Since Hurricane Katrina swept ashore on the Gulf Coast, weve heard seemingly countless reports of record high gas or oil prices. From the beginning of September last year, the big three networks -- ABC, CBS and NBC -- have told us about record high gas or oil prices close to 100 times. Theyve been wrong each and every time. Thats right. Wrong close to 100 times. This isnt my opinion. It comes from the Energy Information Administration of our own U.S. Energy Department. According to their figures, oil hasnt even come close to the $86.99 it needs to reach inflation-adjusted... continue reading
Money is the root of all evil. That seems to be the medias Sunday school lesson to audiences lately. First, they demonized oil companies for making too much. Then they went after individual CEOs. Most recently, theyve once again turned on that group that forever threatens the well-being of America: The Rich. Yes, according to the press, Congress has again bowed to the wishes of The Rich. It has cut them a huge tax break while the rest of America suffers and the national debt soars from the cost of letting people keep more of their own money. But the... continue reading
First, a little background about ANWR for the newly initiated into this perennial endeavor. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is an enormous wildlife sanctuary in the northeast part of Alaska. When I say enormous, Im not kidding. ANWR is 19 million acres. Thats three times the size of Maryland. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, ANWR is estimated to have up to 16 billion barrels of oil. At $70 a barrel, that could be worth as much $1.1 trillion. That number is so incredible, many smaller calculators simply cant handle it. Eight or even nine digits are not enough. All... continue reading
I paid too much for gasoline last week. My fill-up of premium gas cost me $3.04 per gallon or $42.40 just to replenish the near-empty tank. Premium? Heck, we might as well change the name to outlandish. Like most Americans, I fumed more than my exhaust pipe. I was looking for someone to blame. I didnt have to look any further than my TV. Why investigate the issue and find out the many major reasons why gas prices are so high when I can blame the oil companies just like TV news does? Thats the attitude the media have been... continue reading

The youth of France are faced with unemployment rates that parallel those of the general U.S. labor force during the Great Depression, with about one out of five people aged 18 to 25 unable to find work. In recent weeks they have taken to the streets in protest over a new federal labor law. Hundreds of thousands have marched, slowed traffic, and disrupted life around Paris. The irony is that the law they are protesting would provide them greater opportunity to get a job, start a family, buy a house, and accomplish all the things sought by the middle class... continue reading
Its Time for the end of the world. Its also ABC, CNN, CBS and Newsweek, all promoting a climate disaster that would end the world as we know it raising sea levels, swamping cities and killing people by the tens of thousands. This latest catastrophe not to be confused with media hype on Y2K, SARS, Avian Flu, obesity or the coming ice age is really nothing new. Lately, the major media have been promoting what they called a tipping point or point of no return. But theyve already reached it in their own climate coverage. Since the media gave up... continue reading