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Bankruptcies, corporate misdeeds and a tumbling stock market have led to another media overreaction. Big business is bad, the media have decided, and more government regulation is needed to tame the beast and protect the “little guy.” This simplistic spin has influenced almost every corporate corruption story since Independence Day and the business-bashing media frenzy has even expanded to include the past business operations of both the President and the Vice President. The following Spotlight is a compilation of MRC’s documentation and analysis of the coverage. The links and articles start in early July when President George W. Bush’s Harken... continue reading
An excerpt from the MRC’s 1994 book by Brent Baker : How to Identify, Expose & Correct Liberal Media Bias . (You can purchase a copy of this book by going to the MRC’s bookstore .) This book excerpt will teach you how to identify seven types displayed in news stories and how to analyze stories and reporting patterns to determine if they are biased. Though the examples cited are drawn from the early ‘90s the lessons they teach remain valid and instructive today. Sometimes liberal bias reflects a conscious choice by the reporter or editor. Sometimes it stems from... continue reading