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ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- The Media Research Center released a new study today documenting ABC Newss biased war coverage. In examining 234 ABC World News Tonight stories that aired from January 1 through March 7, MRC analysts found the network failed to keep the promise that ABC News President David Westin made in January to offer objective reporting on the crisis. ABC News has consistently crusaded against what anchor Peter Jennings called the arrogant power of the United States. This only serves to distort the news and mislead the American public, which is about the worst possible thing any news organization... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Yesterday, in a well publicized announcement MSNBC, cancelled Donahue and its in-your-face liberalism after six months of plummeting ratings. The show lasted a whopping 223 days. MSNBC put this show on the air to attract a large liberal audience to compete with the OReilly Factor on Fox. Unfortunately it didnt work. The size of Donahues audience could fit into a Volkswagen bus, said L. Brent Bozell, President of the Media Research Center. In November MSNBC tried to tweak the program by putting Donahue in front of a live audience in New York instead of in a New... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell lambasted ABC News for its decision to put well-known Clinton crony and liberal apologist Rick Kaplan in charge of its war coverage, which has already proven to be hostile toward the U.S. The man who made CNN into the Clinton News Network will now direct ABCs (anti-) war coverage, Bozell said. Both Peter Jennings and White House correspondent Terry Moran have already undermined ABCs credibility with their continuous, often gratuitous, attacks on President Bush and the war effort. Kaplan will turn ABC News into a nightly picket-line showcase of anti-war liberals... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- The Media Research Center took network news anchors and correspondents to task today for their one-sided and biased coverage of President Bush's tax cut proposals. The MRC reviewed network news stories of Bush's new economic stimulus plan and found the same bias it did when it studied economic coverage this past summer. "The networks are carrying the liberal line of attack against President Bush's tax cut by saying only the rich will benefit. What the networks don't tell viewers is that 96 percent of the taxes in this country are paid by people who make $27,682 or... continue reading
The Best Notable Quotables of 2002 The 15th Annual Awards For The Years Worst Reporting ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- The Media Research Center today released its Best Notable Quotables of 2002, The 15th Annual Awards For The Years Worst Reporting . The winners were selected by 52 judges including renowned columnists, talk show hosts, editorial page editors, editorial writers, authors and editorial cartoonists. Media Hero Award Barbara Walters, ABC News: For Castro, freedom starts with education, and if literacy alone were the yardstick, Cuba would rank as one of the freest nations on earth. 20/20 , ABC, 10/11/02. Good Morning Morons... continue reading
At Issue: The New York Times Stifles Debate On Its Own Pages The New York Times s Howell Raines seems to have swapped his role as the papers executive editor for lead activist for wealthy women golfers. The decision to print over 30 articles in three months on the membership policy of the private Augusta National Golf Club can only be driven by one thing: personal obsession. Today, it was revealed Raines has even gone so far as to refuse to print two columns on the issue by Times s sports columnists Dave Anderson and Harvey Araton because they didnt... continue reading
The Media Research Center Should Declare Victory Over Liberal Media Bias ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- On C-SPANs Washington Journal Friday morning former Time magazine columnist Jack White stated that the Media Research Center (MRC) should declare victory over liberal media bias. But Jack Whites employer is a case study in why the MRCs mission to bring political balance to the media continues to be imperative. I must say that Im constantly amazed when people complain about the so-called liberal bias in the press, and there are still people making a living complaining about the liberal bias in the press. Our good... continue reading
NBCs Russert on Personal Campaign to Repeal Bushs Tax Cut Biased: 44 Questions This Year About Repealing The Tax Cut, Zero Questions About Accelerating Or Expanding It ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell today chastised NBC Meet the Press moderator Tim Russert for going on a personal campaign to repeal President Bushs tax cut. On yesterdays show, Tim Russert asked his 41st, 42nd, 43rd, and 44th questions this year about repealing the tax cut 44 questions from the liberal point of view. To date, he has not asked a single question of any guest about accelerating or... continue reading
MRC STUDY OF NETWORK ECONOMIC REPORTING REVEALS BLATANT BIAS; BOZELL ISSUES CHALLENGE TO NETWORKS ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell announced the launch of the MRC's Operation ATM (Audit The Media) today with the release of a new study, A Summer of Skewed News: The Liberal Tilt in TV's Economic Reporting . The study found the networks accentuated liberal themes on a range of key economic issues, including tax cuts, prescription drugs and corporate and accounting regulations. Through its new project, Operation: Audit The Media, the MRC will issue weekly reports and, at years end, rank the... continue reading
Videotape Examples Prove Charges Are Serious, Not Silly ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Media Research Center President Brent Bozell today responded to ABC World News Tonight anchor Peter Jenningss dismissal of MRC research showing that Jenningss Middle East coverage is biased. Jennings called the MRCs proof silly Friday on CNNs Larry King Live : LARRY KING: How do you react, by the way, before taking the next call, to some of the controversy that surround you? And I know Brent Bozell, a columnist, has criticized you as being kind of pro-Arab, and I've heard this for years. PETER JENNINGS: Well, I think... continue reading