During Journalistic Lovefest on CNN, 'Queen of England' Christiane Amanpour Swears She's Objective

Former CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour appeared on Wednesday's Piers Morgan show and was praised as being like "the queen of England" and "Beyonce." The Piers Morgan Tonight host also allowed ...

NBC's Lauer Asks if Voters Have 'Buyer's Remorse' on GOP Governors, No Mention of Obama's Sagging Poll Numbers

Talking to former Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw on Thursday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer touted low approval ratings for some newly elected Republican governors and theorized: "They went into ...

'Fiscal Conservatism...Comes With Its Own Costs,' Times Warns Indiana

Michael Powell and Monica Davey urge readers to look behind the curtain of Indiana's economic health: "The state also serves as a case study of the often large tradeoffs required to balance the ...

ABC: Supreme Court Decision Gives Wal-Mart Ability to 'Crush' Women 'One at a Time'

'World News' slants report against retailer with voices 4-to-1 against court ruling in class-action gender discrimination lawsuit.

In South Africa, Michelle Obama's Very Presence Raises Hopes and Opinion of America

Celia Dugger: "The prickly ambivalence that South Africans often show toward the United States, which is often perceived here as an overbearing superpower, seems to have been suspended for Mrs. ...

NBC Touts 'Sober' Obama 'Fulfilling His Promise' of Troop Withdrawal in Afghanistan

On Thursday's NBC Today, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd recited Obama administration spin as he gave a fully positive assessment of the President's Wednesday announcement of an ...

Hollywood Celebrities Perform Fake PSA Encouraging Casual Sex Facebook Status

"Friends with Benefits" movie stars petition Facebook to adopt film title as legitimate relationship status

Friedman Goes Sarcastic on Rush's Climate Skepticism, Confesses to Obama Vote; Anti-Obama Jews Full of 'Crap'

Friedman also said American Jews calling Obama anti-Israel is "pure crap," on a lively edition of Charlie Rose.

No Lefty Label for Rep. Dennis Kucinich, But Republicans Are 'Conservative'?

Reporter Jennifer Steinhauer: "But the disagreements over Libya have made for some odd bedfellows, including antiwar lawmakers like Mr. Kucinich and right-of-center representatives, as well as ...

Chris Matthews Slams 'Evil' Rush Limbaugh for Spreading Climate Change 'Lies'

A frothing Chris Matthews on Wednesday excoriated Rush Limbaugh as "evil" for spreading "lies" about global warming.