There's a diagram floating around the Internet that claims to show areas of agreement between Tea Party protesters and the Occupy Wall Street crowd. It's an idea supported by some pundits and media types as well. Even the president chimed in foolishly on the issue. According to Obama , Occupy Wall Street isn't all that different from the Tea Party. "In some ways, they're not that different from some of the protests that we saw coming from the Tea Party," he told ABC's Jake Tapper. But that's like saying the Russian and American revolutions were the same, when one led... continue reading
The Gap has announced it is closing 20 percent of its stores in the U.S., and not opening any new ones. Instead, it's focusing its investing in Asia. It made this announcement before the holiday shopping season's results come in. Imagine what's coming in the first and second quarters next year. I expect a lot of chains' shuttering stores, the commercial real estate vacancy rising from its already high 11 percent to 15 percent or worse, a tipping point for foreclosures. And the shrinkage in chain units is nothing compared to the under-reported closing of independent retailers' shops. Quite a... continue reading
Say the name Emilio Estevez and most people think of the 'Brat Pack,' when he was a star in popular Eighties youth movies like 'The Breakfast Club' and 'St. Elmo's Fire,' or maybe the hockey coach in the 'Mighty Ducks' films. Compared to his brother Charlie Sheen, he's become the quiet, stable brother. But with his new movie 'The Way,' Estevez comes into his own as a producer, writer, and director, telling a beautiful story about death, faith, and family. A father - played by his own father, Martin Sheen - mourns the loss of his son by walking for... continue reading
As the Occupy Everything crowd marches in dozens of cities nationwide , it's obvious their goal is nothing less than "global revolution." It's the phrase that headlines the live video feed. It's the sentiment that flows through their entire series of events - from signs to guest speakers. Egyptian speaker Mohammed Ezzeldin encouraged the crowd with comments such as "We have nothing to lose but our chains," and "Long live revolution." One-time comedienne Roseanne Barr simply called for bankers to be " beheaded ." But anarchists, socialists, anti-capitalists and Hollywood idiots chanting "Vive la revolution" isn't big news. What is... continue reading
Saturday, October 1, Fox News and other media outlets reported that 27 states owe the federal government $40-billion they had to borrow to pay the extension after unfunded extension of unemployment benefits the federal government mandated that they pay out of their empty coffers. The states are now in hock to Uncle Sam for billions they have no means of paying, on which they are also accruing millions of dollars of interest by the week, which they also can't pay. This makes the federal government a loan shark forcing some poor bum to borrow a big sum he has no... continue reading
It would be easy to dismiss the Occupy Wall Street protests as another disorganized and pungent liberal whinefest … because that's basically true. The demonstrations, taking place in New York and now other cities and other nations, have a classic lefty feel and scent. But there's more to this, if you dig deep enough. These protests do reflect the genuine economic fears that many Americans feel. The few thousand that have turned out to occupy Wall Street 24-7 are mostly young, rarely bathe and chant a lot. (Even lefty comedian Jon Stewart compared it to concert festival "Bonnaroo.") Several were... continue reading
Drop that plastic spork (it's made from petroleum), let your babies go diaper-free (ewww!), give up air travel and join the movement. Defining "the movement" might be a wee bit tricky, but it's there and if you have a heart (brain not required) and haven't bathed recently, then why not go extreme green? Mother Nature has finally met her match - mankind. And if we don't alter our everyday lives, _______ will happen and all nearly 7 billion of us will die. You don't have to fill in the blank, the media and eco-nutballs are more than happy to do... continue reading
If you're a Tweeter, here's the Charlatan-In-Chief's speech last week in the Twitter idiom: No News. Lie More. Spend More. Tax More. Borrow More. Print More. Four Years More. 84 characters left over, but nothing more to say. Perhaps you'd like a convenient outline for that (and every) Obama speech? 1. I inherited this mess. 2. It's all Bush's fault. 3. I probably shouldn't have mentioned that those shovel ready projects weren't as shovel ready as I thought, or when I said hope and change I didn't mean change tomorrow, or that my hope might not be the same as... continue reading
People who love reality television often have a special attraction to 'train wreck' shows. For two years now, the tasteless titans of the cable channel TLC have been exploiting the spectacle of hyper-ambitious stage mothers parading around 'beauty queens' just barely out of diapers in thousand-dollar gowns. The program is titled 'Toddlers & Tiaras.' But now it's even worse: they're dressing up little girls as what radio hosts are calling 'prosti-tots.' TLC aired an episode with a three-year-old pageant contestant named Paisley ridiculously dressed as the Julia Roberts prostitute character in the 1990 film 'Pretty Woman' - complete with skimpy... continue reading
When Sarah Palin ran for vice president, journalists provided some Alaska-sized examples of character assassination, attacking her by a factor of 18-to-1, calling her McCain's "problem" and her views "incendiary." So far this election, the media are aiming for Texas-sized attacks on that state's Gov. Rick Perry. With Perry currently in the lead for the Republican nomination, lefty media types are hoping that Texas-sized is big enough to stop any viable conservative challenge to their man Obama. They bash Perry on the economy, on his straight-talking personality and throw in little digs against Texas, too. One of the funniest things... continue reading