USA Today Hypes Student Debt Loads Paper features grad student with more than double the average debt load of his peers. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 12, 2006 As graduation season wound down, the June 12 USA Today alarmed readers with a look at the growing number of college grads who owe more than $100,000 in student loans. But even the articles author briefly conceded thats the exception, not the rule. The average college senior graduated this year with more than $19,000 in debt. Thats a problem Joe Palazzolo would love to have, correspondent Sandra Block began... continue reading
NBC Marks Death Tax Bills Demise with Democratic Zinger Anchor Brian Williams left out conservative talking points and studies showing negative impact of estate tax. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 9, 2006 On the June 8 Nightly News, NBCs Brian Williams squeezed in a Democratic talking point when reporting the Senate vote on the death tax. While Williams said that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) called the estate tax unfair and vowed to bring the legislation to a vote again later in the year, the NBC anchor added that Democrats would oppose what they call a... continue reading
CNN Airs Glowing Review of Ethanol Boom in Iowa Reporter Lothian leaves out how taxpayers are picking up a large part of the bill. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 9, 2006 Paying the Price was the headline onscreen as CNNs Dan Lothian praised the booming ethanol industry in Iowa. Unfortunately for viewers, Lothians unbalanced report left out any mention of the high price taxpayers foot to subsidize ethanol. While Lothian hinted at a lot of debate over ethanol, he made clear his June 9 American Morning story wouldnt get into it. This is a story about how... continue reading
CBS Downplays Terrorisms Impact on Oil BusinessWeek cited oil analysts who estimated much higher costs from terrorism. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 9, 2006 The threat of terrorism is just one factor in the price of a barrel of oil, but many estimates show its a significant one. Yet CBSs Anthony Mason recently gave a low-impact report of how much terrorism and political instability factor into oil prices. By some estimates, the troubles in Iraq and Iran have added a five- to 10-dollar terror premium to the price of every barrel of crude, noted Mason in his... continue reading
ABC Rolls Out the R-word as Markets Dip Below 11,000 Reporter Stark warns a recession could be coming, ignores how well the economy is doing. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 8, 2006 The medias economic death watch continued on the June 7 World News Tonight as ABC correspondent Betsy Stark took a look at the falling stock market and raised the specter of inflation sparking a recession. Is the correction over or are there more jobs to come, new anchor Charles Gibson asked Stark after noting the stock market had closed under 11,000. Stark corrected Gibson, noting... continue reading
USA Today Falsely Claims Record Price of Gasoline But years ago when prices climbed, the media sometimes adjusted for inflation to show gas prices werent really all that high. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 7, 2006 Either Its All Been Done by the Barenaked Ladies or The Four Tops Same Old Song could be the soundtrack for the medias recurring errors in gas price reporting. But CNN sang a different tune when rising gas prices were in the news near the end of the Clinton presidency, allowing an adjustment for inflation to put prices in perspective. Although... continue reading
CBS Uses Immigration to Push Teacher Pay Complaint But teachers earn above the average U.S. wage and young people are drawn to better-paying jobs by a strong economy. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 7, 2006 America has a teacher shortage and immigrants are helping to fill it, reported CBSs Wyatt Andrews on the June 6 Evening News. Finding a negative spin to the development, the CBS reporter highlighted the complaint of a teachers union president about pay. Yet Andrews left out that the average teacher earns almost 37 percent more than the typical American, or that a... continue reading
Jobs Americans Wont Do Media ran with administration catchphrase despite its obvious flaws. By Amy Menefee Business & Media Institute June 7, 2006 The much-criticized claim about jobs Americans wont do seems to have left the presidents vocabulary. But though opponents of illegal immigration call the jobs claim a myth, the network news media have adopted it as an argument that needed addressing. The American people are the ones hiring these people in many cases to do jobs they dont want to do, NBCs Matt Lauer reminded his Today guest on May 1. Few people question the ability of illegal... continue reading
CBS Pushes Liberal Price Gouging Storyline (Again) Evening News favors new allegations over other reasons for high prices, ignoring FTC report that found no price manipulation. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 6, 2006 When the federal government reported on May 22 that there was no concerted effort in the oil industry to manipulate gasoline prices, CBS Evening News ignored the news. Yet two weeks later on the June 5 Evening News, correspondent Sandra Hughes was reporting price fixing allegations by Californias attorney general and a consumer group. Hughes began her story noting that Californias attorney general is... continue reading
ABC Takes a Swipe at American Auto Industry Gibson continues media focus on declining Big Three automakers, despite other companies new factories. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 2, 2006 Newly-installed World News Tonight anchor Charles Gibson painted the American auto industry in dire straits on the June 1 broadcast, continuing his networks habit of ignoring where the industry is growing: outside of Detroits Big Three. There was more bad news for the American auto industry today. General Motors (NYSE: GM) and Chrysler (NYSE: DCX) posted double digit declines in sales for May, while Ford (NYSE: F) lost... continue reading