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ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- The Media Research Center today released findings from a new study of how network television news covers religion. The study found coverage has increased significantly since the MRCs first religion study was conducted ten years ago, but the tone of the coverage is very negative and most stories are aired in the context of political issues. Religious stories are more prevalent but the prevailing attitude at the networks seems to be its only a good story if it casts faith in a negative light, or if it evokes a political controversy, said Brent Bozell, president of the... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell today blasted CBS News, and CBS Evening News Anchor Dan Rather, for spiking a CBS poll which showed President Bush leading Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. Previous CBS polls showing Kerry ahead of Bush were reported faithfully by the Evening News broadcast. If the CBS Evening News cannot report in a fair and balanced fashion about this election they need to get out of the news business. The networks own web site carried the results of the poll with the headline Bush Moves Ahead of Kerry, but the CBS Evening Newss... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- A year-long study of the national media released today by the Media Research Center titled Still Liberal, Still Biased finds that the national media were as liberally biased as ever in 2003. As a new election year begins, the news organizations that truly dominate the media landscape such as the Big Three networks and influential newspapers such as the New York Times remain what they have been for decades: allies of liberalism and enemies of conservative policies, said Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center. The Al Frankens and Eric Altermans of the world made a... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell is issuing a $1 million challenge to NBC and NBC Nightly News Anchor Tom Brokaw, calling Brokaw on his comments made in a recent interview with Columbia Journalism Review . In the interview, Brokaw directly took on Bozell and the Media Research Center while denying the credibility of their evidence of liberal bias in the press. Among other things, Brokaw said: What I get tired of is Brent Bozell trying to make these fine legal points everywhere every day. A lot of it just doesnt hold up. So much of it... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- A Boston Globe Magazine reporters callous comment has won this years Quote of the Year in the Media Research Centers The Best Notable Quotables of 2003, The 16th Annual Awards For The Years Worst Reporting . The winning quote was selected by a nationwide panel of more than 40 editors, editorial writers, columnists, media critics, authors and talk show hosts, who also selected winners in 16 other categories. The Quote of the Year is included below, as are several category winners. To read the entire Best of NQ 2003 , go to . Quote of the... continue reading
Statement by Brent Bozell, President, Media Research Center: ABC News both TV and radio is stooping to new lows of ridiculous pessimism in the aftermath of Saddam Husseins capture by American forces. This network sounds like a homegrown version of al-Jazeera, highlighting every negative development and submerging every positive development in waves of yes-buts, so-whats, and blatant omissions. Within an hour of the Saddam story breaking, ABCs Terry Moran was emphasizing how a trial of the Iraqi dictator would be 'embarrassing' for America. Yesterday, Charles Gibson repeated the U.S. embarrassment line, since we supported him for so long and gave... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Next Wednesday, December 17, the Media Research Center will announce The Best Notable Quotables of 2003, The 16th Annual Awards for the Years Worst Reporting . The winners will be selected by a national panel of more than 40 judges and the results will be posted on the Media Research Center website ( ) on the 17th. Awards will be presented in the following 16 categories. Baghdad Bob Award for Parroting Enemy Propaganda Dominique de Villepin Snottiness Award for Whining About The War Pompous Peter Award for Jennings' Arrogant Condescension Romanticizing the Rabble Award (For Glorifying... continue reading
A Pentagon memo that listed dozens of contacts between al Qaeda and Saddam Husseins Iraq was leaked to the Weekly Standard magazine and published more than two weeks ago. Despite the explosive nature of the leak, the broadcast network evening news programs have ignored the story. While the cable news networks have reported the leak, the broadcast network powers-that-be are deliberately withholding the information contained in the memo, depriving 30 million viewers of the truth. This refusal to cover the story stands in stark contrast to the rabid enthusiasm the networks have shown when reporting leaks that could hurt the... continue reading
CBSs decision to pull the The Reagans mini-series was a wise one. The movie had lost all credibility and Viacom would be well-advised to clean this mess up before airing it on Showtime. The original decision to broadcast a factually-distorted film about the former President when he is in the latter stages of Alzheimers disease showed disgustingly poor taste. This is another reason why Viacom would do well to ensure the movie accurately portrays history instead of rewriting history to suit a liberal agenda. To schedule an interview with Mr. Bozell, or another MRC spokesperson, contact Katie Wright at (703)-683-5004,... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Media Research Center President Brent Bozell is sending a letter to the top 100 corporate advertisers in America today, urging them not to support the upcoming CBS mini-series The Reagans. The mini-series has blatantly distorted history and is nothing more than a partisan political attack against one of Americas most beloved presidents, Bozell writes in his letter. New York Times reporter Jim Rutenberg, one of the few people outside of CBS who has read the script, noted that the mini-series completely omitted the unprecedented economic expansion of the 1980s. That glaring oversight is not nearly as unfair,... continue reading