Do you want to be “green cool”? It’ll cost you. Time magazine’s global warming advocacy journalist Bryan Walsh wrote about Joe Harberg, “an energy-efficiency guru” who runs a business auditing people’s energy use and selling them “efficient” solutions to “save money at home.” According to Walsh’s article Harberg said, “It’s an art to figure out how to save money at home. We do the work.” Harberg launched his business, Current Energy, in 2005. So how did Time suggest saving all that money by being energy efficient? By spending $514 on products from Harberg’s retail store, like energy consumption monitors and... continue reading
Need more evidence the old-time mainstream media are becoming relics? New York ’s senior Democratic senator, Charles Schumer, told an audience the evolution of the modern Democratic Party and its success with young voters can be traced to the party’s adaptations to the death of older news sources like the national news and weekly news magazines. [Click Here For Audio] “Politics has become more accessible to young people,” Schumer said. “They didn’t really get into TV news the way my generation did. You know, when I was younger, the national news was sort of the national living room. That is... continue reading
Welcome to the Twilight Zone. Fresh off of Bianna Golodryga’s “tidbits of good news” on ABC’s “Good Morning America” February 27, NBC “Today” show contributor Erin Burnett found her own economic “silver lining” February 29. “Keep in mind that we did look around for a silver lining, if there was one, to the surge that we’re seeing in prices for oil that will cause record prices at the pump,” Burnett said following a report on a “surge” in oil and other commodity prices. “And that is: some companies are hiring.” “Companies that do anything related to oil, Natalie, they’re hiring,”... continue reading
Has America become a police state? Just read these ominous words spoken by Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News Feb. 28: “Back in this country, a shocking new number released today and it deserves our undivided attention. One out of every 100 Americans is behind bars, locked up in prison or in jail.” ABC, NBC and CBS all covered the newly released study by the Pew Center on the States, “One in 100: Behind Bars in America 2008.” The Pew report finds that the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world. All three networks parroted one or more... continue reading
ABC reporter Dan Harris introduced the helpful term “moral hazard” into the lexicon of reporting on the brewing bailout controversy, whether the government should help people defaulting on their mortgages. According to Harris, economists “use a term called 'moral hazard,' which you will probably be hearing a lot. It means that if the government rescues people when they make risky investments, that creates the incentive to take even more risks.” On the February 28 World News with Charles Gibson, Harris set up the use of the term by showcasing a talk radio host in Boston taking a call from a... continue reading
What can parents do to draw their kids away from computers, video games and cell phones? On the February 29 broadcast of NBC's Today Show , co-hosts Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira suggested throwing an old-fashioned family night. You know, the kind where the entire family sits in the same room, watches the same movie, or reads together, or plays a game that involves interaction with real, live people. Lauer and Vieira spoke with a panel of experts to give parents ideas on how to turn Friday nights into family nights. Most of the ideas were low-cost (likely to be... continue reading
Before 7:21 this morning viewers of Good Morning America were treated to almost two minutes of naked and nearly naked women, included five seconds of Paris Hilton writhing around in a low-cut bathing suit and washing herself with a giant sponge. All of this was done under the guise of asking whether Victoria 's Secret, the lingerie chain, has become “too sexy for its own good.” The question is actually being asked by Victoria 's Secret CEO Sharan Turney, who reportedly told investors the company has “gotten so much off our heritage.” In reporting the story, ABC's Andrea Canning gratuitously... continue reading
One day, Jim Cramer is playing cheerleader for the U.S. economy, the next he is playing cheerleader for the Democratic presidential candidates, Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Cramer, whose position on the American economy seems to switch directions as often as the wind, came out on February 28 in an interview on MSNBC with Norah O’Donnell and said Obama was right when he preaches doom and gloom about the American economy. “[I]’m crazy but I made a lot of money in the game,” Cramer said. “So, maybe I know what I’m talking about unlike these other guys. Here’s the... continue reading
Guess what – the sky isn’t falling, it’s just coming to a “near” fall. Over the past couple a months, the Associated Press has filed many reports about the prospects of recession and the effects that just the scare of a recession has had on various sectors. Well, on February 28 AP reported the economy has nearly “skidded” to a stop. “The economy skidded to a near halt in the final quarter of last year, clobbered by dual slumps in housing and credit that caused people and businesses to spend and invest more sparingly,” the story said. “The Commerce Department... continue reading
John Broder and Elisabeth Bumiller teamed up for Thursday morning's " McCain and Obama Trade Jabs on Al Qaeda in Iraq ." In a replay of a Times attack from yesterday , thepaper criticized a conservative group's use of Barack Obama's middle name and tried to goad John McCain into another apology. Meanwhile, Tennessee Republican officials defended a press release issued Monday that said Mr. Obama was anti-Israel and was supported by anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan, founder of the Nation of Islam. The release uses Mr. Obama's middle name, Hussein, and includes the widely distributed photo of Mr. Obama in... continue reading