Profiles in Bias

On July 31, 2013, NBC chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell celebrated her 35th anniversary at the network and was predictably praised by her media colleagues. Calling in to Mitchell's 1 p.m. ET hour MSNBC show that day, former Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw listed numerous historic events that occurred the year Mitchell was hired in 1978, concluding: "The biggest story of all, Andrea Mitchell joins NBC News and no one in public life is ever safe again." While that fawning sentiment may have been true for conservatives and Republicans in public life, it was certainly never the case for... continue reading
The Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks have colluded with the Obama administration to censor the latest IRS scandal news. The following is a list of key developments in the IRS scandal and how many days it has been since they were discussed, if at all, by the Big Three on their morning and evening news shows: Latest story counts as of Tuesday morning January 14, 2014: Last Time Any Aspect of the IRS Scandals Was Mentioned on Big Three Morning and Evening Shows: ABC - November 27, 2013 (48 days) A 22 second brief, on the 11/27 Good Morning... continue reading
Last week, news broke that Chris Cuomo, co-host of ABC's 20/20 , would be moving to CNN to host a new morning show. On Friday night he will make his CNN debut filling in for host Piers Morgan. Cuomo brings a liberal legacy with him to CNN. Cuomo hails from a Democratic family. His brother Andrew is the Democratic governor of New York, and his father Mario Cuomo was formerly the state's three-term Democratic governor who gave the keynote speech at the 1984 Democratic Convention. Before his time at 20/20 , Chris Cuomo was the news anchor on ABC's Good... continue reading
Special Reports: 7/6/99: Who Makes or Breaks a Scandal? The Cox Report vs. The Iran-Contra Report 5/14/99: Updated and Revised -- Network Apathy Toward Chinese Contributions and Espionage Videos: Dan Rather Reporting on 1987 Iran-Contra Report vs. 1999 Cox Report . 8/3/1999 : FNC’s Carl Cameron noted delays in sentencing hearings for Huang and Trie. CBS followed up on its 60 Minutes interview with Wen Ho Lee by allowing Congressman Chris Cox to suggest the Clinton administration is making Lee a scapegoat. for more details 7/30/1999 : Two more people identified as Chinese agents will escape prosecution as FNC’s Carl... continue reading
Media Research Center analysts monitored ABC, CBS, CNN, FNC, MSNBC and NBC coverage of the 2004 Democratic convention around the clock. Here are MRC's twice-daily reports documenting the positive coverage the Democrats received. MRC will track those same networks' coverage of the Republican convention at the end of August. Friday, July 30 Afternoon Edition "Turning Toward Enemy Fire" On Friday morning, ABC continued its praise of John Kerry's Thursday night convention speech. George Stephanopoulos was the most over the top: "John Kerry went out there and he went right into the teeth of Republican issues. I mean, it was the... continue reading
Republican National Convention Coverage Media Research Center analysts monitored ABC, CBS, CNN, FNC, MSNBC and NBC coverage of the 2004 Republican convention around the clock. Here are MRC's twice-daily reports documenting the coverage the Republicans received. Friday, September 3 Afternoon Edition Russert and Couric Assume Kerry Ignored Swift Vets Ad in August The morning after President Bush's speech before the Republican National Convention, the three broadcast network morning shows led off with explosions and gunfire at a Russian school seized two days earlier by terrorists and a major hurricane threatening Florida. But when they finally got around to politics, NBC's... continue reading
Even before John Kerry used his Vietnam record to vault to victory in the Iowa Democratic caucuses, the national media frequently touted the Massachusetts liberal as a decorated, thrice-wounded war hero. But apart from interviewing the small group of Vietnam veterans who have campaigned with Kerry over the last two decades, national reporters did not seek out others to confirm or challenge the tales of Kerry’s valor and heroism. Then in May, a group of more than 250 Vietnam veterans — including Kerry’s superior officers and many who served with him when he was a Swift Boat commander — launched... continue reading
On September 8, 2004, Dan Rather cited “exclusive information, including documents” to justify major CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes stories alleging that George W. Bush shirked his duties when he was in the Texas Air National Guard in the 1960s and 1970s. Within a few hours of those documents being posted on CBS News’s Web site, however, typography experts voiced skepticism that the documents had actually originated with their alleged author and Bush’s former commanding officer, the late Lt. Colonel Jerry Killian. As the evidence mounted, Rather stubbornly clung to the idea that his story was bulletproof, and he... continue reading
When President Lyndon Johnson signed the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, the bill included language insisting that fairness and objectivity should be observed in “all programming of a controversial nature.” These words were routinely ignored on PBS television broadcasts and NPR news programming. In 1992, Congress toughened that language, and public broadcasters still ignored it. How have PBS and NPR displayed a liberal tilt over the years? How have they dealt with challenges to their taxpayer funding? Take a look at MRC’s archive of articles for examples: 2005 June 9, 2005 Media Reality Check: PBS on Tom DeLay: Favors "Virtual... continue reading
Matt Lauer became a regular co-host of NBC’s Today show on January 6, 1997 and while his partners have changed over the years from Katie Couric , to Meredith Vieira and most recently Ann Curry , he’s joined them in regularly serving viewers a hearty portion of liberal spin to go along with their morning cup of coffee. Over the years Lauer has treated his Democratic guests with light and frothy questions, as was the case when he asked Barack Obama how he would be able to “manage” the “expectations” of those hoping he would be their “Savior” and “Messiah.”... continue reading