The “Good Morning America” gang of Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts, Sam Champion and Chris Cuomo are celebrating their first anniversary together at ABC and they took time on their September 5 show to look back at the previous year. “A lot of time has been spent on the road, whether it is here in the U.S. or spanning the globe – wherever it is to bring you the day’s most important stories,” said anchor Roberts. During the year, the show has featured countless segments about everyone doing his or her part to curb the threat of global warming, but apparently... continue reading
Labor Day often means Pro-Organized Labor Day in the media, and CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” was the poster child this year. The show featured two anti-corporate, union-affiliated “experts” on September 3, painting a much bleaker image of Americans workers than actually exists. “[T]his is the third year in a row that we've seen a fall in earnings, annual earnings for full-time year-round workers, both for men and for women,” said Thea Lee, assistant director of public policy for the AFL-CIO. “And that's truly disgraceful at a time when we have technological growth, we have productivity growth and workers simply are... continue reading
Great minds think...identically? Check out this paragraph from intelligence reporter David Sanger's Wednesday front-page "news analysis," " A New Gauge for Iraq - Bush Shifts Terms for Measuring Progress As Leaders in Baghdad Continue to Falter ." "The current focus on the provinces, they say, reflects the fact that the White House overestimated what could be achieved by Mr. Maliki and his government, and underestimated the degree to which the local tribes developed a deep hatred for Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, the homegrown Sunni Arab extremist group that American intelligence agencies have concluded is led by foreigners. The extent of... continue reading
The media haven’t done the best job on jobs. In 47 straight months of job growth, the U.S. economy has created 8.3 million jobs. But despite that economic achievement, the media have consistently presented employment news and the overall economy negatively in the past four years. The media haven’t done the best job on jobs. In 47 straight months of job growth, the U.S. economy has created 8.3 million jobs. But despite that economic achievement, the media have consistently presented employment news and the overall economy negatively in the past four years. Katie Couric dismissed July 2007 job creation in... continue reading
Former Dallas Morning News reporter Gretel Kovach reported on the tragic shooting death of a keyboard player for Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians in " Musician Is Killed For Banging On a Door ."Unwittingly or not, that headline (killed for the crime of banging on a door - talk about harsh Texas justice!)suggested the shooting was an overreaction, and Kovach's article further politicized the issue from the second sentence on. "A Texas rock musician was shot to death here early Monday by a neighbor who fired through a closed door, thinking he was scaring off a burglar. " The... continue reading
Sunday's story from Miami by Terry Aguayo, " 8 Years After Elian, Cuban Custody Battle ," glossed over the fate of Elian Gonzalez, the five-year-old boy found floating on an inner tube off Florida in 1999 after the boat in which he and his mother tried to reach America capsized. His mother drowned. Elián lived with relatives in Miami for several months, stirring a custody fight between the relatives and the boy's Cuban father that led to an infamous showdown leading to Elian's forced return to Communist Cuba. "Almost eight years after the custody battle over Elián González took center... continue reading
Cuba is "encouraging" its citizens to dump antique American refrigerators in favor of newer, smaller models from China, Simon Romero reported from Havana for Sunday's Week in Review story, " In Cuba, a Politically Incorrect Love of the Frigidaire ." "Cubans do not have to switch to Chinese refrigerators, but there are strong incentives to comply. When the exchange program is offered to a town or neighborhood, it is presented as the apple of Fidel's eye, and as an opportunity to show one's patriotism while lowering one's electricity bill." What exactly qualify as "strong incentives" in a Communist dictatorship? Romero... continue reading
The earliest hour of prime time broadcast television, traditionally called the Family Hour, is no longer family friendly, according to a new study by the Parents Television Council (PTC). The study, titled The Alarming Family Hour, reports that 90 percent of Family Hour shows contain objectionable content. Since 2001 violent content is up nearly 53 percent in the 8:00 (ET) hour. Sexual content is up 22 percent, and foul language was used in more than three-fourths of the programs. The report identifies the Fox network as the worst offender overall. The Fox show American Dad “took the cake” as the... continue reading
What to do about all those wealthy people? Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) has some ideas. Reporter Jeremy Grant conducted an interview with Frank that appeared in the September 1 issue of the Financial Times. Grant described Frank as “a left-leaning liberal who also espouses the free market.” The rest of the story, however, revealed Frank’s anti-free market leanings. Frank used anti-free trade and class warfare rhetoric and advocated more government involvement in business. The interview was held in Falls River, Mass., instead of Washington – apparently to serve as a backdrop to illustrate one of Frank’s points. The town’s biggest... continue reading
Diplomatic correspondent Helene Cooper is clearly no fan of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, judging both by her past reporting and her recent evaluation of Rice's service on Saturday, " As Her Star Wanes, Rice Tries to Reshape Legacy ." "On May 25, Stanford University's student newspaper, The Stanford Daily, devoted the bulk of its front page to the university's former provost, who is on leave while she serves out her term as secretary of state. 'Condi Eyes Return,' read the headline, 'but in What Role?' "Within hours, the letters to the editor started coming in. ' Condoleezza Rice serves... continue reading