Editor’s Note: Inappropriate language below. She’s rumored to be a comedian, but her real-life views sure aren’t funny. Comedienne Roseanne Barr appeared on HuffPost Live on April 17 to talk about her upcoming documentary Roseanne for President! , detailing her 2012 presidential candidacy. After a nudge by host Josh Zepps , Barr said that a woman aborting her unborn child is “nobody’s goddamn business” – and called for the end to “this bullsh*t war” on abortion. The Huffington Post’s Josh Zepps (also an NBC Today contributor) introduced Barr as “one of the most influential comics alive” before asking Barr about... continue reading
Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, on his upcoming birthday, April 27, according to the Walk of Fame’s official website . Conservative actors Dean Cain and Jon Voight, and talk show host Dennis Prager will help emcee the event. Variety and reported the story initially last Spring when Elder was chosen to be a recipient. At the time Elder joked , “Maybe they got me mixed up with Samuel L. Jackson.” Elder was the only nominee from the radio category elected at the time, Variety reported. Elder is best... continue reading
It’s time for pro-lifers to go on the offense, or so Sen. Rand Paul suggests. On April 16, Sen. Paul (R-Ky.) addressed the pro-life movement at Susan B. Anthony Campaign for Life Summit in Washington, D.C. Referencing his back-and-forth with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), the 2016 presidential candidate stressed that the pro-life movement must ask the other side, “When does life begin?” That question, he suggested, will keep the media from placing pro-lifers “neatly” in “box.” From the beginning, Paul spoke about his work in the neonatal nursery as a physician in ophthalmology. “I see these little babies... continue reading
Rand Paul has started his run for President in 2016, challenging the Democrats false “war on women” mantra that followed the GOP during the 2012 election. At the Susan B. Anthony List Summit April 16, Paul called out the media for not questioning Clinton and other Democrats on their abortion views, like they do with GOP candidates. In particular, he called out the media for not reporting on Hillary Clinton’s financial ties with countries with anti-women policies. Although Clinton has projected herself as a women’s rights candidate, her money trail proves otherwise, Paul asserted, and it remains to be seen... continue reading
It wasn’t just children who were running fevers after the recent measles outbreak at Disneyland. California parents and lawmakers’ temperatures were also rising over the subject of vaccination legislation. On April 16, CBS This Morning reported that vaccination opponents lashed out at California State Senator Richard Pan, a democrat, for sponsoring SB–277 ; a bill which would eliminate individual religious vaccine exemptions. Pan, who is also a pediatrician, and his staff confirmed to CBS that vaccination opponents sent him threatening emails. Someone on Facebook even made a Holocaust comparison. “Some of the opposition has unfortunately decided to engage in hate... continue reading
On Tuesday’s Washington D.C. ESPN 980’s “The Tony Kornheiser Show,” host and Obama golfing buddy Tony Kornheiser let fly with an inferno of silly in reaction to Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) announcement that he intends to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. He referenced a Father’s Day 2014 article Rubio wrote for The Daily Caller on why American families need strong fathers. In it, Rubio shared a touching story about how, when he was 8 years old, his father used to call him on the phone and pretend to be Hall of Fame Dolphins coach Don Shula, reminding... continue reading
Ferguson the play’s focus was almost as dark as the walls surrounding the stage: the media’s twisted narrative. On April 15, Washington D.C. hosted the first public reading of excerpts from Ferguson play on April 15 in a dramatization of the Michael Brown shooting. The Atlas Performing Arts Center performance starred D.C. lawyers as Grand Jury attorneys, and debunked the media’s “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative. There wouldn’t be a need for the play, writer Phelim McAleer announced at the event, “if journalists had done their job.” Written by filmmaker Phelim McAleer, Ferguson draws from grand-jury witness testimony. The full... continue reading
A sneak peek of the play that will “show the truth the mainstream media is trying to hide” about the fatal Michael Brown shooting is coming to D.C. Washington D.C. will host the first public reading of excerpts from Phelim McAleer’s Ferguson play on April 15 in a dramatization of the Michael Brown shooting. And invite-only event, the performance takes place at the Atlas Performing Arts Center on H Street and stars D.C. lawyers as Grand Jury attorneys. Written by documentary filmmaker Phelim McAleer staged by director Nick DeGruccio, Ferguson draws from grand-jury witness testimony to reveal the truth about... continue reading
Sen. Rand Paul’s abortion question is beginning to haunt Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz – thanks to some in the media. During a CNN interview on April 14, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) refused to cite any acceptable restrictions on abortion – and deemed the decision to abort a 7-pound baby a “personal liberty.” The abortion question continued to follow her during a Fox interview where she couldn’t pick a “specific date and time” for when life begins. The issue arose when a New Hampshire journalist asked Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) about his stance on abortion April 8. The 2016... continue reading
Actor Jonathon Banks of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul appeared as a guest on Olbermann on ESPN2. As always, the host was ready with the question nobody’s asking: what does Banks think of the Red Skins mascot. According to Banks, if the name offends, the Redskins should change their name. “It’s not a big deal,” said the Hollywood actor with neither emotional nor actual capital invested in the Skins. “It’s just not a big deal. I have friends that are American Indians, these two in the west that they’re my age and they went, ‘I always rooted for them... continue reading