Happy Independence Day, or, as the left might call it this year, “Original Sin Saturday.” July 4 th is when we celebrate the birth of The United States. But, whereas you commemorate the inception of what Lincoln called “the last best hope of earth,” liberals lament that flawed people had the audacity to create a flawed nation. Then, that flawed nation had the bad taste to prosper! It’s that left-wing understanding of America that’s behind the push to erase or blur our history. The purge of the Confederate flag is currently the noisiest, but by no means the only, prong... continue reading
According to liberal actor and anti-vaccine activist Jim Carrey, mandating vaccines for children in order to prevent deadly infectious diseases is fascism. In a June 30 twitter tirade, Carrey attacked California Gov. Jerry Brown as a “corporate fascist” for signing SB--277 into law. The bill will eliminate individual religious vaccine exemptions. The recent Disneyland Measles outbreak provided some of the momentum for the bill, but it still faced strong opposition from anti-vaccination alarmists who claim they are dangerous to children and can cause autism. In his attack, Carrey also equated vaccination to “poisoning.” Six hours later he attempted to change... continue reading
Editor’s Note: Story includes explicit language. Third Eye Blind’s singer songwriter Stephan Jenkins found out this week what happens when you get drunk with a bunch of political reporters in Washington, D.C. The Daily Beast reported July 1 that the journalists were at an album-release party for Dopamine, “for the bar food and the hard liquor.” Rather than being a discussion on the 90s rock band’s latest music, the drunk group debated politics and Jenkins insulted conservatives, libertarians, Republicans and George W. Bush, presidential candidate Marco Rubio and others. Daily Beast deputy social media editor Asawin Suebsaeng described Jenkins as... continue reading
Yes, there are still communists in Greece, and many support the possible Greek exit (or “Grexit”) from the eurozone. CNBC’s chief international correspondent Michelle Caruso-Cabrera said on June 30 she “found it hard to believe” there were still communists in Greece, then played an interview with one of “many” communist protesters at an anti-euro rally. She challenged the protester to explain why he thought communism would “work now,” given its failure in countries like the USSR and Cuba. He responded by blaming the communist “bureaucratic elite” for taking power “back from the people.” “It’s not that communism is inherently flawed... continue reading
NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon unveiled the new paint scheme for his car on CBS’s This Morning . What did he change it to? (Hint: take a look at the White House or your Facebook newsfeed) Yup, you guessed it! A rainbow. The move isn’t totally unprecedented. Gordon started his career with the rainbow painted car and drove it until 2000, when he switched to a different paint scheme. When asked why he decided to revive the old colors, he explained, “It’s such an iconic paint scheme … the fans love it, especially the young fans … the reason why we’re... continue reading
Get this: Hollywood’s not gay enough! Having flooded entertainment TV with gay themes and characters, the gay inclusivity mafia is now demanding movies toe the line. “Why can’t movies do as well as TV when it comes to LGBT characters?” Salon’s Scott Timberg lamented on June 29, just three days after the Supreme Court declared marriage (and the 14 th Amendment) meaningless. Well, there’s always one more thing to whine about. This appalling deficit of sexual minority characters on the big screen, Timberg continued, exists “despite the fact that the nation as a whole has become more progressive on issues... continue reading
BREAKING: Elite lefty journalists residing on the coasts may not be representative of the population as a whole! Well, New York Times education reporter Motoko Rich seems surprised by the news. She tweeted as much in response to an article highlighting the resurgence of maiden-name retention , or “how few women keep their names after marriage.” Rich’s surprise, she tweeted , was “proof I live in a bubble.” [Cue millions of heads nodding in agreement.] According to the NYT article she linked to, “women are more likely to keep their names if they are older, not religious, have children from... continue reading
Amazon and Apple made a promise to purge their websites of any materials with Confederate flags in order to shun the ‘racism’ that inheres in the image. Well, however true or false this may be, it appears that neither company bothered to follow through completely on their respective promises, leaving online some of their best-selling items that show the Confederate flag. Movies like ‘Gods and Generals’ and ‘Gettysburg’ are still up on both and iTunes despite displaying Confederate flags on their covers and undoubtedly throughout the movies. The latter is Amazon’s 6 th best-selling military and war DVD, and... continue reading
Gawker is certainly attracting the gawkers today. The media outlet suggested Bristol Palin abort her unborn baby in the name of “choice” – dismissing Palin’s actual choice for life. In response to Bristol Palin announcing her second pregnancy, Gawker’s Allie Jones wrote a piece entitled, “Bristol Palin Makes Great Argument for Abortion in Baby Announcement.” Jones translated Palin’s blog about “trying my hardest to keep my chin up” into “extreme dread” and bashed her inability to recognize “choice.” Palin, the daughter of former vice-president candidate Sarah Palin, lives with her 6-year-old son Tripp (whose father is Levi Johnson). Palin broke... continue reading
Left-wing Apple is huge and popular with the technorati. It became the world’s first company worth $700 billion, and was once rich enough to buy the entire island of Cyprus . But Apple said it can only afford to pay musicians pennies an hour for streaming their music, approximately 27 times less than Chinese factory workers earned making the Apple Watch. Apple came under intense criticism after singer Taylor Swift complained about the company’s plan to pay artists nothing. ABC, CBS and NBC all highlighted Swift’s fight. None of them pointed out Apple’s hypocrisy as a prominent left-wing company that... continue reading