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Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s latest flick, “Don Jon,” asks the question: Which type of movie gives viewers more unrealistic expectations: chick flicks or porn? The fact that “Don Jon” is one of the tamer, more mainstream offerings among this fall’s movie crop goes to show, expectations aside, there’s far less difference between porn and other genres than there used to be. And we’re in the middle of what may be the porniest movie season ever. Simply put, if graphic, seedy, dysfunctional sex doesn’t sound like a fun night at the movies, there isn’t much for you at the cinema right now. A... continue reading
Back to school is an exciting time of year – new classmates, new subjects, new books, new gender and a new court-invented right to use the boys or girls room, depending on how you currently “identify.” Welcome to the brave new world of “the next civil-rights struggle.” From a California law decreeing that any student has the right to use any gender-specific restroom and play on any gender-specific sports team he or she (or she or he) wants, biology be d**ned, to LGBT activists counseling network honchos on more sensitive TV portrayals, transgender is all the rage among liberals and... continue reading
ABC, CBS and NBC mentioned author Dan Brown or his books and movies 532 times since 2003. Nearly 40 percent of those mentions were in stories that had nothing to do with Brown or his work or were not the main topic of the segment. Networks dignified Brown’s conspiracy theories, bad theology and anti-Catholicism, equating them with religion. ABC even went to Europe to “follow Dan Brown’s clues” to his assertion that Jesus was married. NBC’s Matt Lauer smeared Brown critic Bill Donahue of The Catholic League, asking if criticism was “just a way to make money.” If “Inferno” is... continue reading
Update: There hasve been recent deveklopments in this story that cast Mark Thompson's veracity in doubt. From Bill Donohue of The Catholic League: Ten days before Thompson left the BBC in September, his lawyers wrote a letter to The Sunday Times in London threatening to sue if they decided to go forth with a detailed article about the Savile issue. Unavoidably, the letter summarized the accusations against the BBC icon, thus undercutting Thompson’s claim that he never even heard about Savile’s serial sex crimes while he was running the BBC. Now we are to believe that although Thompson asked his... continue reading
With the 50 th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis upon us and new documents surfacing about just how close to World War III the United States and the Soviet Union came in 1962, it’s interesting to look at how the incident is regarded in the media and, especially, how it’s taught as history. The Cuban Missile Crisis is commonly portrayed as a firm display of President John F. Kennedy’s resolve in the face of Cold War Soviet aggression. President John F. Kennedy is popularly depicted as a courageous leader who forced the Soviet Union to withdraw nuclear missiles pointed... continue reading
During the first centuries of Christianity, Christians were thrown to lions in arenas to be jeered by mocking crowds. Today, Christian athletes face the taunts of a media strongly opposed to their faith. No Christian athlete draws more media catcalls than New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow. CBSChicago.com writer Dan Bernstein dismissed Tebow as “little more than an affable simpleton” and slammed his fans as “lunatic-fringe cultists.” Columnist Rabbi Joshua Hammerman of The Jewish Week expressed his desire that Tebow’s Broncos would lose a playoff game because a Broncos victory would “buoy his faithful, and emboldened faithful can do insane... continue reading
Conservatives have long understood that they must fight through mainstream media bias to get their message out – or bypass the media establishment altogether. Conservatives have mastered talk radio, the internet and social media to reach broad audiences. Now, they’re increasingly turning to a traditionally liberal medium as another channel of communication: film. A spate of right-of-center documentaries are in theaters or on their way. While they’re unlikely to achieve either the critical raves or the (ironic) box office success of Michael Moore’s anti-capitalist drivel, they’re telling the stories the media won’t on subjects ranging from President Obama’s ideology to... continue reading
Lila Rose the 24-year-old founder and CEO of LiveAction told liberal website Jezebel she would sacrifice her own life to stop abortion. “I’d die to protect another life. I’m all in for this cause,” she stated in an interview with Katie Baker. Oozing condescension, Baker confessed herself a “little taken aback because this is the first fanatical statement I've heard from Rose since I hopped into her Hyundai an hour before,” and “I was prepared for extremism.” “Fanatical.” “Extremism.” They’re the kind of words often applied to abortion opponents, and indeed, over the last year there’s been a drastic increase... continue reading
CNN’s parent TimeWarner is a “Platinum Underwriter” of the GLAAD Media Awards. In the last two years, GLAAD has nominated CNN reporting five separate times for its Media Awards, and given anchor Don Lemon an “Outstanding Citizen Award.” In last two years, GLAAD has appeared in 41 stories on the network, and in 43 pieces on CNN.com. CNN’s relationship with the group violates two separate items from the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. You have to hand it to CNN: Even with abysmal ratings , the 24-hr news network manages to keep things gay. Anderson Cooper officially “came... continue reading
The manufactured controversy over Chick-Fil-A won’t be dying down anytime soon, if media figures get their way. Chick-Fil-A President Dan Cathy stated that he was “guilty as charged” when it came to supporting the traditional family, and commented on a radio show that “I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say: You know, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.’” That’s tantamount to heresy in Hollywood and in New York and D.C. newsrooms. The media have proven themselves in the tank for same sex marriage... continue reading