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the MRC recently released major post-election studies regarding key news stories omitted by Big Tech and the leftist media, possibly changing the outcome of the election in six swing states. The results of this astonishing research was discovered thanks to the generous support of donors like you

Will you help the MRC continue creating these types of studies, which provide ammunition in the fight against bias and censorship of conservatives?

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Our Supporters
Teresa Rowland
Teresa Rowland
Teresa Rowland has always been skeptical of the media going back to the days of the big three networks. “My college roommate thought Walter Cronkite…
Tom & Kipp Gutshall
Tom & Kipp Gutshall
MRC supporters Tom and Kipp Gutshall want to make the media great again. And they decided that the best path to reach that goal was by supporting…
Melissa Emery
Jim & Melissa Emery
Melissa Emery is an acute businessperson and passionate conservative, two traits that led her to the Media Research Center. A native of Chicago,…
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