Even “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams called it “this growing war on bottled water” in a promo and he was right on with his assessment. In recent months, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN have designated the bottled water industry as the environmental “bad guy.” The media have claimed the bottled water industry uses an unnecessary amount of energy to bottle and ship its product – and therefore contributes to global warming. The shipping factor was disputed by Stephen Kay, a spokesman for the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), who told Business & Media Institute “the industry is very regional... continue reading
Frank Rich's Gestapo Tactics "Our humanity has been compromised by those who use Gestapo tactics in our war. The longer we stand idly by while they do so, the more we resemble those 'good Germans' who professed ignorance of their own Gestapo . It's up to us to wake up our somnambulant Congress to challenge administration policy every day. Let the war's last supporters filibuster all night if they want to. There is nothing left to lose except whatever remains of our country's good name." - Columnist Frank Rich, October 14. Those Panicky Pro-Life Christians "What unites them right now... continue reading
CBS Investigative Correspondent Armen Keteyian stacked the deck against four military food-supply contractors in a “Follow the Money” segment on the October 17 “CBS Evening News.” Keteyian villainized four military food contractors, relying on a report from The Wall Street Journal on October 17 and comments from a Democratic congressional candidate. “ … the large and active fraud and corruption case reportedly focuses on whether companies such as Perdue Farms, Sara Lee (NYSE: SLE) and ConAgra (NYSE: CAG) set unusually high prices when they sold their goods to the Army's prime food contractor for the war zone …” said Keteyian... continue reading
The Times' push to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Act to cover middle-class families continued in Thursday's story by health correspondent Robert Pear, " Democrats Look Ahead As Veto Override Falters ." "The secretary of health and human services, Michael O. Leavitt, said Wednesday that the child health program 'ought to be focused on poor families.'" "But the latest CBS News poll, released on Wednesday, found overwhelming support for expansion of the program to include some middle-class uninsured children. "Eighty-one percent of respondents, including 70 percent of Republicans, supported expanding the program. Three-quarters of those who supported expansion said... continue reading
The decision by a Portland , Maine school board to allow birth control pills to be distributed to girls as young as 11, without parental consent, set tongues wagging in media outlets across the country. The contrast between liberal and conservative coverage was remarkable. On the October 17 th episode of Good Morning America, conservative commentator Glenn Beck debated the topic with “sex educator” Logan Levkoff. Diane Sawyer “moderated” but it was obvious she was using Beck as a foil. SAWYER: "And we want to tackle this, but, Glenn, let me start with you. You may not like it. You... continue reading
Janet Elder's latest occasional "On Polling" column for the web, " Packaging 9/11, Terror and the War in Iraq ," deals with the "striking" number of people who think Saddam Hussein was involved in 9-11 and how conservative groups are capitalizing on voters' "murky understanding." But what about the poll of Democrats who thought Bush knew about 9-11 in advance? Elder, the editor of news surveys and election analysis for the Times, wrote: "The language used to talk about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and the language used to take the nation to war in Iraq have been so... continue reading
What determines an economic crisis? According to “Good Morning America,” it’s sweater sales. ABC’s “GMA” began its October 17 broadcast with a report that might be confused with one of the signs of the Apocalypse—complete with red flags waving as they mentioned each economic problem. One of those was the sweater factor. “When you give or get practical gifts, stuff that you need instead of the stuff you want for your birthday or holiday. When sweater sales go up, watch out.” Even though Halloween isn’t even here yet, Golodryga warned, “Take note if a typically festive neighbor suddenly does away... continue reading
The Times made another of its selective ventures into journalist fact-checking, and again focused on Lou Dobbs, the one journalist on the "wrong" side of the debate over illegal immigration and one of the few journalists the Times ever deigns to critique- always based on his refusal to abide illegal immigration. Wednesday's Metro story, " Lou Dobbs Crusades Against Spitzer's Driver's License Plan for Illegal Immigrants " by Nicholas Confessore on Dobbs' latest crusade on his CNN news program "Lou Dobbs Tonight" - against New York State Gov. Eliot Spitzer's plan to make driver's licenses available to illegal immigrants. Confessore... continue reading
This week marks the unhappy milestone of Black Monday for Wall Street, which had some journalists warning “it could” happen again. Even if it doesn’t, the media hammered home the prospect of a possible recession. The Dow Jones Industrial Average nosedived Oct. 19, 1987, when panicked selling cost investors 22.6 percent in one day of panicked selling. But do investors in 2007 need to be worried about another crash? Barron’s financial weekly’s cover asked that question on October 15: “Black Monday … Why Wall Street doesn’t think it can recur. Why Wall Street could be wrong.” “CBS Evening News” actually... continue reading
When does entertainment stop being entertainment and cross the line into propaganda? On ABC it's Tuesday nights at 10:00, when Boston Legal airs. ABC used its October 16 Boston Legal episode, “Do Tell,” to promote the homosexual agenda, with a story about a homosexual general suing the United States Army for discharging him on the basis of his sexual orientation. To deliver the politically correct message, the Boston Legal writers spoke through their characters as if they were ventriloquist's dummies. “Tolerant” characters had ample opportunity to expound on the discrimination gays face, as lawyer Alan Shore does for his “homophobic”... continue reading