Why do Big Media feel compelled to turn to atheists every time a Christian mentions the word “pray?” The latest example of atheist “balance” came from Good Morning America first thing in the morning on November 13. The story was supposedly about Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue calling on Georgians to pray for rain. The state has been hard hit by a drought and the Governor, a Baptist, who has passed laws on water restriction, has asked the people of his state to come together to pray. Keep in mind Georgia is in the heart of the Bible Belt and praying... continue reading
The Hillary Clinton juggernaut likes to try and run over every new threat, especially the ones they can call “old news.” Every new book on her life, personal and political, is dismissed as “old news” – unless the person retelling and reshaping the “old news” is Hillary. Her recounting of her life is minty-fresh. Every other book smells like a reopened casket. Whenever – if ever – authors of Hillary books are introduced by the national media, the tone of the interviews focuses in on Hillary's talking point: “Why should anyone care?” From the start, the message is that these... continue reading
We're up to our eyeballs in debt. And, with Christmas coming, it's only going to get worse. Personal debt. Mortgage debt. “We call it the American nightmare,” homeowner Amy Wood told ABC “World News with Charles Gibson” about housing problems. That phrase sums up more than nine months of network coverage of debt – much of it related to continuing mortgage concerns. Reporters label lenders “unscrupulous,” “deceptive,” and “abusive” and say they “lured” borrowers to financial ruin. Loans receive the same treatment, called “risky,” “bad” and even “toxic.” Lenders and related companies are blamed for borrowers' debt troubles six times... continue reading
Another day, another weak dollar story. CBS Business Correspondent Anthony Mason gave viewers a one-sided report about what the weak dollar means to the U.S. economy on the November 12 “The Early Show.” “[T]he weak dollar is really wreaking havoc on investor confidence and in many ways, the impact is just beginning to be felt,” Mason said. “The dollar, once the gold standard of currencies, is falling hard and fast around the world. At $1.46, the euro is up nearly 12 percent against the greenback. The yen traded at $110.38 per dollar, an 18-month high. And for the first time... continue reading
Times Watch wasn't the only outlet to pick up on David Brooks' stealth debunking of fellow columnist (and Republican-hater) Paul Krugman's accusation that racist motives led to Ronald Reagan's decision to begin his successful 1980 campaign for president in Philadelphia, Miss., where three civil rights workers had been slain in 1964. Here's an excerpt from Timothy Noah's post on Slate Friday night, "Decoding David Brooks." "There is an unwritten rule at the New York Times that forbids its op-ed columnists to attack one another in print. It's a holdover from a much stuffier era in the paper's history, and one... continue reading
Since Times Watch criticized the Times for initially ignoring the story of Lt. Michael Murphy, the Navy Seal awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor by President Bush for heroism in Afghanistan, it's only fair to note that Sunday's Regional section led with a nice piece on Murphy. Reporter Michael Winerip interviewed Murphy's parents in Riverhead, N.Y. for " Recognizing The Honor Of a Son ." "The Murphys liked that the news reports didn't just focus on Michael the soldier; they also described, as Mr. Murphy put it, 'what a good boy, what a good young man, what a good adult... continue reading
Talk about a contradiction. Maria Bartiromo, described by The Wall Street Journal as “the face of CNBC,” delivered a worried report about the U.S. economy and the possibility of recession on NBC’s “Today,” before stating that she thinks a recession will not happen. Talk about a contradiction. Maria Bartiromo, described by The Wall Street Journal as “the face of CNBC,” delivered a worried report about the U.S. economy and the possibility of recession on NBC’s “Today,” before stating that she thinks a recession will not happen. “Today” co-host Meredith Vieira asked Bartiromo on November 12 if she “believe[s] we are... continue reading
To CNN any stick is good enough to beat the President, even a wounded soldier's crutch. During the 5 pm hour on Veteran's Day, CNN Newsroom shamelessly exploited the holiday to take some cheap shots at the Bush administration and even the nation. As CNN reporter Josh Levs put it, “Veterans Day. Each year it's about gratitude and patriotism. But this year it's also about overcoming a national shame.” Newsroom anchor Fredricka Whitfield presented a few brief clips of President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell honoring veterans alive and fallen. Whitfield devoted far more... continue reading
America 's veterans got their due from two of the networks that didn't have their prime time news programming pre-empted by sports on Sunday, Veteran's Day 2007. NBC and Fox News both carried segments honoring America 's military without politicizing the issue. NBC Nightly News Veteran's Day coverage included a rundown by anchor Lester Holt of President Bush's speech to a veteran's group in Texas, footage of Vice President Cheney laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and coverage of the keynote speech given by former Secretary of State Colin Powell at the ceremony commemorating the 25... continue reading
Sports columnist Harvey Araton turned in a nauseatinglypolitically correctcolumn Friday, " Turning the Page Amid Inequity In News Coverage ." Araton used the beginning of college basketball season ashis jumping-off point, talking about sexism with the coach of the Rutgers women's basketball team, whose team was the butt of radio host Don Imus's infamous "nappy-headed ho's" comment. He then pivoted to attack the media in general for sexism. "Welcome to the 21st century, somehow less progressive than the promising conclusion of the 20th. "Think not? Then let's sample the names in the more prominent sports headlines involving women since Rutgers... continue reading