It’s easy to be envious of those who make more money, but when you’re calling for government involvement based on that, you interfere with the American dream. The August 30 “USA Today,” in an article by Adam Shell, referred to an effort by a left-wing organization to change the tax code, specifically “to close the loophole allowing private investment managers to pay lower tax rates than ordinary Americans.” As BMI has previously reported, the use of the word “loophole” is one of the top errors journalists make when covering taxes. Using the term implies that the money rightly belongs to... continue reading
Want to know how to get on CNN these days? Make a music video in a grocery store with you and your sibling pretending to urinate on produce in a stock room, smacking each other in the crotch with beets, opening and licking the contents of a container on the shelf and standing with bananas sticking out of your boxer shorts. Then post it on the Internet. Throw in a doctored grocery store advertising circular and take a shot at Mexican immigrants and it might even land you on one of the network’s top shows, “American Morning” – where “hosts... continue reading
Thursday's Times has a full-page ad on the back of the B section demanding that readers "buy tickets now for the book event of the year." (It's all in capitals.) It's "The New York Times Great Literary Brunch" on Sunday October 14 from 11 AM to 2 PM. (What, no one at the Times goes to church on Sunday morning?) The lineup of "best-selling authors" will include actor Alan Alda, MSNBC star Chris Matthews, liberal professor and novelist Stephen Carter, and fiction writers Ann Patchett and Tom Perrotta. The master of ceremonies is liberal Times writer Robert Lipsyte . Chris... continue reading
The Washington Post needs to send Idaho Senator Larry Craig a dozen roses. They're obviously obsessed with the man. In the August 30 edition there are five – FIVE – stories on the Craig sex scandal. Craig makes page A-1, the front page of the Style section (twice), page C-5, and the lead editorial. Should the Post also send an apology card for shortchanging old flame Hillary Clinton? Her latest Chinese money laundering scandal (remember John Huang and the Buddhist Temple?) got buried on page A-5, deep in “The Trail,” a regular column following the presidential campaign, under the subhead... continue reading
The friendly skies haven’t been so friendly to fly this summer according to the network news media. But journalists have been quick to point the finger at business when the problem can easily be blamed on an outmoded computer system – owned and operated by the U.S. government. The friendly skies haven’t been so friendly to fly this summer according to the network news media. But journalists have been quick to point the finger at business when the problem can easily be blamed on an outmoded computer system – owned and operated by the U.S. government. “One of the knocks... continue reading
The Times is apparently determined to turn Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani's strength (his leadershipon and after9-11) into a weakness. The latest entry comes on Wednesday from reporter Michael Cooper (" Some Balk at Giuliani Role in 9/11 Ceremony "). "Each year since Sept. 11, 2001, Rudolph W. Giuliani has spoken at New York City's commemorations of the attacks. At past ceremonies he has read off the names of some of the dead, given readings by Lincoln and Churchill, and recited poetry. "This year Mr. Giuliani is no longer just the former mayor who led New York in the wake... continue reading
It’s like a broken record – the same push for socialized medicine using misreported data from the same government institution. Only this time, the data used is more current. “But there was bad news on this front [the poverty front] as well,” said NBC “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams August 28. “The number of Americans without health insurance has gone up from nearly 45 million in 2005 to 47 million Americans last year.” Williams was wrong. According to the U.S. Census Report, “Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States : 2006,” a little more than 10 million... continue reading
Sheryl Gay Stolberg used Sen. Larry Craig's men's room misdeed for a front-page "Political Memo," " A Scandal-Scarred G.O.P. Asks, 'What Next?' " After revealing the dingy details of Craig's behavior in a men's room in a Minneapolis airport in July (Craig pled guilty to misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct), Stolberg snorted: "It was a bizarre spectacle, and only the latest in a string of accusations of sexual foibles and financial misdeeds that have landed Republicans in the political equivalent of purgatory, the realm of late-night comic television." Stolberg lovingly lingered over a familiar list of Republican ethical woes. "Forget... continue reading
On Tuesday, Jesse Jackson, the Brady bunch – not the TV folk but the anti-gun lobby – and other liberal activists rallied against “the national scourge of illegal guns” in cities around the nation. The networks ignored the event, probably because turnout was so embarrassingly low. The Chicago Tribune reported that “about 200” piled out of three buses in Lake Barrington , Illinois , the Chicago-area protest keynoted by Jackson himself. The Philadelphia Inquirer said “about 200” showed up in Philly. The Dallas Morning News reported about 60 demonstrators in South Dallas, and AP said “about 100”attended the Washington ,... continue reading
One of the evangelical Christians interviewed for CNN's miniseries, God's Warriors, broadcast last week, told CMI that reporter Christian Amanpour misrepresented him and his home schooling family. Virginia pastor Mike Nevarr says he talked “extensively” with Amanpour about scientific evidence that conflicts with the theory of evolution. However, “the majority was not put on," says Nevarr. Instead, Amanpour simply told her audience that evolution is “not in the Bible. And so, they think it's wrong,” creating the impression that Nevarr and likeminded Christians dispute evolution solely because it conflicts with the Biblical account of the origins of life. Among other... continue reading