Times Watch normally doesn't delve down the liberal rabbit hole of book reviews written by outside critics - "Lefty Author Praises Another Lefty Author" is the broadsheet equivalent of "Dog Bites Man." But a strange review penned by Wellesley College English professor Dan Chiasson (no political tip-off there, eh?) provided an unusually stark and illuminating look at the mindset of what the typical Times reader nods his head to at brunch. Chiasson read " Poems from Guantanamo - The Detainees Speak ," a slim book of poetry from University of Iowa Press edited by Marc Falkoff, one of the Guantanamo... continue reading
The Big Mac McDonald’s Extra Value Meal – $4.75. A book bill for a semester of college – $450. Having the federal government subsidize your sexual behavior – priceless. The August 22 CNN “American Morning,” as part of its “College Week” celebration, featured a segment about the rising cost of birth control at college campuses and provided an interesting peek into the background of one of CNN’s own employees. “When I was a student here at Columbia , birth control was cheap and plentiful,” said a giddy CNN medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen. “Well, not anymore. When students hit this campus... continue reading
Sunday's lead story focused on the alleged dangers hidden in theupdated version of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act recently passed by Congress and signed into law by Bush." Concerns Raised On Wider Spying Under New Law " emanated from James Risen and Eric Lichtblau, the same pair of reporters who put the terror-surveillance debateon public display back in December 2005 with a scoop that revealed the details of the classified National Security Agency program, which detailed methods of surveillance of international communications of terrorism suspects. "Broad new surveillance powers approved by Congress this month could allow the Bush administration to... continue reading
There’s no question there has been an uptick in foreclosures because of bad business decisions – primary the so-called NINJA (No income, no job or assets) loans made by some mortgage lenders. And there’s plenty of blame to go around. But Barbara Kiviat, a Denver-based reporter for Time Magazine, blamed lenders. Kiviat, in the August 27 issue of Time, suggested there was a predatory element involved meant to lure the unsuspecting borrower to get in over his head. “Still, the EZ Credit addiction is tough to cure,” wrote Kiviat. “Drive through Green Valley Ranch, and you still see signs for... continue reading
“NBC Nightly News” attacked one airline on August 20 with a “summer travel nightmare” story and a comparison between airlines that ignored key differences. NBC correspondent Tom Costello criticized the world’s largest air carrier American Airlines – which had a passenger count of nearly 100 million in 2006 according to the International Air Transport Association – for flight delays. Costello cited arrival rates for American Airlines and Southwest Airlines to build a case against American: “So far this summer, reports American Airlines has had the lowest on-time arrival rate at 65 percent. But yet another Dallas-based carrier, Southwest, has... continue reading
Chief political reporter Adam Nagourney followed Republican candidate Rudy Giuliani around rural Iowa after his appearance at the Iowa State Fair. One can almost sense Nagourney waiting for Giuilani to blow a gasket and show Iowans what he's really like,in Monday's " Iowans Check for Dirt Under Giuliani's Fingernails ." "But Mr. Giuliani's unconventional tour through tiny farming communities in the rolling hills of western Iowa this week displayed the cultural challenges he faces as he tries to win over a part of the country that could not be more different from the city that he calls home." [...] "There... continue reading
According to a new MTV/AP survey, Americans aged 13 to 24 value time with families, friends and loved ones above all else. They hold traditional values in high esteem. They want to get married and have kids. The majority say religion and spirituality are important. Sex is really far down on the list of what makes American youth happy, it turns out. In fact, the survey finds that sexually active 13 to17-year-olds report much lower levels of happiness. So what does MTV choose to broadcast? In a 2004 study of 171 hours of MTV programming, the Parents Television Council found... continue reading
CNN's upcoming miniseries “God's Warriors,” hosted by left-wing bias exemplar Christiane Amanpour, looks like it will play the old liberal game of moral equivalence. Amanpour reportedly compares Christian chastity advocates to the Taliban in the miniseries. Even the promos for the miniseries which have been running on CNN for the past few weeks demonstrate the probable “game plan” that Amanpour and CNN have in mind, grouping together pro-life Christian college students protesting in front of the Supreme Court, Jewish settlers on the West Bank, and Islamic radicals. To paraphrase an old children's jingle, “two of these things are not like... continue reading
With increased volatility in the stock markets, business coverage has been front and center for the major newscasts. But NBC has made an interesting choice of who’s reporting it. The “NBC Nightly News” can draw from a deep pool of CNBC business reporters, but it has continually featured “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer. Cramer has appeared on the “Nightly News” five times in 2007 and eight times on the “Today” show. However, analysis in an article in the August 20 Barron’s written by Bill Alpert showed some weaknesses in his expertise as a stock picker in addition to other recent... continue reading
Political reporter Jim Rutenberg conducted an exit interview of sorts for Sunday's editionwith Bush's chief political advisor Karl Rove, who is resigning at the end of the month. In " Spurning Criticism, Rove Puts Blame on Democrats ," Rutenberg proved he has a long memory when it comes to alleged unfair assaults against liberal icons. "Mr. Rove was asked whether harsh Republican attacks on the national security credentials of various Democrats in 2002, orchestrated by him, had added to the climate. Among the advertisements that year was one from the Georgia Senate race in which the Republican, Saxby Chambliss, called... continue reading