Chris Matthews Slams 'Older White People' for Still Having a 'Problem' with Obama

Appearing on MSNBC, Monday, to promote his new special on Barack Obama, Chris Matthews attacked "older white people" for still holding bigoted feelings against the first African American President.

Reporters Defend Paper's Coverage of Tucson Shootings, Denies NYT Blamed the Right Wing

Who blamed conservatives? Not us: "Commentators on the right were quick to condemn their perennial adversaries, including The New York Times, for drawing a cause-and-effect relationship between ...

Health Care Cost Estimates Challenged, But Media Skip Criticism of 'Non-Partisan' Agency

Congressional Budget Office figures challenged only 16 percent of the time, despite former CBO director's claims of 'Garbage In, Garbage Out' accounting.

Matt Bai Reruns Myth of Max Cleland, Republican Smear Victim

In an article on the Tucson shootings, reporter Matt Bai falsely attacks Republicans for questioning Democratic Sen. Max Cleland in a 2002 campaign ad: "...any sense of common purpose had more or ...

A Week After Tucson, Times Still Sees 'Right Wing' Ideas From Loughner

The Times twice attributed Loughner's nutty views to "right-wing extremist groups" - yet failed to call his 9-11 Truth beliefs or loathing of President Bush leftist or liberal.

Washington Post Hypes Anti-Giffords Vitriol in Arizona, Blurs Over Liberal Death Threat

Nine days after the Tucson shooting, the front page of The Washington Post kept relentlessly recycling the debunked view that "vitriol" was the real cause of Jared Loughner's Safeway shooting spree.

CBS's Erica Hill on Reagan: 'Could He Have Had Dementia' While in Office?

On Monday's CBS Early Show, after reporting claims from Ron Reagan Jr. that President Ronald Reagan may have had Alzheimer's Disease while in office, co-host Erica Hill asked other son Michael ...

Twice in 24 Hours, ABC IDs Michael Reagan as 'Conservative,' Ignores Ron Jr Being a Liberal

For the second time in less than 24 hours, ABC identified Michael Reagan as a "conservative," but failed to identify the left-wing ideology of Ron Reagan Jr. Monday's Good Morning America played ...

ABC's Muir Tags Michael Reagan as 'Conservative' But Skips Ron Jr's Ideology

Picking up on "a family feud" fueled by a decision by ABC News to promote Ron Reagan Jr's new book in which he insists his father displayed symptoms of Alzheimer's while in his first presidential ...

Bizarrely, Maher Blames Tucson Shooting On...Lack of ObamaCare

On the season premiere of his HBO show, Bill Maher offered a bizarre explanation for why Jared Lee Loughner was able to commit mass murder: "Because we don't have government health care, that's ...