I started noticing new talking points oozing out this past week. Rather than cite specifics, I’d like to encourage you to be on alert for them. They all have to do with the new gospel of less. America at its best has always been about ambition – the desire for more. Now this new gospel of less holds that this very ambition has been the root cause of every problem we have – from pirates attacking our ships to terrorists hating us to the Wall Street melt-down. The preachers of this gospel have picked up where Reverend Wright left off,... continue reading
This is testimony Dan Gainor gave before the U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee on Courts and Competition Policy of the Committee on the Judiciary April 21, 2009. The topic was a hearing on “A New Age for Newspapers.” I’m Dan Gainor , Vice President of Business and Culture for the Media Research Center . It’s an honor and privilege to come here and speak about one of my favorite topics in the world – newspapers. From the first time I ever read on my own, newspapers have been a part of my life. I’ve worked at three different dailies and... continue reading
If you’re looking for signs that the administration’s economic efforts are starting to pay off, there’s at least one segment of the economy that President Obama himself has personally stimulated. It even made it to feature story status on “60 Minutes.” Our new President has boosted sales of guns and ammo by 300 percent. That long, long line of waiting people snaking all the way around the building and out into the street isn’t for some Depression soup kitchen; it’s at a gun show. Of course, “60 Minutes” used it to suggest we need more laws, more fingerprinting and background... continue reading
If you build it, they will come. Forget the baseball reference. It is as outdated as the year “Field of Dreams” was released – 1989. Tea party tax protesters know why. The metaphor is a lie – at least as far as the mainstream media are concerned. If you do something of note and the media choose not to cover it – the issue might as well never exist. Such is the fate of Wednesday’s national Tax Day Tea Party. This mega-gathering of tax protesters is scheduled for every single congressional district. More than 500 events are planned. And the... continue reading
When you want tea, you bring water to a boil. When you want genuine change, you do the same thing to the American public. Right now, that public is boiling mad and, with April 15 around the corner, the most important thing brewing is tax protest. For every state in the nation, this tea’s for you. Lucky for us, our cups runneth over. The nationwide Tax Day Tea Party movement is building incredible steam with an event on the day most Americans dread – April 15. It’s an H&R Block Party to take back our government from people who couldn’t... continue reading
On cable news channels most days, to find the news that’s truly interesting, important, threatening, and worthy of discussion, you have to ignore the talking heads and look to the “craw”’ across the bottom of the screen below them. The other day, for example, during my lunch break, I read the bottom of the screen news about: employees in France taking executives hostage (a harbinger of things to come for us?); U.S. reporters to be put on trial for espionage in North Korea (will Obama show the same paralysis as Jimmy Carter did about our hostages in Iran and let... continue reading
If you were alarmed about the outlandish growth of government power, doubt no longer. Barack Obama just fired the head of a private company. The March 30 Wall Street Journal headline said it all: “Government Forces Out Wagoner at GM.” And several more bosses are likely to fall as Obama throws them to the mob. Obama simply ordered GM’s CEO Rick Wagoner to resign or the government purse would be shut. CBS “Early Show” host Harry Smith described it aptly by saying Wagoner’s “ head went rolling off the guillotine.” Obama didn’t clear it with shareholders, taxpayers or even Congress... continue reading
An entire weekly national magazine could be devoted just to tracking government interference, regulations, new regulations, pending regulations and regulations threatened just to bring forth competing lobbyists with money. Anybody who would insist any business or industry is “unregulated” is a liar of grand proportions. Because of my work, I receive and read trade journals from more than 50 different industries and fields. Every one devotes pages every month to new government meddling. But the general public doesn’t read industry trade journals. They don’t read Nation’s Restaurant News, to see that just as the trans-fat ban has taken hold, the... continue reading
It’s official. With Tuesday’s press conference, the Obama Administration has become the longest running telethon in American history. Just when you think the president couldn’t possibly go back on stage, there he is again, explaining all the wonderful things he can do with your money. In the best tradition of celebrity philanthropists, he’s giving his time, his face and his teleprompter skills to a cause that means a lot to him. Oh, the cynics might say it’s what he does instead of governing, but the cynics don’t understand his sincerity. They don’t realize that he knows how blessed he is,... continue reading
While the president was away in L.A. , the first lady played – mentor, with the help of some stars. She organized a round-robin of visits to Washington D.C. schools and a White House event for young girls, to demonstrate to them they could grow up to be anything they chose in America . (You know, that country she had no pride in before her husband’s nomination?) If all the national and local D.C. media coverage of this I saw and read is accurate, Michelle, judging by the stars she presented as role models, wants the young women to aspire... continue reading