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ALEXANDRIA, VA – According to the Media Research Center, both ABC and NBC continue to cover up President Obama’s lie about Libya during Tuesday night’s debate. In fact, neither network covered Libya at all during their evening broadcasts last night. Instead, both ABC and NBC followed the Obama campaign's theme of the day in emphasizing the effort to win over women voters. ABC touted Barbara Walters' "pointed question" about abortion posed to Ann Romney on The View , while NBC's Andrea Mitchell talked about Mitt Romney's "'binders full of women' stumble in the debate.” To date, neither ABC World News... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA – According to a Media Research Center (MRC) analysis, NBC and ABC continued to run interference for President Obama last night by participating in the cover-up of his lie regarding the terrorist attack in Benghazi. On the other hand, CBS Evening News fully exposed this lie and called out moderator Candy Crowley for her endorsement of Obama’s deception. Here’s how it broke down: - ABC World News spiked Obama’s lie completely, focusing instead on his high horse debate response that “put Romney in his place.” - NBC’s Chuck Todd barely broached the subject on NBC Nightly News, and... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA – Last night, in what was the most stunning and disgraceful single example of moderator malpractice in the history of presidential debates, CNN’s Candy Crowley allowed Barack Obama to lie to the American people about his administration’s Libya cover-up. Even worse, she then validated this lie of extraordinary magnitude by certifying it as honest and by attacking Mitt Romney when he pressed the president on his administration’s cover-up. Crowley robbed tens of millions of Americans of the truth on national primetime television. Real journalists – who were fed the Obama Administration’s Libya lies for two weeks – should... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA – According to an analysis from the Media Research Center, the questions posed at Thursday night's vice presidential debate by ABC correspondent Martha Raddatz favored Team Obama, but not entirely. Out of 48 questions and follow-ups, a plurality (19, or 40%) incorporated a pro-Obama/Biden or anti-Romney/Ryan agenda, vs. 25% (12 questions) that skewed in the other direction and 35% (17 questions) that were neutral or purely information-seeking. Raddatz showed almost no bias in her foreign policy questions, which split down the middle: eight pro-Romney vs. seven pro-Obama (not counting the neutrals). But on domestic issues, especially on the... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA – In their continuing push to rig the election for Barack Obama, none of the three broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, or NBC – devoted a single second of coverage to Univision’s politically devastating investigative report about the Obama Administration’s lethal gunwalking scandal, Fast and Furious. According to an analysis from the Media Research Center , since Univision’s report broke on Sunday, not one of the broadcast networks has covered it on either their morning or evening programs. ABC’s decision to spike the news is particularly indefensible given that they have an excerpt of the Univision report on... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Media Research Center (MRC) today proudly announces that perky Katie Couric is the “winner” of the DisHonor of the Worst Reporter in the History of Man for heroutrageously pathetic bias as chronicled by the MRC over the past quarter century. The competition was fierce, but Couric was selected from a competitive field of finalists that included Bryant Gumbel, Brian Williams, and Dan Rather by the more than 1000 attendees whocheered and jeered throughout the evening to roast the liberal media's worst of the worst atthe MRC's 25th Anniversary DisHonors Awards Gala . The event was held... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA –Media Research Center President Brent Bozell, along with more than 20 conservative leaders and media personalities, has publicly called out the liberal media for their deliberate and calculated attempts to rig the 2012 presidential election in favor of Barack Obama. “We have never witnessed a more brazen and complete attempt by the media to decide the outcome of a presidential election. For 25 years, the Media Research Center has been documenting liberal media bias daily. During that time, we have covered seven presidential elections including this one. We have never seen it this bad. The media have decided... continue reading
An Open Letter to the Biased News Media: This election year, so much of the broadcast networks, their cable counterparts, and the major establishment print media are out of control with a deliberate and unmistakable leftist agenda. To put it bluntly: you are rigging this election and taking sides in order to pre-determine the outcome. In the quarter century since the Media Research Center was established to document liberal media bias, there has never been a more brazen and complete attempt by the liberal so-called “news” media to decide the outcome of an election. A free and balanced media are... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA – Since a blurry and mysteriously edited tape of Mitt Romney answering a campaign strategy question at a fundraiser back in May was released on Monday, the liberal media have used it to declare his candidacy all but dead. On Tuesday, the Romney campaign exposed a 1998 video showing then-State Sen. Barack Obama espousing his far-left philosophy of wealth redistribution (a theme consistent with his 2008 presidential run), and the liberal media almost completely ignored it. According to an analysis from the Media Research Center, the three broadcast networks, ABC, CBS and NBC, covered the Romney tape for... continue reading
ALEXANDRIA, VA – Amidst ongoing riots in Cairo and Yemen, and a deadly attack in Libya, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney leveled a devastating critique of the Obama Administration for initially siding with the protesters in Cairo. Realizing how damaging the Obama Administration’s mistake was, the liberal media turned on Romney, demanding he declare that his campaign had reacted too swiftly and rudely in the wake of this terrible crisis. NBC’s Chuck Todd kicked things off at the top of MSNBC’s Daily Rundown stating that Romney’s, “statement looks crass and tone deaf in the light of this day.” CNN’s and... continue reading