CBS Tries to Minimize Dem Problems By Cherry-Picking GOP Setbacks

In a report on Friday's CBS Early Show, senior White House correspondent Bill Plante noted that President Obama hitting the campaign trail for Democrats didn't seem to be helping: "...more than ...

More than 100,000 Jobs Lost, Likely Much Worse

BLS report shows no change in unemployment rate, but Gallup warns of understated September losses.

NY Times Whispers Into Ear of IRS: Check Out These Sneaky New Pro-GOP Groups

Michael Luo's wink-wink, nudge-nudge on the rush of campaign spending from corporations currently benefiting Republican issues and candidates: "It remains to be seen whether the I.R.S. or the ...

Blogger Blames Christians For Gay Suicides

Claims a direct relationship between the gay teen suicide rate, and the common, absolute Christian condemnation of gays.

Elie Wiesel Calls for 'Interfaith Center' to Replace Ground Zero Mosque

Holocaust author and Nobel Laureate says mosque would 'hurt some people who have suffered.'

Obama's Approval Plummeting and GOP Surges in Generic Ballot, So CBS Sets Out to Discredit Tea Party

A new poll found the public rejecting President Obama and Democrats ' so CBS focused on discrediting the legitimacy of the Tea Party. Katie Couric teased: "A CBS News poll finds support for ...

ABC Links Teen Bullying to 'Wedge Issues' Like Gay Marriage

According to ABC's Juju Chang, "wedge issues" like gay marriage can be linked to the bullying of homosexual teens. On Thursday's Good Morning America, the news anchor connected the subject in a ...

CNBC Anchor: Hugo Chavez is 'Funny,' 'Charming,' 'A Seductor,' but 'Dangerous'

'Power Lunch' co-host explains how she views the Venezuelan dictator's ability to win people over and rise to power.

The View Ignores Whether Government Should Dictate Citizens' Diets

Childhood obesity and food stamps conceal real issue of government impeding personal freedom.

George Stephanopoulos Highlights Tea Party Candidates 'Called Too Extreme,' Touts Attacks on Rubio

On Wednesday, Good Morning America co-anchor George Stephanopoulos hosted the Florida Senate debate and on Thursday morning highlighted the attacks against Republican Marco Rubio.