New Book Explains, Defends Palin's Faith

Authors hope to broaden understanding of charismatic evangelical faith amid media scorn.

Peacock Plugs Polygamy

Softball Today interview lets polygamists gripe about acceptance.

Jack Cafferty Lumps in Christine O'Donnell in New Attack on Palin

On Wednesday's Situation Room, CNN's Jack Cafferty revisited his anti-Sarah Palin obsession and somewhat predictably, grouped U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell with the former Alaska ...

CNN's Tuchman Suggests O'Donnell is a Totalitarian Due to Anti-Media Remark

CNN's Gary Tuchman blasted Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell on Tuesday's AC360, suggesting that the Republican was like the leader of a totalitarian regime, after she dared to say ...

ABC's Dan Harris Dismisses Tea Party, Hints: 'Complacency' Is the Big Risk for 'Gleeful' Democrats

ABC's Dan Harris on Saturday offered some odd spin in the debate over the Tea Party. The weekend Good Morning America co-host argued that "complacency" was the big risk for Democrats "gleeful" ...

Today Show Refuses to Attach Democratic Label in CA 'Corruption on Steroids' Story

NBC's Tamron Hall blared, "It's being called 'corruption on steroids'" while George Lewis added, "It's been an angry summer in Bell, California, once people learned that city officials awarded ...

Not Even Conservatives 'Seduced' By Colorado's 'Extreme,' 'Terrifying' Tax Cuts

According to reporter Dan Frosch, tax cuts on the ballot in Colorado are "terrifying," even for conservatives who are usually "seduced" by them: "For politicians and civic groups, even those who ...

CBS Analyst Admits National Media Hoping O'Donnell Has 'Car Crash on Air'

Agreeing with Christine O'Donnell's decision not to do anymore national media interviews, CBS News political analyst John Dickerson acknowledged on Wednesday's Early Show that "the national media ...

Misread and Misreported: Tea Party Activism Bullish for Economy

After nearly two years of Obamanomics and liberal incompetence, the markets are enjoying their tea.

Friedman Chided for Idealizing China - By the Chinese

Thomas Friedman: "Some of my Chinese friends chide me for overidealizing China. I tell them: 'Guilty as charged.'"