The fastest growing Web site on the internet right now is a place called GodTube. It is the Christian alternative to YouTube, started by a student at Dallas Theological Seminary. And it is the perfect example of what can happen when an entrepreneurial spirit, combined with personal – and social – responsibility, makes a play for an Internet audience. In interviews with MSNBC and ABC's Nightline, Chris Wyatt, the seminary student behind the phenomenon, said he was seeking to reach the two million Americans who are searching for religious answers on line. He started GodTube in early 2007 after... continue reading
There will be a little more required to stop global warming than making “small changes to your daily routine,” as Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” Web site has suggested. One of the authors of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on Carbon Capture and Storage estimated the worldwide cost could run an astonishing $800 billion annually. Stanford University Energy and Environmental Sciences Professor Dr. Ken Caldeira said his 2005 IPCC Report estimated a cost of about $100 per ton of carbon (not just carbon dioxide) for carbon capture and storage costs in ideal locations. According to... continue reading
A big individual income tax hike is being pushed by Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel, chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, but economics reporter Edmund Andrews failed to capture the import in a slanted front-page business section story Thursday . "The House's leading Democratic tax writer will propose a sweeping overhaul of the tax code on Thursday that would increase taxes on many people with incomes above $200,000 but cut them for most others. "The bill, to be introduced by Representative Charles B. Rangel of New York, chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, would also overhaul corporate taxes... continue reading
Political spouse Elizabeth Edwards didn't exactly get the dismissive Jeri Thompson-" trophy wife " treatment from Times reporter Christine Hauser while on the campaign trail in Iowa. In a long, adoring profile, " Almost Stealing the Show But Selling Her Husband ," Hauser marveled: "At a recent campaign stop in Iowa, John Edwards spoke about the need for a political solution in Iraq and a withdrawal of American troops. Then he turned the microphone over to his wife, who was sitting in the audience. "'Elizabeth wants to say something,' Mr. Edwards said, at the stop in Washington, Iowa. "In a... continue reading
The Weekly Standard has a few Times-related items in its front-of-the-book feature " The Scrapbook ," including an amusing peek at the liberal myopia on display on the paper's new editorial page blog" The Board ." "Everyone who's been sadly putting down the New York Times editorial page thinking, 'That was great, but one page just isn't enough for me,' must be in clover now....Written by the 19 members of the paper's editorial board, who produce the short, unsigned opinion pieces that grace the paper's editorial page, the blog cleverly offers even more short, unsigned pieces of opinion writing. In... continue reading
There’s something else to blame on global warming – but this time it’s not what you would expect. No, it isn’t the California wildfires. It isn’t the suggested demise of the polar bear. It’s not even a weather-related phenomenon, like a hurricane. This time, we can thank global warming for an increase in food allergies. “[W]e're exposed to so much more,” NBC News Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman said on NBC’s October 25 “Today.” “Even global warming may play a role. New plants are moving into areas they weren't before, and this fall has been so warm. So, ragweeds... continue reading
In a political act loaded with cultural symbolism, Senator Hillary Clinton endorsed an effort to earmark a million taxpayer dollars for a museum in Bethel , New York celebrating the circus of 1969, the Woodstock music festival. Other senators smelled the pork and successfully voted to remove it. The tie-dyed, drug-soaked post-war babies that populated that muddy plain are now approaching Social Security age, and the aging hippies that made their way into the establishment want to imbue the notorious excesses of their youth with respectability. The New York Times said the Bethel complex would be “what Cooperstown is to... continue reading
GOP candidate Mitt Romney made a gaffe in Greenwood, S.C., when he mixed up Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden in a speech. The Times' Michael Luo had some fun with it: "Senator Barack Obama rallying a global terror movement? Mitt Romney might have still been a bit bleary-eyed on Tuesday morning when he twice confused Mr. Obama with Osama bin Laden when referring to the latter's new recorded message for jihadists to fight in Iraq." What Romney said: "I think that is a position which is not consistent with the fact. Actually, just look at what Osam, uh, Barack... continue reading
If you take the title of Paul Krugman’s latest book, “The Conscience of a Liberal” literally, you would find that a liberal’s conscience would not prevent him from portraying Southern whites as Republican pawns controlled by the ideological right. “It’s almost embarrassing. I talk a lot to political scientists, and you go through the numbers and the polls. And it all boils down – almost everything else goes away, except for five words: ‘Southern whites started voting Republican.’ The backlash against the civil rights movement explains almost everything that’s happened in this country for the past 45 years,” Krugman said... continue reading
With Halloween a week away, the media must count on everyone loving a good scare. Morning and evening, day after day, journalists frighten viewers with exaggeration, hyperbole and lack of context on business and economic issues. Just listen to them: With Halloween a week away, the media must count on everyone loving a good scare. Morning and evening, day after day, journalists frighten viewers with exaggeration, hyperbole and lack of context on business and economic issues. Just listen to them: On October 23, CNN’s Tom Foreman warned of a potential “century of fires just like we are seeing now” in... continue reading