Get this: pro-choice and pro-life activists agree on something. The tactics and messaging of the pro-life movement are better than they were. And the battle is on. Here’s another shocker. ABC Nightline devoted a 10-minute segment of fairly objective journalism to “what the pro-life movement looks like at its strongest in the United States today.” Showing video footage from the March for Life, ABC reporter Gloria Riviera explained that the young women portrayed were “the new wave in America’s most controversial and enduring culture war.” “Gone are the images of middle aged men quoting Bible verses about eternal damnation,” Riveria... continue reading
Tom Steyer’s concern for the environment and almost religious devotion to promoting green energy appear to be targeting another kind of green. Steyer, criticized for the hypocrisy of having built some of his fortune on coal, is now connected to green energy companies that might benefit from his climate change activism. Recently published tax documents for solar firm Kilowatt Financial, LLC, listed Steyer as a “manager” and a “managing member,” according the Washington Free Beacon . As manager , Steyer is “chosen by the members to manage the LLC and is similar to a director of a corporation.” Kilowatt Financial... continue reading
Editor's note: When MRC Business wrote this story, the Salon byline listed Peter Finocchiaro, Salon Deputy Editor, as the author. Sometime after that, Salon changed the byline to Bob Cesca. Being out of lockstep with climate alarmism infuriates the left, including liberal online magazine editors like Salon Deputy Editor Peter Finocchiaro. Finocchiaro lashed out at Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, on July 10, with at least eight nasty names or adjectives including “goon,” “loony,” “buffoonish” and “marble-mouthed” because Gohmert had the audacity to say that Pope Francis had been taken in by global warming alarmists. “Since when does science not allow... continue reading
Liberals like to pretend abortion is somehow victimless. The latest example of this comes from The Huffington Post, which just published an article with the tag line : “Abortion-related deaths continue to be extremely rare.” The piece defies even the basic definition of what an abortion does. Every abortion procedure ends a human life. That’s the whole point of the procedure – to kill someone. Some kill the baby and either harm or kill the mother as well. HuffPo reported that about 16.1 million abortions were performed in the United States between 1998 and 2010. They then it claimed only... continue reading
Reza Aslan’s advice to Muslims in the U.S. that aren’t all-in for gay marriage? Get over it and get on board. Previously, Muslim ‘scholar’ Aslan has been a controversial figure for his interpretations of other religions, like the time he called Jesus a Marxist . Now it seems he’s moving on to rogue interpretations of his own religion and the Constitution. In an open letter to the Huffington Post , Aslan explained, “With all the rainbow-flag waving and self-congratulatory pats on the back this country is giving itself right now, you don't need another reason for Americans to dislike you,”... continue reading
Reddit — a “site known for open and often over-the-top discussion” — has come under the hands of PC warriors. One user, or “redditor,” once called the online discussion forum a “place friendly to thought, relationships, arguments, and to those that wish to challenge those genres.” Yet, recently, redditors feel their speech has been censored and their trust has been breached. In June, Interim CEO Ellen Pao shut down specific forums on topics deemed offensive , including fat-shaming, transphobia and racism discussions. This directly followed an anti-harassment policy adopted in May, which some users felt curtailed their rights to freedom... continue reading
Liberals love to define the Bible the way they want. This time it was the 39 th U.S. President Jimmy Carter. About half way through the interview on Huffington Post Live, Carter was asked his opinion of gay marriage, to which he gave the obligatory, “That’s no problem with me. You know, I think everybody should have the right to get married regardless of their sex.” Carter skipped the point where Jesus defined a relationship between a man and a woman in Mark 19:4-6. Here is the NIV version from 4 “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the... continue reading
Coffee prices are falling, but liberal Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has decided to raise its prices anyway. CNBC’s Squawk Box co-host Joe Kernen called Schultz out on July 7, saying Schultz was trying “to pad his profits.” Kernen argued it was unfair to criticize airlines for failing to pass savings along to consumers when oil prices fell, but not criticize Starbucks for raising its prices even as the cost of coffee dropped. “So now, he’s raising prices as coffee prices go down to pad his profits, therefore further lining the pockets of shareholders, which already have money, further exacerbating income... continue reading
“Caitlyn” Jenner is now blogging for the Huffington Post . At the beginning of the week, the news outlet revealed that Jenner will be authoring an original series called “The Real Me,” about LGBT issues. “First of all, I want to thank you all for your support,” Jenner began in Monday’s inaugural post. “The response to my new journey has been overwhelmingly positive.” And positively fawning, as least where the media is concerned. Since his Vanity Fair debut , the press has scrupulously avoided facing up to the fact that the Emperor had no clothes (or the Empress has no... continue reading
Surprise! Another celeb was on Huff Post Live, sounding off in the liberal echo chamber on gay “marriage.” This time, it was Ryan Reynolds on Monday . Interviewer Alyona Minkovski asked Reynolds, “What are your thoughts on gay marriage? Obviously you’re not opposed to it.” His response was “ No, I’m not a monster . I think it’s fantastic.” Get that? If you don’t approve of gay marriage, you’re a monster. Minkovski decided to push Reynolds to explain the origins of his enlightened stance: “Why are [Canadians] so much more advanced?” He explained, “[Gay marriage] seems very humane, it just... continue reading