Profiles in Bias

As co-host of ABC's The View during the 2006-07 television season, Rosie O'Donnell used her daytime perch to push an array of extreme left-wing and anti-American views. Soon after her debut in September 2006, O'Donnell used the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to insist that "radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam." In a similar vein, she advised her audience: "Don't fear the terrorists. They're mothers and fathers," while suggesting that "the Patriot Act has robbed us of us our civil liberties in this country, that fear has taken over from faith in democracy, in the Constitution" In... continue reading
Table of Contents Obama's One Man Spin Room | Applauding Obama's Fantastic Start | George's Debate Scorecard: Obama & Biden Go Four for Four | Nasty, Ugly Republicans | George's "Dream Ticket" | Touting Obama's "Act of Honor" | McCain Guilty, Even if Innocent | Racists Vote Republican Anyway | George on Taxes: Never Cut, Always Hike | "Untrue" Hits on Kerry, Dukakis? | Feel Bad About Hounding Clinton? | Katrina Response: Let's Blame Bush Racism | "Cowed" Media Too Soft on Bush | 2004 Debate Scorecard: Kerry Fixed Flip-Flopper Flaw | Rather's Forgery Scandal a GOP Conspiracy? | Slamming... continue reading
2006 Economic Progress or Dirty Trick? NBC Features Leftist on Katrina/Race: Bush Clueless Patrician Brian Williams Equates Elite U.S. Military With Terrorist Bombers ABC & NBC Celebrate Princeton Salutatorian Whos an Illegal Sarcastic Williams Worries Over Fears Oil Profits Might Plummet Williams Champions Nancy Pelosi Falling Gas Prices Leads NBC, But Williams Raises Election Motive Brian Williams: Media Awakened By Katrina Williams Uses NBC Time To Defend Flimsy Charge of Bias 2005 Enola Gay Vet Indignant When Williams Asks If He Has "Remorse" Brian Williams: "You just told me the story about one photograph from the war that always kind... continue reading
Charles Gibson, ABC's longtime co-host of Good Morning America was tapped to replace Elizabeth Vargas as solo anchor of World News Tonight , starting May 29, 2006. On his morning show, and as a frequent fill-in for Peter Jennings on World News Tonight , Gibson over the years has shown little willingness to stray from the media elite's liberal template. A notable exception was when Gibson hosted the 2004 town-hall style debate between President Bush and John Kerry. Unlike other journalists who have moderated similar events, Gibson chose a balanced set of audience questions that equally represented liberal and conservative... continue reading
To mark his retirement, the May 21, 2006 edition of 60 Minutes devoted a tribute to Mike Wallace. Below, from the MRC's archive, are some comments and views from Wallace that were not mentioned on the tribute show: Wallace proclaimed that if he were traveling with enemy soldiers he would not warn U.S. soldiers of an impending ambush Wallace was "astonished" wounded vets back the Iraq war. Wallace declared only a "[expletive] up" America could elect Bush. He insisted the liberal bias charge is "damn foolishness." He lent his name to a fundraiser for a pro-gun control group. He doubted... continue reading
On Sunday night, May 14 2006, NBC aired the final episode of The West Wing . Since its debut in September of 1999 when "President Josiah Bartlet," played by Martin Sheen, told some cartoon-ish conservative religious leaders to "get your fat asses out of my White House," as ratings fell over the years the prime time drama regularly advocated liberal policies and showcased liberal causes. From oldest to newest, this Web compilation provides text and video/audio for a "Top Ten" presentation of some of the program's most notorious liberal moments and crusades. Actually, you'll find nine scenes pushing liberal ideas... continue reading
On April 6, NBC announced that Meredith Vieira, a host of ABC's The View , in September will succeed Katie Couric as co-host of the Today show. In picking Vieira, NBC chose a journalist with a record of liberal views on many contentious issues. Below is a collection of MRC reports on her issued after her selection. CyberAlert , April 6: "New Today Co-Host an Anti-War Protester: 'War Built on Lies'" NewsBusters blog: "Meredith Vieira: Liberal on Sex Ed, Roe v. Wade, the Clintons" CyberAlert , April 7 "Vieira Reiterates Anti-War View, Pledges to Keep It Off Air" CyberAlert ,... continue reading
Walter Cronkite passed away, at age 92, on July 17, 2009. This compilation, gathered in 2006, showed how, since his retirement in 1981 after twenty years as anchor of the CBS Evening News , Cronkite had made clear his liberal views on a range of issues, including how being a liberal is essential to being a good journalist. Below is a representative collection of Cronkite's liberal pronouncements, and denunciations of conservatives, since the late 1980s. Profile in Bias: Walter Cronkite Promoting Liberalism Denouncing Conservatives Get Out of Iraq "Now" Believing in Conspiracies Wishing for "One World Government" Terrorism Caused by... continue reading
Dan Rather's Liberal Media Bias Liberal Bias by Topic Liberal Bias by Year 1987-2006 Special Notable Quotables : Dan Rathers Legacy of Outrageous Liberal Bias Journalists praise Rather and Rather defends his discredited story. MRC's Archive on Dan Rather Dan's Downfall: Forged Documents 'Corny in Kansas' Rather-isms Rather Lame Denials of Bias Worst of the Week Media Reality Check CyberAlerts Classic Rather Bias President Clinton Scandal vs. Vice President Bush Scandal | | | Dan Rather says Bill Clinton is an Honest Man | continue reading
When President Lyndon Johnson signed the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, the bill included language insisting that fairness and objectivity should be observed in “all programming of a controversial nature.” These words were routinely ignored on PBS television broadcasts and NPR news programming. In 1992, Congress toughened that language, and public broadcasters still ignored it. How have PBS and NPR displayed a liberal tilt over the years? How have they dealt with challenges to their taxpayer funding? Take a look at MRC’s archive of articles for examples: 2005 June 9, 2005 Media Reality Check: PBS on Tom DeLay: Favors "Virtual... continue reading