BREAKING: The media is not pro-gay enough. In fact, according to Michelangelo Signorile, the media is explicitly anti -gay. It’s hard to argue with crazy. The editor of Huffington Post’s Gay Voices, Signorile, is calling for the media to be intolerant “of all forms” of “bigotry against LGBT people.” And by bigotry, he means anything less than celebration. In Signorile’s new book, I t’s Not Over: Getting Beyond Tolerance, Defeating Homophobia and Winning True Equality he whines that the media is not gay-friendly in the least. Indeed, he claims, “a higher level of vocal hate appears to be tolerated of... continue reading
Baltimore experienced terrorism – but not from abroad, according to Morgan Freeman. In an April 30 Newsweek interview , Morgan Freeman supported the recent Baltimore riots following the death of Freddie Gray. The Academy-Award winning actor blamed “police terrorism” for the “unrest in Baltimore,” and backed the protestors. During his interview, the 77-year-old celebrity pointed to police behavior contributing to the riots. “That unrest [in Baltimore] has nothing to do with terrorism at all,” he said, “except the terrorism we suffer from the police.” He added, “And the fact that now that’s out in the open.” Newsweek continued to discuss... continue reading
One socialist coalition is inadvertently relying on capitalism to protest just that. The World Socialist Web Site and other groups sponsored the International May Day Online rally, which will feature live speeches streaming around the world on May 3, 2015. The event has many slogans including, “Down with capitalism and imperialism,” and “Unite the working class internationally against war, dictatorship and poverty!” Ironically, the event is using a tool that flourished because of capitalism: the Internet. Companies and businesspeople played an integral role in developing the means to connect multiple computers, creating the first personal computer and other elements of... continue reading
The pro-abortion media crowd is embracing new ally in their fight: Satanists. “Mary” from Missouri is hoping to bypass her state’s 72-hour abortion waiting period by citing “sincerely held religious beliefs” – as a Satanist. The Friendly Atheist blog broke the story of how the Satanic Temple plans to aid a woman it calls Mary who believes in its “tenets.” The media followed suit, from a Think Progress editor expressing “love,” to a Salon editor concluding, “[R]eligious exemption laws are maybe cool when Satanists use them to get abortions.” Damien Ba’al, the head of the Satanic Temple’s St. Louis chapter,... continue reading
Young women, do you want to attain your dreams and seize your opportunities? Then snuffing out an innocent life may be just the thing for you! In an April 28 piece for TIME, Cecile Richards, president of taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood, argued, “We Need to Talk – Really Talk – About Abortion.” In it, her “talk” focused on how abortion is “key to women’s opportunity” and an outlet to “pursue their dreams.” Richards praised the media – her megaphone – for their efforts to blast abortion-positive messaging. To begin her piece, Richards commended Girls’ star Jemima Kirke for publicly sharing her... continue reading
Liberals who habitually decry all the money in politics may want to turn their attention to Dallas today. That’s where a secretive meeting of millionaires and billionaires is convening and planning how to deploy $100 million over the next decade to influence American politics. Closed to the press and public, the exclusive, invitation-only event includes the famous and not-so-famous, just so long as an attendee has at least $25,000 a year to give to causes “philanthropic” and political. But since the OutGiving conference supports the LGBT agenda, the too-much-money-in-politics crowd will of course give it a pass. And the press,... continue reading
In volatile, uncertain moments like the rioting in Baltimore, most people inevitably say to themselves, “I wonder what that guy from Grey’s Anatomy thinks of all this” or, “I bet my favorite hip hop star has a thoughtful take on what’s happening.” Well, no, they don’t. But that rarely stops celebrities from sharing anyway. Since 25-year-old Freddie Gray’s funeral on April 27, certain celebrities have taken to Twitter to sympathize with the rioters. From Jesse Williams ( Grey’s Anatomy ) and Penn Badgley ( Gossip Girl ) to hip hop artist Talib Kweli Greene, big names are blaming “police brutality”... continue reading
Economic growth has stagnated so far this year, catching the broadcast news networks inexplicably off guard yet again. The federal government’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) announced April 29 that gross domestic product (GDP) expansion slowed to only 0.2 percent in the first quarter of 2015. This meant the goods and services produced the United States economy grew only minimally, lagging far behind growth in the previous two quarters. Economists “had expected growth of 1 [percent] in the first three months of this year,” The Wall Street Journal said. This more optimistic estimate still trailed behind the 5 percent in... continue reading
Same-sex “marriage” activists aren’t happy with the media – because, as some argued, there isn’t enough support. On April 28, the United States Supreme Court heard a controversial case, Obergefell v. Hodges, which questioned the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. During the arguments, hundreds of LGBT supporters of the case gathered outside. We asked them how they think the media treat gay “marriage." Among the protestors, we spoke to a dressed-up “Sister Millie Terri” from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as well as a self-described “undocumented trans Latina” from the Queer and Undocumented Immigrant Project. continue reading
Professional race explainer Michael Eric Dyson said a lot of stupid things on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes Monday. (Yes, it’s still on the air.) And really, that’s understandable, given that his job was to find excuses for the inexcusable violence and looting in Baltimore. But mixed in with his litany of exculpatory urban dysfunction (“… the slow terror of expulsions from schools, rising rates of lead poisoning, the export of jobs to, uh, places across the waters …”) and awful metaphors (“it’s easy to point a gun of analysis and shoot [the rioters] with the bullets of our... continue reading