Anderson Cooper 360
3rd Aug, 2017 9:11pm
 Anderson Cooper 360 airs for two hours starting at 9PM ET, weekdays on CNN.Anderson Cooper crosses the taste line to mock conservatives with obscenities. In 2009, he mocked the Tea Party with a reference to an oral sex practice: “It’s hard to talk when you’re tea-bagging.” In 2017, he grossly mocked a CNN colleague defending Trump: “If he took a dump on his desk, you would defend it.”  Twitter: @AC360 The Worst of Anderson Cooper 360 Bias:AC360 Guest Calls Out...
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Cuomo PrimeTime
28th Aug, 2018 7:11pm
Since June 2018, Chris Cuomo has permanently hosted CNN’s 9:00 PM Eastern weekday slot, after an earlier stint as the co-host of CNN’s morning New Day. Not only does Cuomo use his prime time show to spout vicious, left-wing attacks on conservatives, he’s violated basic journalist ethics to aid his scandal-scarred brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. In 2021, Cuomo was exposed as urging his brother to deny any responsibility after 11 women accused the Democrat...
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Reliable Sources
7th Jul, 2017 8:38pm
Hosted by senior media correspondent and former New York Times writer Brian Stelter, Reliable Sources airs weekly on CNN at 11:00 AM Eastern on Sundays. While the program was originally designed to hold the media more accountable, Stelter uses this platform to urge his colleagues to engage in hostile, opinionated coverage of the Trump White House. He reserves any media criticism for conservatives and conservative-leaning outlets -- all the while suggesting that it’s “offensive” to label...
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CNN Tonight With Don Lemon
3rd Aug, 2017 9:30pm
  Formerly CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, the newly rebranded Don Lemon Tonight airs weekdays for two hours starting at 10:00 PM Eastern on CNN. Lemon has been with CNN since 2006, and his show is a source of some of the most extreme commentary on the network. Since the summer riots of 2020, he has become intensely focused on race, and he is prone to reciting the sort of talking points one might expect from a...
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Fareed Zakaria GPS
11th Jul, 2017 7:23pm
Fareed Zakaria GPS airs Sundays at 10 AM and 1 PM Eastern on CNN and is hosted by Zakaria, who has been exposed as a blatant plagiarist but still has not only a CNN show but a Washington Post column. He repeatedly denounced Trump as a lifetime “bulls**tter” after he was elected. In 2005, Zakaria slammed George W. Bush as a “grand ayatollah” of Iraq, only less “rational” than the actual ayatollah there. He proclaimed Trump...
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