According the feminist media, the road to women’s equality is paved with… orgasms. Cosmo’s July issue boasted singer Nicki Minaj on its cover. Inside, the star talked sex, including her “demand that I climax.” Following her cue, the feminist media began chanting “orgasm equality.” The Guardian’s Jessica Valenti pushed, “Why should we demand equal orgasms for all?” while Bustle’s Kristen Sollee vowed, “equality starts in the bedroom.” When Cosmo’s Laurie Sandell asked Minaj during an interview if she considered herself “high- or low-maintenance in bed,” Minaj touted, “High, because I demand that I climax. I think women should demand that.”... continue reading
He’s no fool, and he certainly doesn’t need pity. In a Huffington Post Live interview yesterday, Mr. T was asked about everything from the origins of his career to his recent success battling cancer. What the interviewer discovered? All was thanks to God and family. Normally on a Huffington Post Live interview, you can expect a minor-league celebrity espousing his or her support for a liberal agenda item, peppered with some self-praise, repeated for 20-plus grueling minutes. Yesterday was a welcome departure from the norm. Mr. T repeatedly thanked his family for teaching him responsibility for his actions. “If I... continue reading
Gathering to protest carbon emissions often makes the evening news. But when hundreds gather to hear scientists from various disciplines argue that global warming isn’t the dire threat the media claim ... crickets. Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Conference on Climate Change is happening June 11 and 12, 2015, in Washington, D.C. Policymakers, scientists and other experts will speak on the issue of climate change. And if history repeats itself, ABC, CBS and NBC will say virtually nothing about it. Many newspapers have already made it clear that skeptical views are not welcome within their pages. The first conference was held... continue reading
When it comes to the phrasing of a message, two words can make all the difference. Last week, the CDC made a subtle change in the “Prevention Methods” section of its annual Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment report released June 5. Whereas abstinence had once been recommended as “a” reliable way to prevent the transmission of STDs, the report now calls it “the most” reliable way. So, why are these two words so important? And why did the mainstream media fail to even mention the change? Well, simply put, abstinence-based sex education is not popular; in fact, it’s vilified by the... continue reading
Although it is nearly summer and people are taking trips to the beach, the brutal winter is not quite forgotten. In Boston, the dingy remains of former 75-foot snow piles could still be found after Memorial Day , according to The Washington Post. Much of the country suffered from severe cold and snow during a winter that also spawned significant ice cover of the Great Lakes: 85 percent as of Feb. 23, 2015. If that had been record melt, or record heat certainly the broadcast networks would have been warning about the threat of global warming or climate change. The... continue reading
Though we have come to expect countercultural themes in most mainstream genres like pop and rap, country music has seemed to hold out as long as possible, retaining traditional values in most content. This is certain to change if Billboard has its way. The main article of its “Beat” this week focused on Kacey Musgraves, a country music artist that in 2014 won CMA’s Song of the Year award for “Follow Your Arrow.” Billboard writer Jewly Hight described the song as a “toast to conformity-bucking, pot-smoking and same-sex affection.” Musgrave’s music sounds every bit like all the other country out... continue reading
The “number one advice” Elizabeth Banks has for high school girls has nothing to do with hard work, self-confidence or chasing dreams. In a Variety piece entitled, “Elizabeth Banks on Becoming a Director, Mentoring Young Women,” news editor Alex Stedman spoke with actress Elizabeth Banks ( Spider-Man , The 40-Year-Old Virgin ) about her recent accomplishments, including Banks’ “directorial feature debut” in Pitch Perfect 2 . At the end of the interview, Banks revealed her “biggest advice” to high school girls: birth control. Beginning with Pitch Perfect 2 , the interview focused on Banks’ work in promoting women. “We did... continue reading
Bet you didn’t know there was a transgender “void” in the children’s literature market. Well there was, but we can relax. According to an article in The New York Times , transgender themes have now joined the line up of “difficult issues like suicide, drug abuse, rape and sex trafficking” as topics in children’s and young adult books. It may come as a surprise that juvenile literature has not reflected the intensive celebration of transgender issues on TV. After all, in 2009 alone, over 40 pro-gay books were awarded by the American Library Association (ALA) , so gender confusion couldn’t... continue reading
“Caitlyn” Jenner’s transformation was “a culture-shaping, Internet-busting media event of heartfelt human understanding.” These words from the June 8 Washington Post sum up fairly well the mainstream media’s reaction to Jenner’s new identity. CBS, NBC, and ABC spent a combined 51 minutes of news coverage on Jenner just in the past week, pouring praise and compliments on him at every turn. Virtually every media outlet swooned. One CNN commentator described the painfully drawn-out unveiling as “life-affirming, powerful.” Funny, since the whole fuss is about Jenner’s denial of part of himself. Then there was the clamor about Jenner’s ‘courage.’ According to... continue reading
Want to frame one the most nihilistic and anti-religious political stances into a pro-family and relatable one? Let The Washington Post show you how! In Sunday’s “Style” section, reporter Ellen McCarthy did a glowing profile of NARAL President Ilyse Hogue. McCarthy presented Hogue as a relatable, working and expecting (36 weeks pregnant) mother. She opened with Hogue’s “swollen ankles and sleepless nights” and hammered home that Hogue was not the usual type to take on leadership at NARAL, one of the most vocal and extreme pro-abortion groups in the country. To do that of course, McCarthy had to present Hogue... continue reading