Reporter Steven Lee Myers' "White House Memo" (from Bush's vacation spot in Crawford, Tex.) " A Familiar Strategy to Help Stay the Course ," took a loaded view of Bush's latest defense of the Iraq war, portraying the president as deluded in his optimism and chiding him for not acknowledging anti-war sentiment. "President Bush's Iraq strategy faces a crisis of faith these days - from the American public. And he is confronting it the way he has previous crises: with a relentless campaign to persuade people to see things his way....Mr. Bush, back at the Prairie Chapel Ranch, went on... continue reading
The title for a segment about children’s health insurance on “World News” August 26 might as well have been “Bush Hates Uninsured Children.” “ABC’s Kate Snow reports tonight on a fierce debate over whether the White House is now trying to dramatically cut the program. It’s part of our series – ‘The Uncovered,’” said ABC “World News” anchor Dan Harris. “Dramatically cut?” That’s simply not the case. The title for a segment about children’s health insurance on “World News” August 26 might as well have been “Bush Hates Uninsured Children.” “ABC’s Kate Snow reports tonight on a fierce debate over... continue reading
ABC says it's all about money. It's not. President Bush will veto the State Children's Health Insurance Plan (SCHIP) bill when it comes to his desk, and if you watched the ABC World News coverage of the story on Aug. 26, you'd think the man hated kids. According to the report by Kate Snow, the threatened veto is all about “the Bush administration … trying to reign in the program.” She continues that the purse-string-tightening makes “states coping with health care costs and families that can't afford insurance”...“furious.” Snow fails to report, as all the mainstream media have, that other... continue reading
Friday's Times provided a "stark" display of how the same information - in this case, the newly released National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on progress in Iraq- can be spun in different directions, depending on who's doing the spinning. The Times' lead story by Mark Mazzetti was headlined " U.S. Intelligence Offers Grim View Of Iraqi Leaders ." Mazzetti certainly treated it grimly. "A stark assessment released Thursday by the nation's intelligence agencies depicts a paralyzed Iraqi government unable to take advantage of the security gains achieved by the thousands of extra American troops dispatched to the country this year. "The... continue reading
Times Watch hasn't dealt with arts editor-liberal columnist Frank Rich in a while (especially since the Times Select pay to read program walled him and other columnists out of view). Folks, you haven't been missing a thing. Rich's anti-Republican frippery simply lights on different targets each week. This week it's retiring Bush advisor Karl Rove (" He Got Out While the Getting Was Good "). Rich introduced the main villain, Rove, through the side character ex-Virginia Sen. George Allen and his overblown "macaca moment": "This incident had resonance well beyond Virginia and Mr. Allen for several reasons. First, it crystallized... continue reading
In a recent blog post CBS’ Wyatt Andrews gushed about Massachusetts’ new health care plan that requires people to purchase health care. His take: “This isn't Clinton care;” Andrews assured his audience, “it's a huge experiment to see whether the private market can work when everyone's forced to be in it.” Problem: it’s not a free private market if the government is forcing people to be in it. Andrews extolled “what's great about the plan,” admitting that the “not great” aspects include the fact that “Thousands of employers complain they can't afford to do (offer insurance) what the law orders... continue reading
Robert Murray is evidently not one of the Times' favorite people. Murray is co-owner of the coal mine in Utah that collapsed, leaving six miners presumed dead (three rescue workers died in a rescue attempt). Friday's piece by Susan Saulny and Carolyn Marshall, " Mine Owner Has History of Run-Ins On Work Issues ," dragged in Murray's disbelief in global warming dogma into its story on the mine collapse. "If Robert E. Murray accepts a Senate subcommittee's invitation to testify next month about what went wrong at the Crandall Canyon Mine, he is likely to be questioned about, among other... continue reading
What’s a constitutional amendment among friends? Not much, if you are a liberal economist like Dean Baker. Baker wrote an August 20 piece on urging Congress to eliminate foreclosures and let homeowners live in those houses indefinitely. Baker’s radical plan might run afoul of the 5th Amendment protection against being “deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law,” according to the American Enterprise Institute’s Ted Frank. Frank, who directs AEI’s Liability Project, said that such a plan is “obviously problematic.” Baker wants to turn homeowners who can’t pay the bills into unhappy renters by allowing “moderate... continue reading
Friday's lead editorial, " The Problem Isn't Mr. Mali ki," perfectly demonstrated a media double standard- whileit's fine for the media to make pejorative comparisons between the Iraq War and Vietnam, when Bush invoked the Vietnam War Wednesdayin defense of staying in Iraq, it's a "bizarre" decision. "Blaming the prime minister of Iraq, rather than the president of the United States, for the spectacular failure of American policy, is cynical politics, pure and simple. It is neither fair nor helpful in figuring out how to end America's biggest foreign policy fiasco since Vietnam." The Times glossed over the millions of... continue reading
It is hard to miss the grim news about everyone losing his home from an inability to pay the mortgage. But what if the critical data in those stories were inflated? “Now we switch to the housing market and the U.S. economy and this is a big story,” said NBC “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams on August 23. “Listen to this number on mortgage foreclosures in this country. They’re up 93 percent nationwide last month from the same period last year. This situation is dire. It’s creating a lot of anxiety about how that’s going to affect a great many... continue reading