Profiles in Bias

On September 8, 2004, Dan Rather cited “exclusive information, including documents” to justify major CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes stories alleging that George W. Bush shirked his duties when he was in the Texas Air National Guard in the 1960s and 1970s. Within a few hours of those documents being posted on CBS News’s Web site, however, typography experts voiced skepticism that the documents had actually originated with their alleged author and Bush’s former commanding officer, the late Lt. Colonel Jerry Killian. As the evidence mounted, Rather stubbornly clung to the idea that his story was bulletproof, and he... continue reading
Even before John Kerry used his Vietnam record to vault to victory in the Iowa Democratic caucuses, the national media frequently touted the Massachusetts liberal as a decorated, thrice-wounded war hero. But apart from interviewing the small group of Vietnam veterans who have campaigned with Kerry over the last two decades, national reporters did not seek out others to confirm or challenge the tales of Kerry’s valor and heroism. Then in May, a group of more than 250 Vietnam veterans — including Kerry’s superior officers and many who served with him when he was a Swift Boat commander — launched... continue reading
Republican National Convention Coverage Media Research Center analysts monitored ABC, CBS, CNN, FNC, MSNBC and NBC coverage of the 2004 Republican convention around the clock. Here are MRC's twice-daily reports documenting the coverage the Republicans received. Friday, September 3 Afternoon Edition Russert and Couric Assume Kerry Ignored Swift Vets Ad in August The morning after President Bush's speech before the Republican National Convention, the three broadcast network morning shows led off with explosions and gunfire at a Russian school seized two days earlier by terrorists and a major hurricane threatening Florida. But when they finally got around to politics, NBC's... continue reading
Media Research Center analysts monitored ABC, CBS, CNN, FNC, MSNBC and NBC coverage of the 2004 Democratic convention around the clock. Here are MRC's twice-daily reports documenting the positive coverage the Democrats received. MRC will track those same networks' coverage of the Republican convention at the end of August. Friday, July 30 Afternoon Edition "Turning Toward Enemy Fire" On Friday morning, ABC continued its praise of John Kerry's Thursday night convention speech. George Stephanopoulos was the most over the top: "John Kerry went out there and he went right into the teeth of Republican issues. I mean, it was the... continue reading
On September 5, 1983, Peter Jennings took the helm of ABCs World News Tonight as its sole anchor. While based in ABCs London bureau from 1978 to 1983, Jennings had shared anchor duties with Chicago-based Max Robinson and the Washington, D.C.-based Frank Reynolds, who was the newscasts main anchorman until his death in July of 1983. While his bias during the recent Iraq war was obvious, it is only the latest example of the ABC anchors bias. Jennings has been a reliable proponent of new European-style social welfare spending even while he has shown skepticism toward new defense spending and... continue reading
Special Sections: Media War Watch Celebrities on Politics and War ABCs Obsessed with Blaming U.S. for Museum Looting Peter Jennings and ABC News are still upset about the looting of the Baghdad Museum. The U.S. did not act in accordance with international law to prevent it, Jennings claimed. World News Tonight has three stories on the museum, Nightline one and Good Morning America another. ( CyberAlert , April 21 ) Peters Sympathy for Hollywood Hypocrites ABC painted a scary picture of Hollywood actors right to express themselves under attack, but left out any mention of Hollywood actors using boycotts and... continue reading
New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines has aggressively promoted liberal policies throughout his career. Listed below are what others have said about the head man at the Times and a couple of comments from Raines himself. Clinton was a Favorite of both Raines and the Times Bill Clinton had huge political talent, presided over the greatest prosperity in human history, and held onto the principles of social justice, Raines told interviewer Charlie Rose. ( CyberAlert , August 8, 2002 ) Video is PBS clip shown at 2003 MRC DisHonors Awards 'We'd editorially supported virtually every aspect of Clinton's program,'... continue reading
Political partisan. Liberal presidential aide. Sunday news show anchor. Former Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos will become the sole host of the Sunday news show This Week in September. If it seems strange that the post once held by broadcasting icon David Brinkley will be occupied by a former Democratic operative with limited media experience, it should. Stephanopoulos was a no-holds barred partisan during his political days and even liberal editors had issues with him. The Wall Street Journals Al Hunt, in a discussion about Stephanopouloss 1999 book on CNN's Capital Gang , recalled how the news host operated less than... continue reading
Former President Jimmy Carter recently completed a tour of Cuba that created a flurry of network coverage and provided viewers with a fleeting glimpse inside the island nation. And what did the networks show? Heres a quick review. Cuba has a state-run Health Care System, it Covers Everyone CNNs Kate Snow offered this enthusiastic appraisal of Cuban socialized medicine: You cannot go without health care here because there's a system set up, a safety net, where, if you live in a neighborhood, you're covered by somebody. The CNN correspondent also praised Cubas state-run athletic program and its incredible training. Whats... continue reading
Palestine Pete: Peter Jennings and the Palestinians Peter Jennings has demonstrated a pro-Palestinian bias in Middle East coverage for years. How many years? The award-winning HBO documentary One Day in September focused on the murder of Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympics. The documentary included on-scene reports from Jennings, then an ABC correspondent. According to Tom Shales, The Washington Post's television critic, Jennings never used the word "terrorist" in any of the clips in September, referring to the Palestinian gunmen as guerillas, and on one occasion, commandos. Little has changed since 1972. Jennings still displays more sympathy... continue reading