The “Hannah Montana Scandal” – sounds like something you might see in a supermarket tabloid, right? No, it’s just that CBS “Early Show” co-host Hannah Storm isn’t able to get cheap tickets for her daughters to a Hannah Montana concert. Despite having a successful career spanning nearly 20 years as a TV journalist, Storm gave her best shot at making an emotional plea for Hannah Montana concert tickets because the $200 price tag the free market dictates for the tickets is just too high. “They’re dying to go to the concert,” Storm said of her children (including one named Hannah)... continue reading
Bitterness still resonates with former “CBS Evening News” anchor Dan Rather after his 2004 election Bush National Guard failure and his eventual 2006 departure. Rather, now employed by HDNet – a television network described as a “high-definition” network – faulted corporate influences and the lack of public awareness for the current media climate that led to his downfall at a media session November 26. (Click here for audio.) “The biggest thing is that you need public support for the view that big government and these huge corporations are intruding too many times – not everywhere, not all the time, too... continue reading
Good Morning America host Diane Sawyer apparently has a significant problem with 2008 GOP contender Mike Huckabee's new ad that identifies the candidate as a "Christian leader." On Tuesday's program, Sawyer fretted over whether " we crossed a line here" and asked guest Newt Gingrich if the campaign spot is "just too heavy-handed about specific denominations?" The GMA host also speculated that Huckabee might be playing the "religion card." Sawyer simply couldn't let go of the "Christian leader" phrase, which appeared in an onscreen graphic of a new ad for the Arkansas Governor. After playing a clip of the spot,... continue reading
It was supposed to be a kickoff to a lackluster holiday season. The day after Thanksgiving, known as “Black Friday,” showed that might not be the case. Sales jumped 7.2 percent for Friday and Saturday combined – a total increase of $16.4 billion. Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year and according to Bloomberg, it was important because it could serve as an indicator to show how the rest of the holiday shopping season will go. And, a successful holiday shopping season will determine whether or not if some retailers are profitable for the year. But not... continue reading
Is the economy sinking under President Bush? That's the indelible image taken from Peter Goodman's Sunday Week in Review cover story, " Trying to Guess What Happens Next ." WhileGoodman's actual article displayed pessimism about the U.S. economy after years of foreign-financed easy money, the accompanying graphic communicated starkly the feeling the Times wanted to convey - a fearful, sinking feeling among U.S. consumers (and November voters). The top half of the page was dominated by white space, with the big red word "RECE$$ION" sinking below the horizon. Is there a single economist who thinks the U.S. economy, with inflation... continue reading
What gives? On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, some among the Times' liberal readership no doubt got early indigestion from the paper's front-page headline, " Baghdad Starts to Exhale as Security Improves ." This Sunday reporter Patrick Healy took the domestic political angle, looking at how the current success on the ground in Iraq is playing among the Democrats running for president, in " As Democrats See Iraq Gains, A Shift in Tone - Domestic Issues Given a Heavier Emphasis ." "As violence declines in Baghdad, the leading Democratic presidential candidates are undertaking a new and challenging balancing act on Iraq:... continue reading
Thanksgiving air travel went well; in fact it went so well it prompted CNN anchor Rob Marciano to exclaim, “Maybe the media sufficiently scared everybody.” CNN’s “American Morning” and NBC’s “Nightly News” reported the good news on Thanksgiving air travel, with CNN’s Kiran Chetry saying it “wasn’t so bad” and NBC’s Amy Robach calling it a “relatively easy experience.” But both broadcasts forgot the most important detail: Military air space opened up by President Bush along the East Coast. ABC’s “World News Sunday,” gave credit where credit was due though – but left out a key point. “Those express lanes,... continue reading
The irony is delectable, almost as delectable as Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings. On the day before millions of Americans gathered to give thanks to God for their blessings, the online version of TIME magazine published an article spotlighting a “Sunday School” for atheists. And the story treats Christianity and belief in God like a turkey carcass. The bias started in the first paragraph: “On Sunday mornings, most parents who don't believe in the Christian God, or any god at all, are probably making brunch or cheering at their kids' soccer game, or running errands or, with luck, sleeping... continue reading
Selena's Sickening Standards: Slime Innocent Duke Players, Weep for Guilty Vick As columnist Selena Roberts reportedly leaves the Times to write for Sports Illustrated, her execrable treatment of the Duke lacrosse team should not be forgotten. Three players were falsely accused of raping a stripper, a hoax Roberts not only fully embraced but used to tar the entire athletic department as a racist, woman-hating bastion of white privilege. Her most notorious column, " Closing a Case Will Not Mean Closure at Duke ," came on March 25, 2007, long after the case had been shown to be faulty and just... continue reading
The discovery was called “the holy grail” and equated with the Wright Brothers' first successful flight, but that wasn't good enough to lead the November 20 World News with Charles Gibso n broadcast. The news that researchers had created embryonic-like stem cells without the use of embryos was buried half-way into the broadcast and even the tease for the story was last on the list at the top of the news. Unlike ABC, both CBS and NBC led their newscasts with the stem cell breakthrough story. Granted, ABC's anchor Charlie Gibson was at Camp David with the President and Mrs... continue reading