It is a rare edition of CNN’s “Your $$$$$” that does not hint at or mention recession. The November 17 edition featured a graphic titled “RECESSION WATCH” with a quote from guest Britt Beemer, chairman of America’s Research Group: “If the consumer doesn’t shop at Christmas time it would signal to Wall Street that we are in a recession.” “We really have the perfect retail storm right now,” Beemer said. “Never in the history of retailing have we seen higher food, higher fuel [costs] and we got 27 percent of consumers complain that their property taxes of home ownership have... continue reading
CNN’s “American Morning” anchor John Roberts referred to high gas prices as “highway robbery” as they “[jumped] up over last year’s holiday drive.” Reporter Alina Cho also warned that “Experts said we could be looking at $4 a gallon gas as early as the spring” on the November 19 show. But the people on the street CNN interviewed didn’t seem to agree completely with the grim picture “American Morning” painted. One woman said she was more concerned about global warming and welcomed the new gas prices because they would push drivers to not drive as much. Another man described himself... continue reading
In a possible sign of coverage to come, Marc Santora's Monday piece from New Hampshire, " McCain Takes on Clinton, With an Eye to Civility ," provided a pat on the back to Sen. John McCain for his refusal to engage leading Democratic candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton onissues of scandal and secrecy - or as the Times might put it, "harsh attacks." "Senator John McCain tried Sunday night to make the case that he was best positioned to defeat Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in a general election, outlining a series of contrasts with her on issues including national security and... continue reading
When it comes to Iraq, reporter David Herszenhorn has a strange idea of whose judgment to trust, at least judging by Monday's update on the Democratic-controlled Congress's flustered anti-war maneuverings, " Failing to Win War Votes, Democrats Say They Won't Back Down ." After sketching out Democratic frustration, Herszenhorn concluded with a brief side-glance of areference to the clear decline of casualties in Iraq: "Senator John Ensign, Republican of Nevada, echoed his party's contention that Congress should not interfere with the making of progress in Iraq . 'The American people, I think, would rather have General Petraeus running the war... continue reading
Say “Britney Spears” or “Lindsay Lohan” and the word “prayer” probably isn't the first thing that pops into your mind. But that's exactly what's on the mind of more than 5,000 members of the Hollywood Prayer Network. The November 17 broadcast of ABC's Good Morning America featured the Hollywood Prayer Network, a group consisting of over 5,000 Christians who hope to “reach those who influence millions” through prayer and gifts of Bibles. Members pray specifically for troubled celebrities – like Spears and Lohan - hoping that if God can transform their lives, then those celebrities will share the message with... continue reading
Never underestimate the power of a grassroots effort. Last week the producers of the movie Bella , a small-budget independent movie, with a decidedly pro-life theme, launched an e-mail campaign to encourage people to get to the theatre to see the movie. Even if they'd already seen it. The reason? Box office numbers needed to be high enough to ensure that the movie's distributor would keep the film in theatres over Thanksgiving weekend, traditionally the biggest movie weekend of the year. It appears the efforts were successful. The movie's producers say Bella will be in theatres for the Thanksgiving weekend... continue reading
So what’s another $1 trillion as long as it’s for a good cause? Apparently not much according to Woody Tasch, the chairman of Investors’ Circle, a company that describes itself as a “community of for-profit social entrepreneurs.” Tasch called for $1 trillion taxpayers’ dollars to “invest” “in a new American Dream.” His socialist call for spending on clean energy, sustainable food and other liberal causes ran in The Christian Science Monitor on November 15. “ Economists project that the cost of the war in Iraq , when all is said and done, will come in at $1 trillion or more,”... continue reading
One Los Angeles councilwoman wants to take a bite out of obesity by blocking fast food restaurants. CNN served up its November 16 report on the food fight with extra relish calling it “a good first step.” One Los Angeles councilwoman wants to take a bite out of obesity by blocking fast food restaurants. CNN served up its November 16 report on the food fight with extra relish calling it “a good first step.” “American Morning” co-host John Roberts introduced Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s “Fit Nation” segment about “a Los Angeles community that’s taking zoning to a healthier level.” Gupta’s segment... continue reading
Indicted slugger Barry Bonds has a choice to make. He can continue along the low road, or move up to the high road. The low road is the path blazed by our disgraced former president, Bill Clinton. Nobody ever accused Clinton of using steroids (Viagra isn't a steroid, is it?) But Clinton faced the very same legal charges now faced by Bonds – perjury and obstruction of justice. After the infamous stained blue dress proved beyond doubt that Clinton had lied under oath to a grand jury, he should have admitted guilt and resigned. Instead, Bill Clinton chose to place... continue reading
At Colonial Williamsburg, two approaches to history were in sharp relief this past Veterans Day weekend. In the restored old colonial capital on a bright, sunny afternoon, a revolutionary fife and drum corps marched, as is their custom, down the leaf-strewn street. But this time, they had a brace of continental soldiers behind them, followed by about 125 men of varying ages in modern clothes, many wearing VFW hats, American Legion regalia and medals. As the real-life vets approached the courthouse field for a ceremony with “George Washington,” onlookers began to applaud. Some yelled out, “Thank you!” to the men... continue reading