Hosted by Don Lemon, CNN Tonight airs weekdays for two hours starting at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on CNN. Having joined CNN in 2006, Don Lemon often has a bizarre take on the news with a virulent dislike of Donald Trump and his supporters. Along with repeatedly questioning the President’s mental faculties and whether he should still be our President, Lemon lashed out at Trump supporters as people who “steal,” “cheat,” and “lie to their mother[s]” while being “complicit” in promoting racism. On the debate over our national anthem, Lemon blasted those who choose to stand as engaging in “fake pageantry... continue reading
Since June 2018 (and after brief trial runs in August 2017 and January 2018), Chris Cuomo has permanently hosted CNN's 9:00 PM Eastern weekday slot, after an earlier stint as the co-host of CNN's morning New Day . Even dating back to his days at ABC News, Cuomo has been a hostile voice against conservatives, making himself no different than his brother and current Democratic Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. Chris Cuomo has offered plenty of liberal bias since he moved to evenings, such as his insistence that the far-left, violent members of Antifa have “morality” on their side... continue reading
Hosted by senior media correspondent and former New York Times writer Brian Stelter, Reliable Sources airs weekly on CNN at 11:00 AM Eastern on Sundays. While the program was originally designed to hold the media more accountable, Stelter uses this platform to urge his colleagues to engage in hostile, opinionated coverage of the Trump White House. He reserves any media criticism for conservatives and conservative-leaning outlets -- all the while suggesting that it’s “offensive” to label him a liberal. He has decried the Trump election as a “national emergency,” and lobbied journalists to start using the word “authoritarian” to describe... continue reading
Fareed Zakaria GPS airs Sundays at 10 AM and 1 PM Eastern on CNN and is hosted by Zakaria, who has been exposed as a blatant plagiarist but still has not only a CNN show but a Washington Post column. He repeatedly denounced Trump as a lifetime “bulls**tter” after he was elected. In 2005, Zakaria slammed George W. Bush as a “grand ayatollah” of Iraq, only less “rational” than the actual ayatollah there. He proclaimed Trump “poses a danger to American democracy” that only the media can stop, and scoffed at Trump’s White House as “emulating the sycophancy, incompetence and... continue reading