Yesterday, it was reported that George Zimmerman was injured in another road rage incident. Reports showed he was shot at by the same driver with whom he had an incident with in 2014. As of last night, a confirmed account of who was to blame hadn’t been established but the fact that Zimmerman had a bullet aimed at his head was confirmed. Instead of waiting to hear more, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore decided to play judge. Not only that, but the host and crowd laughed and mocked the idea that Zimmerman might’ve been killed. Wilmore started the segment... continue reading
A University of Virginia dean took action Tuesday against Rolling Stone’s now-infamous gang-rape story for its “false” and dishonorable statements. It’s a serious claim considering UVA is all about honor – for every test, a UVA student is required to write the honor code up top. (Full disclosure: I’m an alumna.) In response to the Rolling Stone Nov. 2014 article entitled A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA , UVA dean Nicole Eramo filed a defamation lawsuit asking for more than $7.85 million on May 12 against magazine Rolling Stone , writer Sabrina Rubin... continue reading
Editor’s Note: Offensive Language Below. Well, anything remotely having to do with sex columnist and pro-gay bully Dan Savage would have to be bad, and the just-released trailer for The Real O’Neals confirms it. “The O’Neals are your typical Irish Catholic family,” the voiceover begins. Which of course means the daughter pockets what she collects for church charities, Mom and Dad are divorcing, the family priest's vow of poverty doesn't apply to his Lexus, and the main character, a teenage son, is gay and struggling to come out of the closet. Supposedly based on Savage’s early life, The Real O’Neals... continue reading
If you take public transportation and use social media on a mobile device, beware rubbernecking feminists. Specifically, beware Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti. Some poor guy had the misfortune to be sitting next to her while checking his Twitter feed on the New York subway yesterday. And just like that, average straphanger became “passive sexist.” Valenti saw something, but she didn’t say something. At least not directly. She took to Twitter instead, like the truly courageous activists do . The tweet brought her well-deserved Twitter scorn, with users calling it the “dumbest tweet of the year” and some recalling an earlier... continue reading
As some words are losing their “bad” meanings, others are rising to take their place, according to comedian Larry Wilmore. During Comedy Central’s May 11 The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore , the host proclaimed that the once-bad connotations associated with the words “black” and “gay” now apply to the word “Muslim.” To begin the conversation, Wilmore called attention to a Georgia teacher who told her students that, in Wilmore’s words, “parents are evil if they voted for Obama.” “Can we at least call this teacher racist?” he prompted his guests. He meant “bigoted,” but standards of language accuracy rarely... continue reading
In an effort to revitalize and unify the far-left Democratic party, progressives have relied on the very thing they often criticize -- the deep pockets of a billionaire supporter. Agenda supporters were linked to at least $159 million dollars in donations or political contributions from wealthy backer George Soros. Many of those self-proclaimed progressives will gather on the steps of the U.S. Capitol May 12 at 3 p.m. to celebrate a new, far-left “Progressive Agenda.” According to Rolling Stone , New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio held a closed-door meeting at his mayoral residence on April 2, 2015, to... continue reading
Pro-choice celebrities took to Twitter this Mother’s Day to (ironically?) celebrate life. While they often bash attempts to defund Planned Parenthood or restrict abortion, pro-choice actresses acknowledged the value of their mothers – mothers that gave them life – this Mother’s Day. Some, like Girls ’ creator Lena Dunham made “choice” front and center of her Mother’s Day wish. Dunham, a rabid abortion advocate and Planned Parenthood supporter , chimed in on the day – with an insert about “choice.” “This Mother's Day,” Dunham tweeted , “let's vow to protect our right to become mothers when and how we want... continue reading
Presbyterians chanting “Death to America!” Methodists beheading people on video, and those hateful Episcopalian fundamentalists stoning women to death for being raped. The world is clearly in the grip of a Christian terror crisis. Well, no. But Marc Lamont Hill would have CNN viewers believe Christians are as terror-prone as Islamists. A CNN panel with host Don Lemon, CNN conservative commentator Ben Ferguson, and Lamont Hill argued about over the recent shootings in Texas by Islamic radicals over a “draw Mohammed” cartoon contest. Ferguson, clearly in touch with reality, said there’s “a section of Islam that is a real threat.”... continue reading
Not content to promote climate alarmism solely through biased journalism, The Guardian (UK) moved into full-fledged activist territory with an anti-fossil fuels petition campaign called #KeepItInTheGround. The Guardian’s editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger publicized the paper’s campaign with a video he was in as well as a write up, on April 30. He said The Guardian started the “Keep it in the Ground” campaign in March to urge the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to divest its entire $43.5 endowment from fossil fuel assets. More than 190,000 Guardian readers supported the call on the Gates’ to “help stop climate change” by divesting... continue reading
Overcoming climate change is a challenge for those “coming of age,” much like World War II was for the Greatest Generation, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” asserted. Nye claimed that climate change was “certainly the most serious problem facing humankind right now” while on HuffPost Live May 7 with host Josh Zepps. “So what I want to do is create the next Great Generation,” Nye said. He said the members of the Greatest Generation “pitched in” to win World War II. “And so I want the people coming of age now, the president’s kids and stuff, to work together to... continue reading