She’s been everywhere – in your kids’ lunchroom, in hip-hop songs, making frowny faces on Twitter and peering out from just about every magazine at the checkout counter. More particularly, she’s been on your TV. Until “Caitlyn” Jenner came along, Michelle Obama may have been the most overexposed woman in America. Clearly, the media revels in having a glamorous, liberal FLOTUS, as they celebrated her hair, dresses, arms, gardening, personal chefs, etc. etc. etc. And after six years, it’s still going on. On May 21, CBS gushed over the “impressive” first lady working out in a “GimmeFive” health campaign video... continue reading
Miss Piggy is pro-choice. On June 3, Miss Piggy received the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art’s First Award at the Brooklyn Museum from founder Elizabeth Sackler and publicly announced, “Moi is a feminist!” In a follow-up interview airing June 6, MSNBC reporter Irin Carmon took the opportunity to ask Miss Piggy, “Are you pro-choice?” “I am pro – I am pro-everything,” Miss Piggy gushed. (And would she have answered the same to “Are you pro-life?” But feminist reporters don’t ask that…) During “The Rundown With José Díaz-Balart,” the host asked Carmon about the “world class exclusive interview” with... continue reading
Vince Vaughn’s affirmation of gun rights in British GQ earlier this week prompted almost no response from mainstream media . Some fringe media like Alternet were not so willing to pass it over. The results were nothing less than hilarious. Vaughn’s stance drew statements like, “Vaughn is a vocal libertarian who thinks a lot of things, most of which he seems willing to talk about on the record, regardless of how right or wrong he is.” Apparently, someone who advocates for gun-rights is an ‘ammosexual’ with ‘dartboard choices’. Because the rest of conveniently left-wing Hollywood has thought through their positions... continue reading
Captain Picard says Christian bakers shouldn’t have to make it so. This week, British actor Sir Patrick Stewart defended the religious freedom of Daniel and Amy McArthur, managers of Ashers Bakery. The Belfast couple have been embroiled in a legal suit that began after they refused to design a cake with the slogan “support gay marriage” for gay rights activitist, Gareth Lee. On May 19, the Belfast County Court found the McArthurs guilty of discrimination and required them to pay ₤500 to Lee, as well as legal costs. Stewart’s words came in response to the news revealed last week that... continue reading
Sally Kohn wants her daughter to be a deeply troubled 65-year-old man. The CNN political commentator and Daily Beast writer stated “I Want My Daughter to Copy the Caitlyn Jenner Model of Femininity” – “not the Kardashian one” – in the headline of a June 3 piece for Elle. Kohn “imagine[d] a day” where parents would “counsel” their little boys and girls to “be more like Caitlyn Jenner.” Kohn wrote on Jenner’s story – from a mom’s perspective. “As a mom, I worry about the real-life Barbie doll hyper-sexualization projected by the Kardashian women,” she wrote. “Please oh please don't... continue reading
The New York Times is just “one big sort of op-ed” that hates Texas, according to CNBC. Hosts of CNBC’s Squawk Box discussed a New York Times article critical of Texas economy with former Former Dallas Federal Reserve President and current CNBC contributor Richard Fisher on June 4. The article was cynical about on Texas, prompting co-host Joe Kernen to say “at least they put it in the op-ed section and it wasn’t put as a fact.” Fisher pointed out that the article wasn’t an op-ed, rather it appeared business section’s front-page. “Oh, wait a minute, it's like everything else... continue reading
On Tuesday, The Daily Beast talked with Jaiyah Saelua, a transgender men’s World Cup soccer player for American Samoa who has styled himself the ‘Samoan Caitlyn.” What the Daily Beast terms Saelua’s “triumph” turns out to be two unrelated events he personally did nothing to bring about: Sepp Blatter, the corrupt head of FIFA, stepped down, and Bruce Jenner now calls himself Caitlyn. Saelua was born male, but identifies as a female, something he claims is accepted as part of the fa’afafine subset of Samoa. It refers to men that participate in roles normally performed by female Samoans. Somewhere between... continue reading
If you’ve ever wondered whether modern progressivism could create an argument so convoluted, contradictory and esoteric that it collapses on itself, we have an answer. And it comes at the expense of feminists who believe they can fight for “women’s rights” without running afoul of their own speech police. During “All In With Chris Hayes” on June 2, the host fostered a discussion among media representatives on the “reaction to Caitlyn Jenner” or “The Jenner Effect.” In the middle of the conversation, Michelle Goldberg, senior contributing writer for The Nation, suggested that using the word “women” in abortion language “excludes... continue reading
A Washington Post article titled ‘How Caitlyn Jenner won Bruce Jenner’s Olympic medals’ began by denouncing Nickelodeon star Drake Bell and a tweet he wrote about Jenner, but went on to ponder the deeper implications of transgenderism on history. The result is as bizarre as the photo that inspired it. After Caitlyn Jenner’s gender transformation, Bell tweeted: “Sorry….still calling you Bruce.” Cue the firestorm of media backlash. The Post tutted: “There’s no doubt that it’s insensitive for former Nickelodeon stars, news organizations and just about anyone to refuse to refer to someone by the name he or she prefers.” As... continue reading
Every once in a while Larry Wilmore’s The Nightly Show will break up the yawn fest and feature guests who say ridiculous things, and we get to laugh at them for it. On Tuesday night, Wilmore’s roundtable discussion involved bashing Fox News for reporting that police officers in Baltimore had cited new restrictions that stopped them from being able to do their job, as the reason for increased crime in the city. On the panel was Huffington Post’s Marc Lamont Hill, comedian Godfrey, and Ebony senior digital editor Jamilah Lemieux. The panel was incensed at this idea. “Were these people... continue reading