In a recent Newsweek article, senior editor Michael Hirsh quoted Larry Summers who said: “Large swaths of economics are going to have to be rethought on the basis of what's happened.” Summers is correct that the recent credit crisis and recession has generated books and papers galore in attempt to provide an explanation for the crisis and suggest remedies. Hirsh went on to indicate that the efforts of liberal philanthropist George Soros to “take back the economics profession from the champions of free-market zealotry who have dominated it for decades, and to correct the failures of decades of market deregulation”... continue reading
It’s been a year since the American public first said “I do” to Barack Obama and it’s still a honeymoon period for the mainstream press. The first year of marriage might have been a bit rocky , but journalists still have that crush on Obama. The first time they ever really saw him speak , their hearts leapt. It was love at first sight. The media already had a betrothed who had promised them “Hillarycare” and taught them “It Takes a Village.” That all changed when Obama gave the keynote address to the Democratic National Convention in 2004. At ABC... continue reading
Around the globe, environmental protesters tried “a synchronized burst of more than 4,300 demonstrations, from the Himalayas to the Great Barrier Reef,” according to The New York Times. The sweeping Oct. 24 protest was to bully developed nations like the United States into a climate change agreement when they meet in Copenhagen this December. The protesters, who want to drop CO2 in the atmosphere to that level, were especially critical of the U.S. “You have destroyed nature with your industrial waste and gases more than any other nation in history. Despite this, you refuse to sign the Kyoto agreement... continue reading
There is now talk of a federal bailout for newspapers. The Washington Post, lobbying for such a bailout in its editorial pages, used Obama-esque language: collective responsibility. That’s the suggestion that newspaper owners are entitled to take money from you and I by force, when we fail to give them enough voluntarily. They have joined the line of beggars. They’ll be welcomed. The administration is eager to get its grubby paws firmly around the neck of the newspaper industry, and eventually all media. Steve Forbes said this past Saturday, on “Forbes On Fox” that government money doesn’t come with strings,... continue reading
It’s an era of hoaxes and hucksters. Balloons shaped like 1950s UFOs dominate the skies and missing children out their parents for their stupid stunts. TV news shows are filled with made up news stories and made up quotes about Rush Limbaugh. And instead of the three ring circus, the master of ceremonies tried to bring us all five Olympic rings. There he stands, under the glare of the spotlight, embracing a phrase claimed to be from the greatest showman of all time – P.T. Barnum. The phrase, you wonder? “There's a sucker born every minute.” Even if Barnum didn’t... continue reading
Uh-oh. According to a report in The Futurist Magazine, from 1982 to 2007, reading declined by nearly 20 percent for the total U.S. population and 30 percent for young adults aged 18-24. Presently, a huge percentage of the population – some 40 million Americans – read at the lowest literacy level. A big, fat percentage of voters can’t read. Another bigger, fat hunk of ‘em won’t read. Refuse to read. And they, full of opinions, utterly uninformed and ignorant, blithely go about imposing their will on us all. This is a cancerous threat from within to our very survival as... continue reading
The headline should read: “400,000 of U.S. aren’t reading this.” That’s the true story of the latest newspaper cataclysm as USA Today is about to report a loss of 398,000 readers in just one year. It’s only the la test bad news headline for an industry that thrives on the bad news of others. The state of journalism is so bad now that it threatens both ordinary taxpayers and even the very concept of a free and independent press. The left and dozens of prominent journalists are seizing the collapse of newspapers as a chance to destroy the imperfect separation... continue reading
In our weird new world, where hope and wishful thinking are the same as accomplishment in the confused minds of many – obviously including the Nobel Prize folks – it’s worth recognizing real accomplishment. For example, comedian Al Franken is cashing in on his election to the Senate by renting out the list of donors who contributed to his campaign. According to a listing in the 9-28 issue of Direct Marketing News, the trade journal guys like me read, we can rent the list of Franken’s donors – all 40,029 of them – to send those people whatever mail-order offers... continue reading
Turn on any network last week and you saw famous people making excuses. It didn’t matter if it was Hollywood morons defending a rapist, David Letterman pretending he was a victim for treating his staff like a harem, or Barack Obama denying responsibility for the failed Olympic bid. It looked like some nightmarish recast of an awful Family Circus cartoon with all of the major characters shouting “Not Me” with their hands fully in the cookie jar. And the traditional media celebrated the excuse-filled comic atmosphere. First came the surprise arrest of Hollywood icon and long-time jailbird Roman Polanski. After... continue reading
The president’s a real comedian. I’m not referring to the performance on Letterman as much as I am at the G20 Summit, where, humorously, he spoke of his determination to prevent and prohibit the “reckless risk-taking” that he asserts brought about the banking crisis and crash of the economy. What’s hilarious is his omitting any mention of his own reckless risk-taking, on such an epic scale it makes what went on over on Wall Street seem a penny ante poker game. He, the Reckless-Risk-Taker-In-Chief, lecturing anybody about such sin is sillier than John Edwards giving a speech on family values... continue reading