’re all lying... continue reading
Real estate is always about “location, location, location.” So is media – as a Huffington Post Live interview with conservative talker Hugh Hewitt just proved. Although Hewitt came onto the show to talk about his new book, The Queen , interviewer Josh Zepps was far more interested in throwing paper darts at conservative media. Every time Hewitt tried to get at the truth of a given topic, Zepps shifted the conversation. One of the longest lines of questioning involved the absence of liberal talk radio. Zepps asked why conservatives seemingly dominated the genre. Hewitt explained, “There is a liberal version... continue reading
So much for Stephen Colbert pretending he’s anything other than a die-hard liberal. Colbert welcomed businessman Donald Trump by lampooning his announcement speech from a trash can. Colbert, who will replaced David Letterman on The Late Show in September, quickly created what The Huffington Post deemed a “comic gem” – a rather crude parody of Trump’s announcement speech. Colbert stood in a human-sized trash can for the duration of the speech, and styled his hair to look like the billionaire’s. Although Trump did ramble during his announcement, the comedian accentuated these moments and added weird topics of his own. At... continue reading
The media are lending an ear – and a platform – to those who believe “being white” can “drive you to do the weird and unthinkable,” as exemplified by former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal. University of Pennsylvania Professor Ali Michael recently disclosed, “I Sometimes Don't Want to Be White Either,” in a June 16 blog published by The Huffington Post’s Black Voices . In it, Michael described “the pain of realizing I'm White” and her want to “take on Africanness” during her very own “Rachel Dolezal phase.” Dolezal, she justified, may have wanted to “distance herself from the overwhelming oppressiveness... continue reading
Liberal media outlets have attacked Pope Francis for being “tone-deaf” when they disagreed with his views, but now that he’s hawking climate alarmism they’ve begun fawning. The Washington Post front-page praised the Pope on June 15, and suggested he could impact environmental policy through his “highly anticipated” letter to Catholic bishops about global warming, called an encyclical.The story, co-written by Michelle Boorstein, Anthony Faiola and Chris Mooney, spoke positively of his “enormous popularity.” The Post reported that a leaked draft of the encyclical said humans were responsible for “the bulk of global warming” and said the developing world should balance... continue reading
You’ve probably heard about the latest story of someone claiming to be who she’s not. Last week, Rachel Dolezal – Spokane NAACP chapter president – was discovered not to be biracial black as she had claimed for years, but 100 percent white. In light of recent events, the comparison between Dolezal and Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner was inevitable. Indeed, well before the Dolezal scandal came to light, one particular paragraph in the widely read New York Times opinion piece “ What Makes a Woman? ” by feminist Elinor Burkett had caught my eye. The ‘I was born in the wrong body’... continue reading