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ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell today blasted the networks for a double-standard in their convention coverage. Both CBS and NBC have pushed the idea that Republicans are engaging in a fraud by featuring speakers such as Rudy Giuliani, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McCain, but the networks did not similarly question the ability of Democratic speakers to authentically represent their party. Last night on the CBS Evening News , Dan Rather presented the convention as a phony show: The Republican Convention opens in New York to re-nominate George W. Bush and showcase the partys, quote, moderate side... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- At a Washington D.C. press conference held on May 4, 2004, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth revealed their concerns regarding Senator Kerrys Vietnam service. It took until today -over 100 days later- for any network morning news program to interview in studio a single one of the Swift Boat Vets for Truth. The swift boat story has evolved into one of the biggest political stories of the year, and the fact that the network morning shows have deliberately censored these vets is outrageous, said MRC President Brent Bozell. The reality that it took the network morning... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- As part of the Media Research Center's "Tell The Truth!" 2004 campaign, MRC President Brent Bozell announced today the placing of the first billboard in Boston on Interstate 93 heading toward the Fleet Center, where the Democratic National Convention will be held next week. The billboard, 14 feet by 48 feet, pictures Uncle Sam beneath the words "Tell The Truth!" and adjacent to him are the words "Don't Believe The Liberal Media" with the MRC logo above. "We want the world to know we are holding the media accountable in this most pivotal of times. Liberal bias... continue reading
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Media Research Center President Brent Bozell blasted Hollywood today for the seven Emmy Award nominations given to the biased CBS miniseries The Reagans . After a public outcry against the miniseries CBS decided not to air it, and it aired instead on CBSs sister cable network Showtime. This underscores the growing continental divide between the Hollywood Left and Middle America, Bozell said. CBS pulled the plug on The Reagans because they knew it was offensive to the American people as evidenced by the outpouring of love and affection for President Reagan when he passed away last month... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell blasted the national media for a blatant double-standard in their coverage of Campaign 2004. Bozell noted that coverage of Democrat Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards has been filled with praise for his hair and good looks, but reporters have virtually buried any discussion of Edwards liberal ideology the opposite of how theyve treated recent Republican VP choices. Four years ago, when President Bush announced Vice President Dick Cheney as his running mate, the networks immediately pounced on his conservative ideology. In the first 24 hours after Cheneys selection, network reporters tagged... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell today announced a $2.8 million campaign, Tell the Truth! 04 , to reach 50 million Americans every week between now and the end of the year with evidence of the liberal bias permeating the media. This unprecedented campaign will reach 50 million people every week through a multitude of outlets. The public will be informed as to the medias liberal bias as never before, Bozell said. Day after day, night after night, the news media question, denounce, or just plain ignore the good news. They want higher taxes to fund massive... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- In a just released special report, RONALD REAGAN The 40th President and the Press: The Record , the Media Research Center reveals how the national medias glowing coverage of President Ronald Reagans death and funeral is completely at odds with how they covered him both during and after his presidency. The national medias often gracious coverage in the days after Reagans death obscured the unfortunate historical record of media coverage: a chronicle often filled with not just disagreement, but with disgust, hatred, ridicule, and insults, said Media Research Center President Brent Bozell. Key Findings Reagan the Man:... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- On the eve of a three-day obesity summit co-sponsored by ABC News and Time magazine, the Free Market Project at the Media Research Center released a comprehensive study of the medias coverage of the obesity issue and the food industry titled Supersized Bias: Big Medias Role In Covering And Promoting The Obesity Debate . Free Market Project researchers analyzed all 205 news stories about obesity published in The New York Times , USA Today , and aired on the three broadcast network evening newscasts and nighttime magazine shows between May 1, 2003 and April 30, 2004. Our... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- The Media Research Center today released findings from a new study of how network television news covers religion. The study found coverage has increased significantly since the MRCs first religion study was conducted ten years ago, but the tone of the coverage is very negative and most stories are aired in the context of political issues. Religious stories are more prevalent but the prevailing attitude at the networks seems to be its only a good story if it casts faith in a negative light, or if it evokes a political controversy, said Brent Bozell, president of the... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell today blasted CBS News, and CBS Evening News Anchor Dan Rather, for spiking a CBS poll which showed President Bush leading Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. Previous CBS polls showing Kerry ahead of Bush were reported faithfully by the Evening News broadcast. If the CBS Evening News cannot report in a fair and balanced fashion about this election they need to get out of the news business. The networks own web site carried the results of the poll with the headline Bush Moves Ahead of Kerry, but the CBS Evening Newss... continue reading