The “meltdown in subprime mortgages,” “rising cost of oil” and “inflationary worries” have become catchphrases in negative media reports about the economy. After the Federal Reserve cut rates on October 31, journalists were at it again – ignoring positive economic news in favor of troubles. “On the broadcast tonight, the economy is our big story,” “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams said to begin the October 31 broadcast. “We’ll have the interest rate cut, oil prices are soaring, and still, what about housing?” It was the same woeful song on the October 31 “CBS Evening News.” “With the ailing housing... continue reading
The Times comes again to bury the religious right in David Kirkpatrick's 8,100-word cover story on Christian conservatives for the Sunday magazine. Reported from Wichita, Kansas, "End Times for Evangelicals?" declared the tide is out for the Christian conservative movement, as abortion and gay marriage are losing their potency and evangelicals are going green and pacifist. Kirkpatrick talked to several religious figures, most of whom conveniently repeat similar dissatisfactions with Bush and the war. An exception is fiery conservative preacher Terry Fox of Wichita, who Kirkpatrick called "the Jerry Falwell of the Sunflower State," mocking: "With flushed red cheeks and... continue reading
Sports reporter Karen Crouseprofiled Anucha Browne Sanders' upon her winning an $11.6 million judgment against New York Knicks coach and general manager Isiah Thomas for sexual harassment (" In Court of Public Opinion - Browne Sanders Inspires Many by Winning a Lawsuit "). Only among liberalsare lawsuits "inspiring." The times didn't wait a single sentence before dropping the name of Anita Hill, made a liberal icon when she accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment before his Congressional hearings for the Supreme Court nomination. "Since winning her sexual-harassment lawsuit against the men who run the Knicks, Anucha Browne Sanders has talked... continue reading
Reporter Michael Luo posted Sunday morning on " The Caucus " blog on his days at the recent Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the social conservative lobbying group Focus on the Family, where his Times credentials didn't exactly open doors of welcome. Caging for interviews, Luo discovered once again that not everyone loves the Times. "When I first met Mrs. Crowe, she had been wary after I identified myself as a reporter from The Times. She confessed her suspicions, saying she watched Bill O'Reilly and harbored serious reservations about The Times. I had, in fact, experienced this... continue reading
In the context of a national debate about Portland, Maine distributing birth control pills to middle school students without informing parents, a Nov. 1 AP article, “ Poll: Most OK birth control for schools,” implies that the majority of the public support the Portland policy. Is this a sign that the public is elevating the sexual revolution above parental rights? Not necessarily. A first glance at the headline could lead to heart failure in any self-respecting culture warrior, but buried within the article are the contrary facts. The article acknowledges in its fourth paragraph that most people who support schools... continue reading
Investing in the stock market is fine if you’re putting money into it, but when you’re profit-taking – that’s when CBS will come after you. Angelo Mozilo, CEO of Countrywide (NYSE: CFC), decided to sell some of the stock he owns in the company he co-founded 40 years ago and what is now the nation's largest mortgage lender – part of a prearranged measure known as a 10b5-1 trading plan. That drew the ire of some liberal pro-union groups and CBS’s Anthony Mason. “William Patterson is leading a shareholder revolt against Mozilo,” Mason said on the October 30 “Evening News.”... continue reading
“Green is the new black,” according to the media. But businesses are finding it’s an easy way to put themselves in the red. FedEx (NYSE: FDX) planned to switch to hybrid trucks until huge costs got in the way, and companies like PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP) and Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT) could face problems of their own making from support of more government regulation. Still, plenty of companies are trying to “go green.” Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT ) plans to retrofit stores with skylights and has already switched store lighting to compact fluorescents and replaced freezer cases in some stores with ones that... continue reading
In a post today, Dean Barnett of The Weekly Standard criticized the Times for ignoring the improving news out of Iraq and declared: "In the face of media indifference, the facts on the ground in Iraq have changed dramatically and for the better. The deaths of Iraqi civilians over the past two months have declined precipitously. Before the surge and its accompanying change in tactics took effect, often 3,000 Iraqis would die violent deaths in a month, directly victimized by the sectarian violence. In September, that number dropped below 900. In October, the plunge continued to below 700, the lowest... continue reading
For maybe the first time, the Times noticed a moderator of a presidential debate being tough on a candidate - and it just happened to be the leading Democrat, Sen. Hillary Clinton. At the latest Democratic debate, held at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Adam Nagourney and Elisabeth Bumiller were so taken back by the questioning of MSNBC moderators Tim Russert and Brian Williams that they mentioned it three times (one reference was removed from the final online version). That's not something the Times picked up on when debate moderator Chris Matthews badgered the GOP . "Mrs. Clinton walked into the... continue reading
The future of the news industry is made up of unions and liberal media experts. At least, that was how “The Future of News Industry Jobs” was presented at one of the nation’s foremost journalism schools. When it came to discussing the business of news, the panel was packed with everything from a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate to anti-corporate think tankers and the founding CEO of Air America . The future of the news industry is made up of unions and liberal media experts. At least, that was how “The Future of News Industry Jobs” was presented at one of... continue reading