The religion of global warming requires blind trust. But questioning the validity of mankind’s role must be caused by a “public disinformation campaign” funded by business, according to ABC’s chief global warming cheerleader, Bill Blakemore. On the September 23 “World News,” Blakemore once again showed global warming advocacy rather than objectivity by claiming that “Public awareness [about global warming] lagged behind, partly because of a disinformation campaign funded by the fossil-fuel industry,” Blakemore said. Blakemore’s blurred line between advocacy and objectivity abandoned one of the tenets of ethical journalism promoted by the Society of Professional Journalists – “Seek Truth and... continue reading
We've been pretty hard here on Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt - finding most of the biweekly columns from the paper's inside watchdog to suffer from either an excess of corporate loyalty or simply pointless (when he's not sniping at the paper from the left). So it was particularly surprising when Hoyt actually unbuckled his company badge to tackle an issue raised by conservatives - the inflammatory ad - in his Sunday Week in Review column . Hoyt did some actual reporting and got a belated admission of error that the paper's actual news reporters were unable to uncover... continue reading
Rutgers University is known as the birthplace of college football, but in the last few weeks it's seemed more like the deathplace of sportsmanship. On September 7, Rutgers hosted Navy's football team. What respect was shown in the wake of the Midshipmen's forthcoming service to the country and the approaching September 11 anniversary? The rowdy student fans of Rutgers hurled obscenities at Navy, thoroughly embarrassing their college and their town. Rutgers won the game, but lost any sense of honor and decency. Navy was booed and peppered with “You suck!” chants when they stepped on the field to start both... continue reading
It raises suspicion when a liberal presidential candidate is incorporating the words “tax cut” in his campaign rhetoric. The New York Times headline read “Obama Proposes Tax Cuts for Middle Class and Elderly.” The Financial Times headline gave the same impression: “Obama pledges $85bn middle-class tax cuts.” But those headlines are disingenuous. According to the September 19 New York Times, liberal Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said he would create a tax credit for homeowners who do not itemize their deductions, give a $500 tax credit to workers, and eliminate income taxes for elderly taxpayers who make less than $50,000... continue reading
No Matter Who Runs the Ad, Giuliani Still Looks Bad "The spot is a direct hit on Mr. Giuliani and could severely undermine his argument that he is the best person to lead the nation in a time of war. It also fuels the escalating rancor between and its Republican critics with its deliberate and repeated use of the inflammatory word 'betrayal.' It is a searing ad, especially when it shows the silhouetted image of the soldiers, with the voiceover: 'Where were you when it counted?' A possible beneficiary of the spot among his Republican primary opponents is Senator... continue reading
Michael Powell, a veteran Giuliani-beat reporter, made Friday's front page with " In 9/11 Chaos, Giuliani Forged a Lasting Image ," the latest in a series of Times articles whose reason for being seems to be to chip away at Giuliani's strength - his leadership as New York City mayor after 9-11. "What was most difficult to bear about Mr. Giuliani's mayoralty - his operatic personality, his head-throbbing certainty - became points of strengths in the disorienting weeks after Sept. 11. "But this fusion of personality with a wounded city had an underside. Mr. Giuliani became convinced that he was... continue reading
Amidst recent coverage of candidates' health care plans that would cost taxpayers billions, CBS pointed out one instance of government waste. “In Washington today, a Senate hearing on bridge safety turned into a debate over spending,” anchor Katie Couric said on the September 20 “Evening News.” “Democrats want to spend more on infrastructure repair, while the transportation secretary suggested it's better to spend wisely. Meanwhile, members of Congress seemed to be finding plenty of money for their pet projects, so-called earmarks.” CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson showed how liberal Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman (Calif.) directed $550,000 of federal transportation money to... continue reading
Kid Nation, CBS' latest offering to the saturated reality-TV market, premiered on September 19. Despite, or perhaps because of, reports of child exploitation, children inadvertently drinking bleach and burning themselves while cooking, nine million people tuned in as 40 kids were dropped in a desert ghost town to create their own society. Or more accurately, dropped in Bonanza City , a film production set marketed as an “abandoned” New Mexico town. In the Nielsen ratings, the show tied for first in its time slot. Turns out the kids have been much more heavily supervised than advertised, and less free to... continue reading
As Congress considers a bill giving the Food and Drug Administration even more power – including charging drug companies five times as much for safety reviews – CBS News applauded the move. “With the FDA about to run out of money, and with the commissioner there warning there could be two thousand layoffs, Congress is on the verge of passing a funding bill for the FDA – a bill that would also fix the high-profile safety problems of the last few years,” said CBS Washington Correspondent Wyatt Andrews on the September 19 CBS “Evening News.” The law, which has already... continue reading
The media have really latched on to Alan Greenspan and his new book, “The Age of Turbulence.” Greenspan has appeared in all the major newspapers; he’s on the cover of Newsweek, been on “60 Minutes” and he even made an appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” The focus has been his bashing of Bush’s policies, as the Associated Press described it in a September 15 story. But what’s gotten very little attention is Greenspan’s criticism of global warming policies as such as cap-and-trade systems and carbon taxes. “Cap-and-trade systems or carbon taxes are likely to be popular only until... continue reading