People magazine, like any good liberal media, raves over all things Obama , Hillary and LGBT . So, in July’s edition, there was bound to be a lot of celebratory rainbows. Indeed, readers did not get further than page 6 before they encountered one. The letter from the editor — entitled “Love in America”—was completely dedicated to Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court’s recent gay marriage ruling. The editor was obviously thrilled for Obergefell, declaring that “wherever you stand on the issue, it was impossible not to feel elated” for him. Next, on page 14, readers encountered... continue reading
“To me suggesting I should treat gay marriage opposition as legitimate seems to me like suggesting I should have been unbiased about Jim Crow,” tweeted Hunter Walker, the Senior Political Correspondent for Business Insider . Walker, the son of two lesbians, said last week that he generally likes “to think I am fairly objective and unbiased in my reporting and even my comments on this personal Twitter.” However, he declared, “I make absolutely no effort to hid [sic] the fact I am totally, completely pro-gay marriage.” Walker’s Twitter rant came in response to a Washington Examiner article titled “Media openly... continue reading
Where can you find graphic depictions of kidnapping, nudity, torture, vandalism, forced drug use, drowning, and murder? Probably not even in the worst horror movie, but Rihanna’s new seven minute music video (WARNING: Highly Graphic Imagery) somehow manages to fit in every one of these things. “Bitch Better Have My Money” tells the story of a sadistic woman (Rihanna), her accountant, and the accountant’s blonde-model girlfriend. The end is bad – Rihanna murders the accountant for not ‘having her money.’ But most of the video doesn’t even focus on this. Instead, it depicts Rihanna kidnapping and abusing the nameless blonde,... continue reading
If nothing else, the media’s triumphalism over the SCOTUS gay “marriage” decision proves they’re sore winners. True, they deserve a victory lap – they and their pals in the entertainment industry made this constitutional and civilizational abomination possible . But you’d think that with victory secured, they’d ease up on traditional marriage supporters, maybe go back to pretending they’re journalists. But no. On FNC’s Media Buzz, host Howard Kurtz asked his panel about it, noting that “I can't remember another time in my career where I felt that coverage has been so one sided for a position that until three... continue reading
The things you learn watching HuffPo Live! For instance, did you know the Vatican’s art collection is gay enough and dirty enough to earn an NEA grant? That’s the kind of information you pick up from a HuffPo Live interview of a gay ex-Catholic priest , a lesbian activist, and a Yahoo editor. The interview began with a discussion of the artwork in the Vatican. Ex-priest Tony Adams, but the gist is that “if you go into the Sistine Chapel, you’re in the presence of something done by a gay man that could be described in many camps as high-end... continue reading
To the abortion absolutists of the left, it isn’t enough that a woman kill off the life inside of her. She then has to be happy about it. Recently on The Daily Beast , writer Samantha Allen disregarded the voices of women who suffer Post Abortion Stress Syndrome and attacked post-abortion counseling offered by pro-life groups. Allen accused counseling services of “peddling medical lies” about the procedure of abortion. The author exploited the tragic post-abortion suicide of Stacy Zallie at age 21, whose parents founded The Stacy Zallie Foundation to offer “non-judgemental” post-abortion care in her memory. The piece bashed... continue reading
Get this: Kim Kardashian West thinks millennial girls need to ditch the make-up and focus on working hard. Success doesn’t come from being pretty. You heard right. “People sometimes think that with looks things will be easy,” said the woman who owes her fame to a sex tape, “but I just encourage people to put in the work." West spoke from the stage at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club — a forum that has hosted such greats as Reagan and MLK. There, in addition to her words on work ethic, she aired her views on everything from the objectification of women... continue reading
What better time to take a potshot at conservative rednecks than Independence Day week? No better time really, despite the fact that that liberal media does the same thing the other 51 weeks of the year. So, characteristically, Huffington Post ran a quiz in Wednesday’s Comedy section entitled “Take the Citizenship Test for ‘Merica.” “Sure you know America,” the article read. “But do you have what it takes to obtain legal citizenship in ‘Merica?” The first question asked “What is freedom of religion?” The correct answer: “Believe in Jesus as often as you want.” [Insert, conservative rednecks are bigoted.] Another... continue reading
HuffPo wants to “open people’s minds to the wide range of mature, unselfish motivations” regarding women’s decision to forgo having children. “Far too often,” the article stated , “women who choose to be childfree are asked to defend their ‘immature,’ ‘selfish’ lifestyles. They’re told that motherhood is the ‘most important job in the world’ and face accusations of living ‘meaningless’ lives.” So, HuffPo gave 124 childless women the opportunity to give their own reasons for their choice. 64 percent of responders simply preferred their current lifestyle. Then HuffPo opened the discussion to 270 readers. Explanations were divided into five categories,... continue reading
Objectivity doesn’t matter when you have an agenda to push. So admits reporter Jessica Bennett in an article for the Washington Post . When Bennett interned for the Seattle Daily in 2003, she excitedly wrote about Canada’s legalization of gay marriage. “I was 19,” she recalled, “and picked a fight with my editor after being asked to call a fundamentalist wackjob for ‘an anti-marriage quote’ – you know, to show we were objective.” Sadly, she was unable to exclude that, er, bigoted, homophobic, hateful viewpoint. Later, after winning a coveted GLAAD media award, Bennett again argued over objectivity with her... continue reading