New York Times Hypes Growing Wave Against War Hyping a few peaceniks. Protests Held Across the Country to Oppose War in Iraq, announced a The New York Times headline on Wednesday. Washington bureau-based Reporter Lynette Clemetson trumpeted: Organizers and participants said the diverse turnout represented a growing wave of popular dissent, even as the country inches closer to military action. Just how huge is this growing wave of popular dissent? Clemetson relayed how the events ranged in attendance from several dozen at Youngstown, Ohio, and Mineola, N.Y., to several hundred in Santa Fe, N.M., and Oakland, Calif. Oh, I almost... continue reading
NY Times Prods Hate U.S. Comments? A story too good to be true? A New York Times reporter prodded an Arab-American store owner to say he hates America? In his Best of the Web column for, James Taranto caught an item in this weeks New York Press in a listing of bests, as in Best Pickup Joint and Best Annoying Form of Transportation. Under the heading of Best Harassment of an Arab in the Wake of 9/11, the Press related in the unbylined Manhattan Living column: Hes a nice guy who doesnt want any trouble, so we wont name... continue reading
Times Watch for 07/26/02 Pro-Abortion = Moderate Supporting abortion rights and affirmative action makes one a moderate and nonideological in the lexicon of the New York Times. In a front page story on Secretary of State Colin Powell on Thursday, reporter Todd Purdum penned this paragraph: Mr. Powell's approach to almost all issues - foreign or domestic - is pragmatic and nonideological. He is internationalist, multilateralist and moderate. He has supported abortion rights and affirmative action and is a Republican, many supporters say, in no small measure because Republican officials mentored and promoted him for years. That paragraph appeared in... continue reading
Afghanistan = Vietnam One battle goes badly for U.S. forces and New York Times reporter Rick Berke immediately thought of Vietnam and a NPR reporter to read great meaning into a slip of he tongue by General Tommy Franks who used the word "Vietnam" instead of Afghanistan. Friday night on PBSs Washington Week, Berke asked Gjelten: "Tom, not long ago, we were practically declaring victory. How did we suddenly end up with troops on the ground, and are we stuck there? Is this, dare I mention, Vietnam?" Gjelten responded, as transcribed by the MRCs Brad Wilmouth, by highlighting a slip... continue reading
NYT: "McCarthy Years...Similar to the Present" On FNC Morton Kondracke of Roll Call condemned a Sunday New York Times "Week in Review" piece which began: "As President Bush toured Asia last week, some world leaders worried publicly that the war on terrorism was starting to look suspiciously like the last great American campaign - against Communism." As if thats a bad thing? Times reporter Robert Worth lamented: "The first victims of anti-Communist hysteria were immigrants, and hundreds of immigrants have been detained since Sept. 11, many with little apparent cause beyond the fact that they were Middle Eastern men." Worth... continue reading
NYT Befuddled A contradiction to the New York Times: "Since the early 1970's, the number of state prisoners has increased 500 percent, growing each year in the 1990's even as crime fell." That the number of people in prison would grow, "even as crime fell," seemed to befuddle New York Times reporter Fox Butterfield who didnt see the logical connection between the two events. Former MRCer Clay Water alerted me to the sentence in a January 21 story by Butterfield headlined, "Tight Budgets Force States to Reconsider Crime and Penalties." To put the sentence in full context, heres an excerpt... continue reading
Bin Laden = Ashcroft Just-retired New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis revealed that his "big conclusion" about life is that Osama bin Laden and John Ashcroft both represent how "certainty is the enemy of decency and humanity in people who are sure they are right." Lewis, whom the Times described as "the newspaper's most consistently liberal voice in recent years," equated the two men in an interview published on Sunday, the day after his final column ran. Lewis, a Times reporter for many years before becoming a columnist in the late 1960s, also expressed disappointment in the failure of socialism... continue reading
General Dowd Goes To War by L. Brent Bozell III Even the airplane-crash attacks of September 11 could not stop the cultural list-makers from constructing new lists of what's in and out. At the top of the "Out" list is the Age of Irony. After The Era of Detachment, the appeal of laughing at America from the heights of disdain seems instantly to have dried up. The one journalist who embodies the spirit of The Age of Irony is Maureen Dowd, the flippant fraulein and heckling hermit of the New York Times editorial page. She made herself a name and... continue reading
Vietnam Analogies Johnny Apples Vietnam Syndrome. Speaking of negative spin in the news media, the MRCs Rich Noyes recently collected a series of New York Times articles in which R.W. "Johnny" Apple, the newspapers former Washington Bureau Chief, obsessed about how Afghanistan may become another Vietnam. - Apple, writing in the Week-in-Review section, September 30: "We may hear about an assassination here, a terror attack there, a special forces operation that succeeds, a bombing mission that doesnt, but it will not be easy to tell what it all adds up to. The government will tell us, of course, but those... continue reading
"Right Wing" Blamed for Anthrax When in doubt, blame the right. In this case, for Anthrax. In an October 15 New York Times story, reporter Felicity Barringer approvingly quoted an official at Harvard University who suggested foreign terrorists may not be behind the Anthrax sent to media outlets since the U.S. media "has not been a particular target of Islamic fundamentalist groups or groups we associate with Sept. 11. It has been a target of right-wing groups in America." The quote, MRC Communications Director Liz Swasey noticed, appeared in a story headlined, "New Tactic of Terrorists Is to Attack Messengers."... continue reading