Profiles in Bias

Connie Chung: CNN's New Prime Time Star Is the Fourth Network a Charm? Connie Chung Tonight will become part of CNN's prime time lineup on June 24. The home for the 8 p.m. show will be the network's new street-level studio in New York. Chung certainly has the background to host a prime time show. She is a broadcast veteran who started at a Washington, D.C. television station in 1969 and has since worked at all three broadcast networks before moving to CNN in January 2002. Described as an icon journalist in her official CNN biography, Chung co-anchored the CBS... continue reading
Gumbel on CBS See how Bryant Gumbel used the Early Show to promote his many liberal positions and disparage conservatives. Fifteen of the links have RealPlayer video accompanying them. Gumbel on NBC Bryant Gumbel earned the wrath of conservatives long before his stint at CBS. For 15 years he co-hosted NBC's Today Show and the MRC has demonstrated his continually biased coverage, agenda-driven interviews and almost compulsive obsession with Ronald Reagan. Gumbel Comments on MRC Read how Bryant Gumbel denounced an MRC ad calling him a "liberal activist." Top Ten Gumbel Stumbles Check out videos of Gumbel at his most... continue reading
Special Reports: 7/6/99: Who Makes or Breaks a Scandal? The Cox Report vs. The Iran-Contra Report 5/14/99: Updated and Revised -- Network Apathy Toward Chinese Contributions and Espionage Videos: Dan Rather Reporting on 1987 Iran-Contra Report vs. 1999 Cox Report . 8/3/1999 : FNC’s Carl Cameron noted delays in sentencing hearings for Huang and Trie. CBS followed up on its 60 Minutes interview with Wen Ho Lee by allowing Congressman Chris Cox to suggest the Clinton administration is making Lee a scapegoat. for more details 7/30/1999 : Two more people identified as Chinese agents will escape prosecution as FNC’s Carl... continue reading