n Miley Cyrus’s 15 minutes of fame be over? Please? The pop tart has a new plan to be ‘inclusive’ of transgender and ‘gender expansive’ persons – an Instagram campaign! How progressive. Yesterday, she posted on both Twitter and Instagram the following message: Of course, this welcoming promotion immediately garnered support everywhere from Time to Marie Claire to E! Online , who fawned: “This is so awesome!” Time took the opportunity to note Cyrus’s welcoming stance toward the LGBT community, saying, “’I can stand on a stage with my tits out … It’s so unfair that I’m allowed to be... continue reading
Look at the data. That’s what former Gov. John Sununu of New Hampshire recently told Huffington Post Live about climate change. Sununu’s June 15 appearance with HuffPost Live’s Alyona Minkovski was to discuss his new book “The Quiet Man,” which offers an insider’s perspective of George H.W. Bush’s presidency. Sununu served as White House Chief of Staff during that time. During the interview, Minkovski veered off topic to corner Sununu on global warming, but was obviously unprepared for his answers. She wanted to know how the current GOP’s views on “climate change,” contradict Bush’s environmental decisions. He had supported the... continue reading
James Jordan, is a former contestant on the BBC show “Strictly Come Dancing.” And, after criticizing show judge Craig Horwood’s intentions to open up the competition to same-sex couples , Jordan can probably count on remaining former. In May, Horwood declared that “There are competitions throughout the world that have same sex couples – you just have to decide who goes backwards darling!” He continued to say that the change will occur “this year, or next year, but most certainly it will happen.” Jordan didn’t think much of the idea, and ended being criticized for commenting that it would be... continue reading
On Saturday, more than 150,000 people gathered in D.C. for the Capitol Pride Parade — a celebration of all things LGBT. Sadly, for the first time in the event’s 40-year history, the Boy Scouts of America participated in the march. Banners were also carried by the D.C. Public Schools and Library, the police and branches of the U.S. Military, as well as an assortment of private sponsors. Prior to the procession, supporters milled about in the center of Dupont Circle, sporting rainbow sunglasses, shirts, capes, beads and body paint. The atmosphere was one of excitement and tolerance for everyone —... continue reading
Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald publicized what he called an “ugly civil war” between doctors and one of America’s largest medical organizations in a series of lopsided attacks on the group some of which remain labeled as "Tech & Science" rather than opinion. Eichenwald, a liberal who once asked if conservatives were “ever right,” is an award-winning former Time magazine investigative reporter. Beginning in March, he wrote multiple pieces for Newsweek about alleged problems with the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and a fight brewing with doctors. While ABIM responded by saying the group was making some needed changes,... continue reading
While interviewing fellow comedian Jeff Ross on his show Real Time , Bill Maher brought up Jerry Seinfeld’s recent criticism of political correctness . Maher and Ross went back and forth on the topic, praising Seinfeld’s defense of “comedy as an art form” and decrying “generic,” “watered-down” comedy that adheres to the politically correct standard. Noting the importance of honest observation, Ross said, “Comedy is the best medicine … we have a responsibility to shine a light on the darkest aspects of society.” Maher, a dedicated liberal himself, did not shy away from the fact that “liberals are definitely more... continue reading
Pope Francis “has echoed the sense of crisis” from some scientists about the environment, and on June 18 will tackle the subject of climate change in an encyclical, a letter to Catholic bishops. That was the same day as former Vice President Al Gore’s Live Earth concert was scheduled to take place. Will anyone in the media note the “coincidence?” The Vatican announced June 18 as the release date for the pope’s encyclical in a June 4 press release, the Catholic News Service said. On May 23, less than two weeks earlier, Gore’s group said that it would delay its... continue reading
This week, MSNBC dubbed him a “policing reform organizer.” Sean Hannity titled him a “professional protestor.” Kevin Jackson called him a “race pimp.” We’re talking about DeRay McKesson – a black activist who has taken Twitter by storm, railing against the racism he believes plagues American police forces. But he has not only been active on social media. McKesson was also present at the scene in Ferguson, Baltimore, and most recently McKinney. On Tuesday, Hannity hosted him on Fox News and asked whether protesting was his “profession now.” And that’s where McKesson – and later Mediaite , Salon and Raw... continue reading
For all the fuss the left makes about “getting money out of politics,” their actions tell a vastly different story. When conservative donors make or facilitate anonymous donations, liberals cry “ dark money ” and bemoan the supposed lack of accountability. If liberals truly wanted to get money out of politics, they would need to start with their own Tides organizations, which pioneered the very practice they claim to hate. The liberal Tide Foundation and its offshoot Tides Center have together accepted $82.7 million in grants from the Federal Government, from 2002 to 2013. These grants support some of the... continue reading
Miley Cyrus tends to shocks most people, and even the most progressive among us take note of her antics. From photographing herself topless under the covers, to which The Huffington Post responded “ keep doing your thang, girl ,” to her recent promotion of the “free the nipple” campaign, she has continued to garner media attention. But her shock factor amplified on June 9, when Paper’s interview with the pop star was released. Besides the bizarre fully nude photos accompanying the article, Cyrus had some important views to communicate. According to Salon’s Jenny Kutner, “Cyrus tackle[d] progressive issues with admirable... continue reading