Join the next class of MRC interns! Our competitive internship program provides the on-the-job training needed to succeed in a variety of career paths.

Interns in all divisions will work side—by—side with leading conservative journalists and play an active role in accomplishing the MRC’s mission.

The Media Research Center offers many internship opportunities.Find a division best suited to your skills and interest.

For example, if you are selected to intern in the News Analysis Division, here is an example what your resume could look like at the end of your internship:

News Analysis Intern
News Analysis Division,, Media Research Center - Reston, VA
Summer 2019

  • Monitored and analyzed over 200 media sources—performing fact-checking and assessing bias
  • Wrote 15 blog posts for the conservative blog, NewsBusters--which has a reach of over 1.5 million website visits per month, a Facebook following of over 2.7 million, and over 168k+ Twitter followers
  • Authored a content piece that received over 300k clicks, and was picked up by FoxNews, Drudge Report, and The Mark Levin Show
  • Contributed to the News Analysis Division’s 2018 major research project
  • Networked with Media Research Center staff and fellow interns to build professional relationships

In addition to adding to your resume, as an MRC intern you will enjoy:

  • Intern lunches with MRC Founder and President, Brent Bozell, conservative guest speakers, and members of senior staff
  • Professional development opportunities to get feedback on resume, interview strategies, and managing your social media presence
  • Networking events at conservative nonprofits and think tanks, professional happy hours, and conferences like the Values Voter Summit, CPAC, and YAF National Conservative Student Conference

Did we mention that this is a PAID internship?

The ideal intern candidate will have excellent writing skills, a proven ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines, and a positive attitude. Candidates will also have completed, or be working toward, an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field; they will have an awareness of current events/media and a holistic understanding of conservative principles.

Internships are full-time, Monday through Friday, 9:00am-5:30pm for a total of 12 weeks. While this is the commitment we ask for, we have flexibility to accommodate class schedules and/or other scheduling conflicts.

To apply for an internship, complete the online application and include your resume, cover letter, and two writing samples in your submission.

If you have questions, email Julie Mitchell ( No calls, please.



CNSNews publishes the stories that the liberal media deliberately ignore or refuse to cover. They drive the national debate on foreign policy, national security, the economy, and social issues. CNSNews is an indispensable source of news and opinion for millions of conservative Americans.

MRC Culture is the nation’s preeminent defender of traditional American values against the left wing media. MRC Culture is dedicated to analyzing social and cultural issues in the media — tackling Hollywood hypocrites, issues within sports, as well as attacks on the sanctity of life and religious freedom.


MRC Business’ mission is to defend free enterprise and promote accurate economic reporting. MRC Business analyzes the media's coverage of the economy, demonstrates the toxic influence of liberal mega-donors, and exposes liberal narrative being pushed in topics ranging from climate change to taxes.

The News Analysis Division works to expose the media’s liberal bias and radical agenda by publishing to Through groundbreaking research projects and regular blogs, NAD analysts document and expose liberal bias that permeates the major media outlets. NewsBusters analysts and content are regularly featured on Fox News, Drudge Report, and other top sites.


MRCTV is the video production arm of the MRC and the leading conservative video platform. The division focuses particularly on reaching younger audiences through engaging and informative content. MRCTV develops and creates conservative viral videos in addition to producing regular commentaries and other projects for the MRC.

MRC Marketing makes sure MRC’s research and campaigns get out to the public and enables the MRC to reach new audiences. They work to communicate the fight against media bias through social media, graphic design, and in-person events.


The work of MRC Tech is at the very heart of MRC’s mission. Tech enables the MRC to keep its technical systems up and running and supports the MRC’s state-of-the-art media tracking equipment. The Tech team keeps the MRC online so it can take on the liberal media and pushes it ever forward into the digital age.

The MRC Development team works hard to support the mission of the MRC by raising the necessary funds to ensure the MRC’s success in the fight against liberal media bias. Development keeps donors up-to-date and informed on the MRC’s latest projects and organizes MRC events all over the country.


The Digital Communications team is an interdisciplinary team that supports Marketing, Development, and IT efforts. The team is responsible for grassroots communications, online fundraising, newsletters and specialized communications, digital advertising, web design, and membership services.

In parallel with fellow interns at MRC NewsBusters, MRC Latino interns analyze the news programming of top U.S. Spanish-language media outlets, producing analysis in both English and Spanish. Since MRC Latino covers top U.S. Spanish-language media outlets, analysis is written in both English and Spanish. Interns are required to have proficiency in both languages.




  • Excellent writing skills
  • A positive attitude
  • An interest in and knowledge of current events and media
  • The ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • A holistic understanding of conservative principles based on limited government, traditional values, and a strong national defense
  • Team spirit, integrity, and the ability to work well with people
  • “The MRC has given me the incredible opportunity to shed light on the media's tacit deceit -- a deceit that dismantles our constitutional principles. Interns are not treated like grunts. As soon as you walk through the door, you become an integral part of the organization's mission. You are trained to become a leader of a vital movement.” Jorge Plaza
    Summer 2019
  • “At CNS News, I have learned to present merely the facts, never an agenda, that will hopefully reach all Americans, not just conservatives.” Liam Sigler, CNSNews Intern
    Summer 2019
  • “If you are looking for a coffee-fetching, data-entering, boring internship, MRC is not for you. Because at MRC, you will be writing articles that will be read by thousands of people, working in an exciting and fast-paced environment, and meeting the same expectations as full-time staff. Not only was my internship at MRC an absolute blast, but it gave me invaluable experience and connections that I will take with me everywhere I go.”Maggie McKneely, MRC Culture Intern
    Summer 2016
  • “Interning for the MRC taught me what it means to be a real journalist.”Joe Setyon, Intern
    Summer 2016
  • “This internship is anything but ‘fake news.’ You learn and do a lot, under the leadership of the one-and-only Brent Bozell, a leader in the conservative movement.”Jackson Richman, NewsBusters Intern
    Spring 2017
  • “My time at the MRC was something I will cherish for the rest of my life, as the people in my department made me feel a part of the organization from day one. I could not have asked for a better opportunity for my first internship. I learned a tremendous amount about real world opportunities, and the connections I made I will keep for the rest of my life!”William Boyd, Marketing Intern
    Summer 2017
  • “Interning at the MRC was a great experience because it enabled me to learn about nonprofits and development while working in a welcoming, family-like environment.”Rachel Cartegna, Development Intern
    Summer 2017
  • “The MRC gives interns the same experience and opportunities as employees, while assisting them and providing tips and pointers when needed. It is an excellent place to gain real-world experience and exposure in the media realm while learning more about the business from seasoned professionals.”Gage Cohen, Intern
    Summer 2017
  • “My internship at Media Research Center was an excellent opportunity to engage in the important media bias debate from a substantive, fact-based perspective. I had the opportunity to deconstruct bias in a way that was deliberate and meaningful, which made for a hugely rewarding experience.”Michael Johns, NewsBusters Intern
    Summer 2017
  • “The MRC was a great experience for me because it prepared me to be in a real life work environment. The people there were very helpful and friendly. I had a great time making connections and learning, which is why I would highly recommend this internship to anyone looking for one.”Alexis Thomasi, NewsBusters Intern
    Spring 2017
  • “I had the opportunity to learn and be a part of several functions of the Media Research Center, including blog contribution, studio setup, video editing, and on-site filming! It was an incredible and invaluable opportunity.”Bryan Michalek, MRCTV Intern
    Summer 2017
  • “In a United States where liberal media bias is becoming increasingly outrageous, working at the MRC helped me to learn for myself what future generations of conservatives can do to stand up for truth and traditional American values.”Kevin Baker, NewsBusters Intern
    Summer 2017
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