Having already issued such gems as the following, we have to wonder why ABC is risking its glass house Monday night, December 8, palavering about how the obesity epidemic in the United States is the fault of the federal government and the food industry: ultimately food companies say it's really up to parents to read nutritional labels and decide what is best for their children. But parents are out-numbered and out-financed by marketers. Really? According to the US Census Bureau, there were at least 100 million parents as of 2000, so were just guessing theyre not outnumbered by the marketers... continue reading
ABCs Meredith Vieiras offered viewers a look into the causes and costs of obesity without devolving into an indictment of those who produce and distribute food products in America. Instead, she took her audience on a very human journey and then turned to experts who offered real advice, rather than pabulum. The October 27 program began with a slim teenage girl [made to] appear to weigh 200 pounds. Ali Schmidt was sent to a new school and endured an experience she compared to walking into hell. Using the same special effects that made Gwyneth Paltrow look, well, large in Shallow... continue reading
In an article entitled: Alarms Sounded On Cost of GOP Bills; Lawmakers Increase Spending to Win Votes Jonathan Weisman continues his bleat to the effect that the federal government isnt collecting enough taxes and this time he tries to shift the focus to out of control spending by Republicans. As Congress rushes to conclude its 2003 session, Republican leaders are trying to garner votes for controversial legislation by loading the bills with billions of dollars in added costs that analysts said would expand the budget deficit for years to come. The year-end binge has alarmed analysts in Washington and on... continue reading
Conservatives have no problem letting the market rule, whether we are talking about ideas or the economy. Liberals, on the other hand, are only in favor of market-driven decisions when the outcome is what they prefer. One important lesson from the ill-fated CBS miniseries The Reagans, was truly lost on the media liberals who continue to rant, as usual, about all the wrong things. A few got it but, being liberals it annoyed them no end. MSNBCs contributor Michael Ventre wrote a piece entitled CBS chooses profits over The Reagans in which he explained: CBS Chairman and CEO Les Moonves... continue reading
Safe Under Any Conditions? Offering young drivers a false sense of security By Paul F. Stifflemire, Jr. Today, the U.S. has one of the world's lowest highway death rates. There were only 1.51 deaths in the U.S. per 100 million vehicle miles traveled last year [2002], down from 2.3 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in 1988. ---from the Wall Street Journal , November 20, 2003 There you have it. Traffic fatalities are down, not in overall numbers of course; that would be impossible in a nation where, between 1994 and 2002 the number of drivers grew by 15.9... continue reading
Well, who's to blame for the growing childhood obesity epidemic in America? According to a new report from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), some of the biggest culprits are companies that specifically market junk food to children. Michael Jacobson is the group's executive director. Thats how RENE SYLER, co-host of CBSs The Early Show opened the program on November 11. Add the obesity epidemic to the growing list of things including, most notably, global warming, the existence of which the media no longer question. Given the nearly ubiquitous use of the term, viewers of mainstream news... continue reading
In October 2002 she was in Washington, protesting President George W. Bushs plan to go to war with Iraq. She was part of what the Village Voice called a sprawling mass of 100,000 individuals, families, and batches of friends who, to paraphrase Spike Lee, just got on the bus. The Voice reporter, Esther Kaplan, was discussing the protestors signs when she wrote: Thirty something Rebecca Hergatts read Sunday School Teachers Against the War. Hergatt, who traveled from what she calls the "little Republican town" of Mansfield, Ohio, said this wasnt only her first political march, but her "first time east... continue reading
For The Media, Blackout Was All About Blame While the nature of the energy industry has changed since 1965 we are no more dependent on reliable electricity than upon reliably accurate news reporting. By Paul F. Stifflemire, Jr. " Shortly before 5:15 in the evening, somewhere along the great triple-conductor line that runs from Niagara Falls to New York City in three wrist- thick strands of iron-core aluminum, a surge of electrical energy went berserk. Whether a switching device had failed to operate, whether somewhere in the vast Northeast power grid a giant generator had suddenly gone out of phase,... continue reading