Times Watch for July 24, 2003 Editors Note: The Times news pages today nitpick the Iraq war - while the editorial page lobbies for US troops in Liberia. The Times Calls On US Troops To Save Lives In Liberia A Thursday editorial, Americas Role in Liberia, shows the Times hasnt lost its chutzpa. After famously resisting the Iraq war, the Times editorial page now favors U.S. intervention in Liberia, and right away: Further delay may needlessly condemn thousands of Liberian civilians to death. Hundreds have already died this week. The editorial on Liberia makes no mention of Iraq - perhaps... continue reading
Times Watch for 03/25/03 Paul Krugmans Fascist Fantasy The competition is stiff, but Paul Krugman is probably the Times most reliable Bush-bashing columnist. His latest Channels of Influence, doesnt disappoint in that regard, but Krugman saved his most vicious comment for war supporters. Krugman doesnt trust the media company Clear Channel Communications, which he accused of organizing pro-war rallies as a political favor to the Bush administration. The company appears to be using its clout to help one side in a political dispute that deeply divides the nation, Krugman wrote. (The Times would never do anything like that, of course,... continue reading
Times Watch for 03/24/03 President Bush, Con Man? Thats Rich When Vice-President Dan Quayle criticized the television show Murphy Brown, the media accused him of confusing TV and reality. Yesterday liberal Times editor Frank Rich compared President Bush to Billy Flynn, a sleazy character from the Academy Award winning movie Chicago, and used the movie as a metaphor for the war on Iraq. The articles subhead: In Oscar week, Billy Flynn goes to war. Chicagos con man and the president are right in step. Richs inaugural essay for Arts & Leisure followed in the shallow footprints of his last piece... continue reading
Times Watch for 03/21/03 The Times Packs Times Square With Anti-War Protesters Just how many anti-war protesters hit Times Square in Manhattan yesterday? You'd figure the New York Times, if anyone, would have the answer. But was the papers 43rd Street headquarters too far from the action? While most other outlets reported that some 300 protesters blocked Times Square at rush hour yesterday, the Times found 5,000. Most other media outlets came up with consistent figures: In New York, more than 300 protesters snarled traffic in Times Square during the evening commute. Police arrested 36 people, claimed Justin Pritchard of... continue reading
Times Watch for 03/20/03 Altered States At The Times Left-wing media critic and Nation columnist Eric Altermans book What Liberal Media? gets a favorable reviewagain!in todays New York Times. Thursdays review in the papers Arts section came just four days after a positive notice from contributor Ted Widmer for the Sunday New York Times Book Review. Todays review, Sending Liberal Media Truism to the Fact-Checker, is by Orville Schell, dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley. That part about Berkeley is the first hint the fix might be in to give the left-wing... continue reading
Times Watch for 03/19/03 The Times Pro-War StanceOn Augusta National Todays Times is appropriately pre-occupied with the looming war. John Burns filed a piece from Baghdad that subverted the liberal medias conventional wisdom by suggesting for many Iraqis the first American strike could not come too soon. On another war-related note, media reporter Jim Rutenbergs piece for the National section mentioned the Media Research Centers Special Report criticizing ABC News for its liberally biased coverage of Iraq. But even during the run-up to an invasion of Iraq, the Times still found room to hawk its own vital agenda: Getting women... continue reading
Times Watch for 03/17/03 From the Yeah, Right Department "We don't write the page from an ideological position," Times deputy editorial page editor told the NPR program Fresh Air. No ideology here, Times deputy editorial page editor Philip Taubman told an interviewer of the paper's stance on Iraq: "We don't write the page from an ideological position, that we're Democrats or Republicans or we're anti-war. We try to look at every issue based on the merits." From the March 13 edition of the National Public Radio program Fresh Air (26th minute in) Dick Cheney's Frightening New World Order Alessandra Stanley's... continue reading
Times Watch for 03/14/03 Deborah Sontag Slimes the Fourth Circuit Court Deborah Sontag, staff writer for the Times magazine, is perhaps best known among conservatives for her 6,000-word revisionist history on the Middle East peace talks in July 2001. Reporting from Jerusalem, she lamented that "a potent, simplistic narrative has taken hold in Israel and to some extent in the United States" about why peace talks failed. Her theme? It wasn't Arafat's fault. As Robert Satloff noted in The New Republic, her long article mentioned the word "intifada" just once. Last Sunday, Sontag delivered another whopper of a piece, in... continue reading
Times Watch for 03/13/03 "What Critics Call" Flagrant Pro-Abortion Bias Carl Hulse's story on Senate debate of a bill to ban partial-birth abortion (or as he put it, "what critics call partial-birth abortion") included sentences seemingly structured to make supporters of the measure look aggressive and the opposition look put-upon. Here's one: "As Republicans who oppose abortion demonstrated their new power in the Senate, Democrats bristled at the tone of the proceedings, accusing Republicans of using inflammatory language and charts." But Hulse's piece wasn't as objectionable as the eye-catching subhead that accompanied it, featuring a line not in the article... continue reading
Times Watch for 01/17/03 NY Times Repeats Itself on Bush Using Loaded ?Quotas? " Term The New York Times repeats itself. Two separate New York Times stories on Thursday included the identical sentence about how President Bush used the term ?quotas? because it's ?a word that inevitably draws strong opposition in polls.? Former MRCer Clay Waters alerted me to the repetition in the January 16 edition. A front page story by Washington bureau reporter Neil Lewis, was headlined: ?President Faults Race Preferences as Admission Tool.? The story had this as its sixth paragraph, whether written by Lewis or inserted by... continue reading