Yes, on America’s college campuses, liberal commencement speakers outnumber conservatives (it would be shocking if they didn’t.) But not by the margin CBS would have viewers believe. During CBS Evening News on May 26, host Scott Pelley played different clips of university commencement speakers offering advice to the class of 2015. Beginning with Bon Jovi and finishing with Bill Nye, “The Science Guy,” Pelley’s segment showed only one conservative speaker out of ten liberal speakers: former president George W. Bush. To begin the topic, Pelley announced that because “millennials overtake baby boomers to become the largest living generation” in 2015,... continue reading
Tip for retailers: If you’re trying to make money disrespecting the American Flag – especially on Memorial Day Weekend – just hope James Woods doesn’t hear about. Or, for that matter, thousands of other patriots on Twitter. PacSun, a national clothing retailer aimed at teens and young adults was selling a black t-shirt with a graphic of the American flag upside down in stores and online this past Memorial Day weekend. A woman saw the display at her local Pacific Sunwear store in Foley, Alabama, and posted it to Facebook where it went viral. This elicited a strong reaction from... continue reading
Author Héctor Tobar used the pages of The New York Times to confess his “sins against Mother Nature” and promote the unproven claim that the California drought is the consequence of carbon emissions and climate change. In his May 22 op-ed, “ The Sins of Angelenos ,” Tobar said the “endless summer” in California is his “punishment.” “As a native of Los Angeles, I am significantly more responsible for global warming than your average resident of planet Earth,” Tobar said. “We pioneered an energy-guzzling lifestyle for the masses and taught the world to follow our lead. Now a parched, endless... continue reading
The media are twisting Ted Cruz’s words – again . When Republican Texas senator and 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz recently argued that the Democratic Party was “radical in its devotion to mandatory gay marriage,” he meant that same-sex marriage “efforts” “would force him to wed a man” – at least according to The Houston Chronicle’s Dylan Baddour . While that “translation” quietly disappeared from his May 21 piece, Baddour still claims that Cruz believes his political opponents want to force “all Americans” into “same-sex unions.” To begin his May 21 piece , Baddour “defined” Cruz’s stance on gay marriage... continue reading
Because we just haven’t heard enough about that tiny fraction of the population struggling against biology and reality, TLC and ABC Family are producing shows about transgender persons and their conversion experiences. ABC Family’s Becoming Us is scheduled to premiere this summer, focusing on a teenager whose parents have recently divorced. As if this were not tragedy enough for the young man, his father, Charlie, is transitioning into a woman named Carly. This is the main dynamic of the show. Karey Burke, vice president of programming and development at ABC Family, claimed that “The journey of acceptance is utterly authentic... continue reading
The middle class is “getting nowhere” thanks to President Barack Obama, according to Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J. Christie criticized Obama’s economic policies on CNBC’s Squawk Box May 21, and emphasized the need for restoring economic growth, reforming entitlements and investing in national defense. The governor who appears to be positioning to run for president said the middle class needed to be “protected,” because “the middle class is still running on a treadmill and getting nowhere.” Even though the “president talks about income inequality,” Christie said that the problem had actually “gotten worse” during the Obama administration. “Wages are stagnant really... continue reading
Editor’s note: This article contains graphic and objectionable content. The things liberals spend time and energy on … The Huffington Post has a new mission: to fight media bias through clitoris education. On May 18, The Huffington Post published a new multimedia initiative : “Pulling Back the Hood: The Overdue, Under-told Story of the Clitoris.” Lamenting the media and sex education’s silence on the clitoris, the project, by HuffPo’s Carina Kolodny and Amber Genuske described the history, anatomy and education of the clit – to compare its discovery to that of the moon and support masturbation by little girls. Front... continue reading
It looks like Eric Stonestreet creates fiction on more than just the set of Modern Family . Wednesday on Huffington Post Live, the prominent actor claimed to have the support of the Vatican in his efforts to normalize homosexual relationships and families. For those who are not familiar with his work, Stonestreet plays the flamboyant gay father Cam Tucker on the sitcom Modern Family . In his interview with Huffington Post, Stonestreet equated the title of a WordPress blog , “Vatican Family Official Thanks TV’s ‘Modern Family’ for Revealing Reality,” with the words of the Vatican. The interviewer read this... continue reading
Time was, burning an American flag was a reliable way of getting on network TV, there to shock the taxpayers over their TV dinners. But these days, the network news programs don’t seem interested in American flag desecration, unless it happens in the Middle East. In the last five years, there have been only two mentions of domestic flag desecration on ABC, CBS and NBC. Both of those were on ABC. It’s not like mistreating the flag went out with bellbottoms. In fact, it’s enjoying a resurgence. From Occupy Wall Street to Ferguson and on lots of college campuses, lefties... continue reading
The Clinton Foundation scandal continues to spread ever since the news broke that it did not disclose millions of dollars of donations from foreign governments and businessmen. It’s already infected ABC, as anchor George Stephanopoulos was forced to apologize for personal undisclosed donations to the foundation. He has yet to acknowledge or apologize for some of the other connections that have surfaced. But the connections don’t stop there, they extend to other prominent lefties and to a Spanish-language media outlet. Through its Too Small to Fail initiative, The Clinton Foundation is tied to Tom Steyer and the American Spanish language... continue reading