It's difficult to track the ever-shifting standards of Times sports columnist Selena Roberts, who not along ago was seemingly convinced that the Duke lacrosse players, with "white privilege" on their side, were guilty of the rape of a black stripper - a "rape" that turned out to be a complete hoax. But while fellow Duke lacrosse players had a moral duty to provide evidence against their three teammates who were brought up on "rape" charges, football star Michael Vick's friends have "betrayed" him by providing evidence to prosecutors in the case involving accusations of animal cruelty. Mark Finkelstein first pointed... continue reading
Charles Gibson highlighted two San Franciscans’ carbon footprints on the May 9 “World News with Charles Gibson,” but hypocritically traveled to San Francisco for the report. The “Going Green” segment featured two different men: Daniel Oppenheim, who lives alone, drives a vintage Land Rover and has “no idea how much” carbon he emits; and Peter Boyer, who drives a hybrid, uses solar panels on his roof and buys “squiggly” light bulbs. Gibson supported the green choices of Boyer, but left out important information for the viewer about solar energy and how much carbon he must have emitted to travel to... continue reading
The Duke of Wellington, the man who defeated Napoleon, famously said “The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton .” Wellington 's remark helps make clear what a central role sports play in society. Far beyond merely providing entertainment, sports help mold the character of a nation. As children we learn facts and figures in the classroom, but while playing games at recess we learn how to win, how to lose, and the importance of playing fair. Later on we play in organized leagues, where greater athletic demands help us develop discipline and accept personal responsibility... continue reading
CBS examined two families hurt by the “mortgage meltdown” in its August 16 broadcast, but the report was delivered by a correspondent who lost her own dream house because of an adjustable rate mortgage. Isn’t that called conflict of interest? CBS correspondent Cynthia Bowers explained on the “Couric & Co.” blog, that she was living in her dream home a year ago until “that Fed rate started going up, and so did our ARM.” Bowers should have known that her ARM could adjust upward and increase “the cost of our monthly mortgage by nearly 40%.” According to Nexis, she has... continue reading
It has been no secret that home lenders are in some serious trouble as borrowers are having troubles making payments on their mortgages. Even American Home Mortgage Investments, the then-nation’s 10 th largest home lender filed for bankruptcy in early August. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Countrywide Financial (NYSE: CFC), the nation’s largest home lender, will be shutting its doors also – as some reports have suggested over the previous two weeks and are still hinting. “Just weeks ago, they were begging to sell you a loan,” said CNBC’s Diana Olick on the August 16 NBC “Nightly News,” while a... continue reading
The Drudge Report nailed the gist of Russ Buettner's Thursday front-page story on the friendship between Fox News President Roger Ailes and Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani: " Having failed to thwart Murdoch purchase of WALL STREET JOURNAL, the NEW YORK TIMES intensifies battle." Buettner's " Campaign Puts Giuliani and Ailes in Uncharted Territory " began: "Roger Ailes and Rudolph W. Giuliani have been pulling for each other for nearly two decades. "Mr. Ailes served as the media consultant to Mr. Giuliani's first mayoral campaign in 1989. Mr. Giuliani, as mayor, officiated at Mr. Ailes's wedding and intervened on his... continue reading
Russ Buettner, who earlier this month penned a less than earth-shattering expose on the friendship between Rudy Giuliani and Fox News President Roger Ailes (a story even some liberals found ridiculous ) returned to the Times' front page Fridaywith " For Giuliani, Ground Zero as Linchpin and Thorn ," taking aim at the heart of Giuliani's candidacy by alleging that Giuliani has exaggerated the amount of time he spent at Ground Zero in the days after the attack on the World Trade Center. But did the Times apply similar scrutiny to the record of a Democrat who also ran on... continue reading
Reliably liberal critic Manohla Dargis lauded activist-actor Leonardo DiCaprio's " The 11 th Hour ," the latest documentary of environmental apocalypse. "To judge from all the gas-guzzlers still fouling the air and the plastic bottles clogging the dumps, it appears that the news that we are killing ourselves and the world with our greed and garbage hasn't sunk in. That's one reason 'The 11th Hour,' an unnerving, surprisingly affecting documentary about our environmental calamity, is such essential viewing. It may not change your life, but it may inspire you to recycle that old slogan-button your folks pinned on their dashikis... continue reading
The TIME headline is ironic : “Study Finds Abortion Pill Safe.” Safe for whom, exactly? Certainly not for the millions of pre-born children who have died when their mothers took it. Nor is it “safe” for their mothers. The August 15 article by Sora Song touts the findings released in the New England Journal of Medicine purporting to show that use of the RU-486 abortion pill “in the long term, is safe.” According to Song, “women who use mifepristone (RU-486) are no better or worse off than those who choose surgical abortion” and that “most existing research shows that surgical... continue reading
The August 17 ABC News report “Young Women Defy Labels in Intimacy” on isn't a news story as much as a promotion of bisexuality and sexploitation. ABC's failure to balance the story by incorporating socially conservative views (probably because it would have seemed “judgmental”) exemplifies the mainstream media's bias against traditional morality. Right from the beginning, the article reads like an ad for girls to experiment sexually with other girls. “Pop culture loves the recreational lesbian – the woman who dabbles but doesn't stay the course,” asserts the provocative lead sentence. The art accompanying the article is a cover... continue reading