Frank Rich's latest Sunday column, " The Coup at Home ," was for a couple of days the 1# most emailed Times story, and one can easily see why it would be catnip to the Times' liberal readership. Rich made unhinged comparisons of Pakistan dictator Pervez Musharraf to President George W. Bush and accused Republican presidential candidates of "running for dictator." "But there's another moral to draw from the Musharraf story, and it has to do with domestic policy, not foreign. The Pakistan mess, as The New York Times editorial page aptly named it , is not just another blot... continue reading
The Times is still jabbing at Giuliani. From the front page of the Times to Drudge comes Wednesday's " Ex-Publisher's Suit Plays a Giuliani-Kerik Angle ," the story of fallen book publisher Judith Regan , whose imprint, ReganBooks, was under the wing of HarperCollins (owned by the News Corporation, creators of liberal bugbear Fox News). Regan, who had an affair with beleaguered former NYC police commissioner Bernard Kerik, was fired last December for allegedly making anti-Semitic remarks during a phone call. Reporter Russ Buettner explained: "Judith Regan, the former book publisher, says in a lawsuit filed yesterday protesting her dismissal... continue reading
National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” was one of few outlets to report that the cost of $100 oil hasn’t had the effect on the economy that many people expected, “at least not yet,” cautioned host Steve Inskeep November 12. In the first of a weeklong series on oil prices, reporter Jim Zarroli told NPR listeners what was supposed to happen saying, “Time and again, economists from Alan Greenspan on down have warned that oil prices are inflationary … Interest rates go up, borrowing becomes more difficult, and growth slows.” But, Zarroli also pointed out the unique trend that gets little... continue reading
In a recent CBN News report by Melissa Charbonneau on the Fairness Doctrine, jaws dropped across the conservative-Christian segment of America when she reported a remark by liberal talker Bill Press: Liberals, such as radio host Bill Press, say it's only fair for government to rein in right-wing broadcasters who dominate the airwaves licensed by the government.: “Conservatives rule talk radio,” Press said. “Conservatives have their own powerful television network: the only one, the most powerful in the country, the most watched. Liberals have none. Conservatives rule the op-ed pages of all the newspapers.” I was invited in to discuss... continue reading
When was the last time you saw two-year-old meat in your grocer’s fridge? CBS “Early Show” correspondent Chip Reid used hamburger meat dated Nov. 26, 2005, to suggest consumers could be hoodwinked by meat packagers that use carbon monoxide in what is known as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP-CO). “This meat is almost two years old, and it’s still red,” Reid said on the November 13 show. It wasn’t clear where Reid obtained two-year-old hamburger meat, and he didn’t bother to consider whether that was an abnormal situation. He also didn’t explain that the use of carbon monoxide in packaging has... continue reading
Ding ding! It's Round 3 in what's become a tag-team match-up of center-right Times columnist David Brooks against left-wing columnistsPaul Krugman and Bob Herbert. The contest? Whether Ronald Reagan was making a racist appeal when he began his successful 1980 presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Miss., where three civil rights workers were slain in 1964. On Friday, Brooks argued no : "Today, I'm going to write about a slur. It's a distortion that's been around for a while, but has spread like a weed over the past few months. It was concocted for partisan reasons: to flatter the prejudices of one... continue reading
Even when Wal-Mart submits to liberal pressure on providing more health care to its workers, the "retailing behemoth" is still damned with faint praise by the Times hostile reporter Michael Barbaro, as is evident in Tuesday's front-page story from business reporters Michael Barbaro and Reed Abelson, " A Health Plan For Wal-Mart: Less Stinginess ." Business reporter Barbaro has been hostile toward Wal-Mart for years, and now sounds vindicated by the news of Wal-Mart's health care overhaul. " For much of the last decade, the retailing behemoth Wal-Mart stores has been associated with stingy health care as much as low... continue reading
Imagine what you could do with an extra $400 or $500 a year – save for retirement, fill your gasoline tank several extra times or buy a plane ticket for vacation. Now multiply that amount by every member in your immediate family. It could add up to a lot of extra money. But not so fast. A bill introduced in the Senate by Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and John Warner (R-Va.) would require companies to scale back greenhouse-gas emissions to 2005 levels by 2012 and 1990 levels by 2020 – and that bill would come with a hefty price tag... continue reading
Eduardo Porter, an economics reporter now on the Times editorial board, submits a signed editorial to the Times' Monday readership, and it's a doozy. Porter's " All They Are Saying Is Give Happiness a Chance ," reads like a serious plea for the federal government to regulate the pursuit of happiness - as if there aren't about 300 million definitions of it in the United States alone. "The framers of the Declaration of Independence evidently believed that happiness could be achieved, putting its pursuit up there alongside the unalienable rights to life and liberty. Though governments since then have seen... continue reading
You wouldn’t know it from the gloomy media coverage, but the stock market is up for the year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA) is up a little over 5 percent for the year, but its volatility has been something of a distraction. But Suze Orman, host of CNBC’s “The Suze Orman Show,” told viewers on NBC’s November 13 “Today” that if you’re investing for retirement, a lower stock market is exactly what you want. “If we just simply look first of all at the stock market, and I know it's been going down and down lately,” Orman said... continue reading