S H By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 16, 2006 continue reading
Networks That Praise Gates, Bashed Oil Firms Same media outlets that attacked oil companies for success compliment Microsoft, a more profitable corporation. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 16, 2006 In the mid-1990s, aside from tobacco companies, Microsoft (NYSE: MSFT) and its CEO Bill Gates were perhaps the medias favorite corporate villain. Now hes a media darling. On the March 3, 1998, then CBS Evening News, anchor Dan Rather suggested Microsoft needed to be reined in by the federal government. Some policing may be needed along the information superhighway, he said, adding that fellow-travelers say Gates is trying... continue reading
Networks Think Inflation is Important Only When Its Rising Signs that consumer prices are under control get ignored or downplayed. By Noel Sheppard Business & Media Institute June 16, 2006 The three broadcast networks have focused growing attention on inflation recently 42 stories since early May. CBS anchor Bob Schieffer declared on June 14 Well, it is back, inflation, that is. The following day, ABCs Bill Ritter cautioned, everything from mowing the lawn to joining a gym could cost you more money. Yet, when positive inflation news was announced just hours later by the new chairman of the Federal Reserve,... continue reading
Lauers SciFi Disaster Examines Our Lack of Future World wont end before more viewers subjected to Today co-hosts wacky predictions of doom. By Dan Gainor Business & Media Institute June 15, 2006 We are the problem, declared NBCs Today co-anchor Matt Lauer doing a stint as host for the SciFi network. Lauer was referring to mankinds alleged misuse of planet Earth, but his comment better suits the media and his apocalyptic documentary. Lauers program, Countdown to Doomsday, merged nearly every science-fiction disaster flick ever made The Terminator, Deep Impact, I, Robot and, of course, the SciFi Channels own Battlestar Gallactica... continue reading
CNN's '70s Flashback: Serwer Sees Specter of Stagflation But economy is performing strongly and inflation is well below 1970s levels. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 15, 2006 The only thing CNN contributor Andy Serwers was missing for a recent business update was appearing on air in a leisure suit. The Fortune magazine editor raised concerns of 1970s, disco-era stagflation in a June 15 Minding Your Business segment on American Morning. Stagflation, Serwer correctly defined, is stagnant economic growth coupled with inflation. Inflation at an annual rate of 3.8 percent, the highest rate in 11 years and an... continue reading
Summer of Gore Continues with Softball Game on Larry King Host lets Gore slam his talking points out of the park without raising any skeptical questions on warming. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 15, 2006 CNNs Larry King isnt exactly known for playing hardball, but his June 13 softball interview was the perfect game for former Vice President Al Gore to cap off his round of TV appearances on global warming. King let fly a few statements that more balanced interviewers might have caught: We should feel a great sense of urgency because it is the most... continue reading
ABC Labels Litigious Food Police a Consumer Group Industry critic CSPIs lawsuit escaped critical review on World News Tonight By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 14, 2006 ABCs Charlie Gibson promised his June 13 World News Tonight viewers a look at why a leading consumer group has a bone to pick over the fat in KFC food. But that organization was none other than the Center for Science in the Public Interest, an anti-food industry group that has had a beef with everything from movie theater popcorn to soda pop. The Center for Science in the Public Interest... continue reading
Recession Never Recedes Far from News Comments TV reports continue to raise the specter of economic troubles despite strong growth and low unemployment. By Dan Gainor The Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow Business & Media Institute June 14, 2006 No matter how the economy is doing, the word recession never seems too far away. CBS began the year with talk of a recession and similar discussion has cropped on up ABC and CNN throughout 2006 and even going back to Hurricane Rita last fall. ABC delivered two separate warnings of the latest recession fears on June 7. Starting with Good... continue reading
PBSs Now Charged Up About Foul Play Killing Electric Car But in reality, only a few hundred sold, despite tax credits and advertising. By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 13, 2006 The June 9 Now with David Brancaccio could well have been titled PBSs Tin-Foil Conspiracy Theatre as the newsmagazine looked at death of the electric car from the Michael Moore-like lens of a left-wing filmmaker. Rather than entertaining the notion that a lack of market demand doomed the vehicles, Now instead pushed filmmaker Chris Paines arguments that the clean cars demise was the result of a sinister... continue reading
Gores Film, Lionized by Media, A Pussycat at Box Office Documentarys lackluster performance worse than Gigli, A Prairie Home Companion By Ken Shepherd Business & Media Institute June 13, 2006 Perhaps not since Gigli has a movie so highly anticipated by the media done so little at the box office. Al Gores An Inconvenient Truth has been and still is being strongly promoted in the media, but as with the ill-fated Lopez-Affleck outing, the moviegoers arent busting down theater doors to see it. Despite lengthy interviews on The Early Show and Today or a coveted interview slot on late night... continue reading