Editor's Note: Image may be offensive. American Sniper ’s Chris Kyle is once again under media attack – this time from former RT anchor Abby Martin. Last week, Abby Martin took to her Instagram account to attack Texan war hero Chris Kyle. “Rocking a one of a kind F*ck #ChrisKyle creation,” she wrote in a caption accompanying a picture of her wearing a shirt with the words, “F*ck Chris Kyle!” In the past, Martin bashed Kyle for describing Iraqis as “savages” in his book and deemed the American Sniper film as “dangerous propaganda that sanitizes a mass murdering psycho,” Raw... continue reading
Abortion is making the rounds on network television again – and the media are all for it. Now in its fourth season, ABC political drama Scandal aired its 21 st episode, A Few Good Women , on May 7. The show starring Kerry Washington, featured a military woman who became pregnant from rape – and her 30-second long abortion scene. Rather than condemning the rape, some in the media, including US Weekly and The Wall Street Journal , expanded their stories to praise the “groundbreaking” and “powerful” abortion scene. Created by Shonda Rhimes ( Grey’s Anatomy ), Scandal stars Washington... continue reading
Broadcast networks have taken their cues from The New York Times, except when it publishes stories about babies that they don’t like. A study released Wednesday by The New England Journal of Medicine documented thousands of premature births to discover a small number of babies born at 22 weeks, with medical treatment available to them, survived with few health implications. The findings that could “affect the abortion debate” landed on the front page of the May 7 New York Times and garnered attention from NBC’s Today. Other media, like ABC and CBS, stayed silent during their morning and evening news... continue reading
In a bizarre move, a Huffington Post blogger is wishing women a “Happy Mother’s Day!” – by calling for an end to mothers’ “unwanted” babies. In a May 6 Huffington Post piece , blogger Kristine Holmgren argued for “No More Angry Mothers; Embracing Accessible Abortion and Affordable Contraception.” In it, she announced that before “safe, affordable, accessible abortion” existed, most mothers were “angry mothers.” To prevent future “angry mothers,” Holmgren declared that women should “protect our liberties,” including “our birthright” to abortion this Mother’s Day. Kristine Holmgren, a self-described “Feminist [Presbyterian] theologian and produced playwright” stressed a “deep commitment to... continue reading
This year, there is a special birthday in liberal media. The Nation – the longest consecutively published weekly magazine – is turning 150; and in celebration, it published its longest issue to date. Included was a reprint of the magazine’s Founding Prospectus from 1865: The Nation will not be the organ of any party, sect or body. It will, on the contrary, make an earnest effort to bring to discussion of political and social questions a really critical spirit, and to wage war upon the vices of violence, exaggeration, and misrepresentation by which so much of the political writing of... continue reading
When it comes to politics, abortion is one of Hollywood’s preferred topics – as actress Kathleen Turner recently demonstrated. In a recent piece for the abortion-happy site RH Reality Check, Kathleen Turner ( Romancing the Stone , Prizzi's Honor ) deemed barriers to abortion as “fundamentally wrong.” The Golden Globe award-winning actress called out “anti-choice” and personhood groups that aim to “end abortion rights in our country.” Tuner began her piece by lamenting that abortion “rights” aren’t safe in America – even with the recent defeat of personhood measures in 2014. “State legislatures just kept on passing laws that heavily... continue reading
An unborn baby’s value depends on whether he or she is wanted, according to recent media reports on two cases of brain-dead pregnant women. Doctors delivered 32-week-old Angel in April after keeping his brain-dead mother, 22-year-old Karla Perez, on life support for 54 days. Last November, 33-year-old Marlise Muñoz became brain-dead while 14 weeks pregnant and was taken off life support at the urging of her family while still pregnant – at 23 weeks. Pro-abortion media like Cosmo , that had supported Muñoz, celebrated Perez. AP and NBC reflected whether the baby was wanted or not in language – referring... continue reading
Remember “#BringBackOurGirls?” It was the relentlessly hyped and utterly silly Twitter campaign aimed at the African Islamist terror group Boko Haram. It’s hard to know if anyone actually thought tweets would get radical Islamists to release the nearly 300 Christian girls abducted from their school in Chibok, Nigeria. But it did allow Western liberals to advertise their sympathy. And ineffectualness. First Lady Michelle Obama was one of the most prominent liberals involved. She was photographed holding a card bearing #BringBackOutGirls, underscored by her sad face – which became the face of “hashtag activism.” Predictably, the media swooned, impressed that the... continue reading
Birth control shouldn’t be controlled, according to Amy Schumer’s new ad. Amy Schumer’s “Ask if birth control is right for you” ad premiered during the third season of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer on April 21 – but is just starting to go viral on social media . The ad follows Schumer as she asks everyone from her boss to strangers on the street for permission to buy birth control, and concludes with a little boy easily obtaining a gun because “that’s your right.” To poke fun at birth control restrictions, Schumer’s skit introduced, “OrthoEsterin,” a “new low-dose daily birth... continue reading
Craving an anti-American show where the “elites” are playing ‘god’ without permission? Look no further than Mr. Robot , a drama set to premiere on USA starting June 24, 2015. “Sometimes I dream of saving the world,” the protagonist mused in one of several promotional clips for the show, “Saving everyone from the Invisible Hand - the top 1 percent of the best that play ‘god’ without permission. And now I think they’re following me.” In the official trailer, the show’s hero describes himself as a “ vigilante hacker ” by night. Anyone familiar with economics would hear the phrase... continue reading