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Alexandria, VA NBC News announced today that MSNBCs Keith Olbermann will contribute occasional essays, i.e., commentary, to NBCs Nightly News with Brian Williams . In response to NBCs announcement, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell issued the following statement: NBC just lurched further left politically with its choice of Keith Olbermann, a known liberal hero, to provide occasional commentary on the Nightly News . Commentary, even liberal commentary, by itself is perfectly acceptable, but the problem is that Keith Olbermann is a dishonest commentator. Look at his record, which has been well-documented here at the Media Research Center. Mr. Olbermann... continue reading
Alexandria, VA - In a Jan. 3 online article, ABC News detailed a report by the left-wing Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) charging that ExxonMobil has funded groups who cast doubts and deceive the public on the scientific consensus regarding global warming. Later in the article, ABC, relying on the report, names the Media Research Center and other organizations as part of Exxons effort to obscure the scientific evidence on global warming. In response to the Union of Concerned Scientists baseless attack and ABCs weak reporting, MRC President Brent Bozell issued the following statement: I challenge the Union of Concerned... continue reading
Alexandria, VA -- It is now known, as the Associated Press reported Wednesday, that former Clinton National Security Adviser Samuel Sandy Berger did not just steal classified documents about terrorist threats to the U.S. prior to his testimony before the 9/11 commission. He also hid those documents under a construction trailer, retrieved them later, cut several of them into small pieces and put them in the trash. Yet the Thursday evening news shows at ABC, NBC, and CBS did not even mention these new revelations, and instead focused on topics such as the weather in Denver, the recovery of a... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA. -- The Media Research Center today awarded New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger the dubious honor of the worst Quote of the Year for 2006, for a left-wing rant Sulzberger delivered in a college commencement address in May, in which he apologized for what he claimed was the backwardness of American social and foreign policies. The Times also picked up a win in the Slam Uncle Sam Award, included in The Best Notable Quotables of 2006, the 19th Annual Awards for the Years Worst Reporting . The awards were determined by a panel of 58 judges made up... continue reading
Alexandria, VA For the last year, the liberal networks have given non-stop laudatory coverage to Congressman John Murtha because of his outspoken opposition to the Iraq war, as a Media Reality Check , released today by the Media Research Center, documents. Now, as Murtha challenges Congressman Steny Hoyer for the House Majority seat, it is clear he is using the media-backing of the past year and current fawning coverage to help him win the powerful House position. s In reaction to the liberal medias bias that tips in favor to Congressman John Murtha, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell issued... continue reading
Alexandria, VA A front-page story in The Washington Post today ran with the headline, A Voter Rebuke For Bush, the War And the Right. While voters were affected by the war and their views of the President, among other issues, the results show that indeed the election was a loss for the Republican Party, but it was emphatically not a loss for conservatives or those on the political right. In nearly all of the major ballot issues at the state level, conservatives won. For instance, ballot initiatives to recognize marriage as being between a man and a woman won in... continue reading
Alexandria, VA The government reported that unemployment is at an extremely low 4.4% nationwide, while wages have grown 3.9% over the last year. How was this good news reported? CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric found a way to spin this good news into bad news: But do the jobs out there pay enough? A big issue in the battle for Congress this year is how much the lowest-paid workers make. In response to CBSs liberally biased coverage, MRC President Brent Bozell issued the following statement: This is typical of how the liberal media operate, especially going into an election... continue reading
Alexandria, VA On MSNBCs Countdown Wednesday, host Keith Olbermann, in a derisive 12-minute rant, claimed that President Bush was responsible for inspiring domestic terrorism against his critics and further suggested that Bushs supporters are like the pro-slavery congressman who used a cane to attack anti-slavery Senator Charles Sumner in the 19th century. Yet the liberal media, who constantly remind the American public about alleged hate speech on the political right, are not talking about Mr. Olbermanns remarks. Mr. Olbermann, addressing President Bush, said: You instructed no one to mail the fake Anthrax [received by Olbermann], nor undermine the FBIs case,... continue reading
Alexandria, VA Senator John Kerry grossly insulted the intelligence of American soldiers by telling college students they would get stuck in Iraq if they didn't work hard in school. Yet the liberal media, instead of seizing the opportunity to condemn this offense as they have done with conservatives who make gaffes for example, Senator George Allens macaca comment brushed off Kerrys insult as, among other things, an idle political remark. With his rich history of besmirching the military, John Kerry and his cheap insult against our U.S. troops should be held to the same standard as other political misconduct, said... continue reading
Alexandria, VA The liberal medias coverage of the upcoming elections next week is fixated on how Republican voters apparently are confused or disillusioned and that, all in all, this spells disaster for the GOP. Typical coverage was evident in Mondays Good Morning America , which found five people (Republicans and Democrats) and yet somehow not one of the people interviewed expressed support for the President or for Republicans. In response to ABCs selective and slanted coverage, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell issued the following statement: The liberal bias at ABC is abundant and obvious. They are doing all they... continue reading