CNN Tonight With Don Lemon

Hosted by Don Lemon, CNN Tonight airs weekdays for two hours starting at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on CNN.

Having joined CNN in 2006, Don Lemon often has a bizarre take on the news with a virulent dislike of Donald Trump and his supporters. Along with repeatedly questioning the President’s mental faculties and whether he should still be our President, Lemon lashed out at Trump supporters as people who “steal,” “cheat,” and “lie to their mother[s]” while being “complicit” in promoting racism.

On the debate over our national anthem, Lemon blasted those who choose to stand as engaging in “fake pageantry and patriotism.” On CNN’s New Year’s Eve special, he announced that his resolution for 2020 was to be even more biased: “I’m going to lean in harder. I’m sick of the craziness….Watch 2020, baby. There’s more to come. I’m a soldier. I’m ready to fight.”. 

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