Profiles in Bias

The Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks have colluded with the Obama administration to censor the latest IRS scandal news. The following is a list of key developments in the IRS scandal and how many days it has been since they were discussed, if at all, by the Big Three on their morning and evening news shows: Latest story counts as of Tuesday morning January 14, 2014: Last Time Any Aspect of the IRS Scandals Was Mentioned on Big Three Morning and Evening Shows: ABC - November 27, 2013 (48 days) A 22 second brief, on the 11/27 Good Morning... continue reading
On July 31, 2013, NBC chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell celebrated her 35th anniversary at the network and was predictably praised by her media colleagues. Calling in to Mitchell's 1 p.m. ET hour MSNBC show that day, former Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw listed numerous historic events that occurred the year Mitchell was hired in 1978, concluding: "The biggest story of all, Andrea Mitchell joins NBC News and no one in public life is ever safe again." While that fawning sentiment may have been true for conservatives and Republicans in public life, it was certainly never the case for... continue reading
Last week, news broke that Chris Cuomo, co-host of ABC's 20/20 , would be moving to CNN to host a new morning show. On Friday night he will make his CNN debut filling in for host Piers Morgan. Cuomo brings a liberal legacy with him to CNN. Cuomo hails from a Democratic family. His brother Andrew is the Democratic governor of New York, and his father Mario Cuomo was formerly the state's three-term Democratic governor who gave the keynote speech at the 1984 Democratic Convention. Before his time at 20/20 , Chris Cuomo was the news anchor on ABC's Good... continue reading
Matt Lauer became a regular co-host of NBC’s Today show on January 6, 1997 and while his partners have changed over the years from Katie Couric , to Meredith Vieira and most recently Ann Curry , he’s joined them in regularly serving viewers a hearty portion of liberal spin to go along with their morning cup of coffee. Over the years Lauer has treated his Democratic guests with light and frothy questions, as was the case when he asked Barack Obama how he would be able to “manage” the “expectations” of those hoping he would be their “Savior” and “Messiah.”... continue reading
Tina Brown got in hot water for an unflattering August 15, 2010 Newsweek cover photo of Tea Party Republican Michele Bachmann but those who've followed the current Daily Beast and Newsweek editor's career, ever since she brought her version of tabloid journalism over from England to Vanity Fair in 1984, can tell you this is just par for the course. In fact that wasn't the first time the former editor of The New Yorker displayed her disgust for women of the right. After a run of victories by female candidates in the 2010 GOP primaries, Brown on the June 10... continue reading
On June 20th, 2011, Keith Olbermann debuted on Current TV with a program almost identical to the Countdown show he hosted for eight years on MSNBC. The former sportscaster was abruptly fired from the network on January 20, 2011, just months after being suspended for donating to liberal congressional candidates. Even by the standards of liberal MSNBC, Olbermann's attacks on conservatives have been nothing short of vicious. In 2008, he frothed that George W. Bush was guilty of "murderous deceit." An unhinged Olbermann, on January 18, 2010, excoriated then-Republican senatorial candidate Scott Brown as an "irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude... continue reading
Wednesday, June 8, marks Meredith Vieira's last day as co-host of NBC's Today . Since joining the broadcast in September 2006, Vieira has brought staunch liberal advocacy to the morning news program, following the model of her predecessor, Katie Couric. NBC certainly knew what it was getting, as Vieira frequently pushed her left-wing perspective as one of the moderators of ABC's The View from 1997 to 2006. News reader Ann Curry will take over for Vieira, maintaining the broadcast's liberal tilt. The Media Research Center has compiled some of Vieira's most biased moments, from her later years on The View... continue reading
With the official announcement that NBC's Meredith Vieira will be stepping down from the Today show co-anchor chair in June 2011 also came the news that the longtime newsreader of that morning show, Ann Curry, will move up to take her place alongside Matt Lauer to deliver a daily cup of liberal bias to viewers in the AM. Since joining the show in 1997 Curry has frequently displayed her own uniquely sappy style of bleeding heart liberalism in her anchor briefs and occasional interviews with presidents and celebrities. Back in 2008 she scolded former President George W. Bush that his... continue reading
On Monday, June 6, 2011, Scott Pelley took over as anchor of the CBS Evening News, following the departure of Katie Couric . A review of the MRC's archive reveals Pelley will most likely continue the long tradition of liberal bias advanced by his anchor predecessors Couric , Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite . From celebrating the likes of liberal heroes like Hillary Clinton, saying that she is of the rare few that can match Barack Obama's "global star power" to even offering praise of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, depicting him as a "genuinely humble" figure with "no fancy clothes,... continue reading
On September 27, 2010, longtime MSNBC pundit Lawrence O'Donnell debuted as the host of the new program The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell . O'Donnell has guest hosted C ountdown With Keith Olbermann and was a producer/writer for The West Wing . O'Donnell has an extensive history of angrily condemning conservatives. He fumed at the "torture-mongers" in the Bush administration who should "live in shame," derided the "sleazy" Vice President Dick Cheney and ranted about the dangers of Mormonism. Here are O'Donnell's most outrageous rants: How Low Will the Democrat Apple-Polishing Go? 'If only every political campaign video could feature... continue reading